When I surrendered to the urge to try quilting, I started reading some of the many wonderful quilting blogs. Besides all the exceptional skills, generous tutorials, note worthy stashes of designer fabrics, and to-die-for machinery, there was also one thing it seemed everyone had in common – UFOs.

My sewing area that houses my Janome sewing machine and Brother serger and embroidery machine is a compact area that needs to stay organized in order for me to be able to function.

I had to come to grips with the potential of UFOs and decided they just couldn’t be in my future. If I started a project, I was going to finish it. Good, bad, or ugly, it would be finished before I moved on.

So here are some projects I finished recently, and I’m pretty happy with them.


The tree on the left went to my sister-in-law in Seattle, and the one on the right was for my daughter and family. The red plaid used on the right was from a shirt that belonged to the great-grandfather of my grandchildren – a man we all loved and miss. I used the original buttons as decoration and button-hole placket on the bottom and embroidered his name on the back.

I also made two baby quilts that were almost identical except for the colors used in some of the embroidery squares. These were wrapped up and stored for my grandkids down the road.


I have also finished the machine sewing and quilting of twelve holiday placements – six blue for my daughter and six green for myself. I have four left to complete the hand sewing on.


So, with the temps hovering in the mid teens today,  I’ll be inside finishing those four placemats because I need to move on to several pairs of fleece pajama bottoms for the grandkids. It’s winter, and it’s cold here in New England.

Here’s hoping you all have a happy and safe holiday week. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. 🙂

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10 Responses to No UFOs

  1. Donna says:

    All your work is beautiful!.


  2. You have obviously read my blog today! UFO’s are the death of me. Good for you for clearing out the projects. I have a lot of space but I think it can also be a hinderance at times. Seems I am relieved of my taxi service responsibilities today; and will be able to go sew (PICK STITCHES….grrr…) on sundress # 2.
    Try to stay warm….I’m bundled up, I hear the ol’ oil burner roaring and I am going out to the garage to sew and hope my space heaters warmed things up last night. 🙂


    • LOL. If I didn’t have two seam rippers, I couldn’t sew or quilt. The pellet stove is roaring and a couple of small heaters are going in other parts of the house. It’s COLD and only going to get colder. Hope your sewing room is warm enough for you. 🙂


  3. Joyce says:

    I was admiring the pretty quilted trees and then I read the background story on the plaid fabric – awww! This is such a loving touch!
    I’m glad you’re enjoying the satisfaction of completed UFOs! I see that our friend Debra just celebrated one too!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Judy!


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    Your quilts are each a work of art! Love that there is a story to go with that one Tree Quilt!


  5. JSD says:

    You are an inspiration!!! I’ve got so many UFOs that I’ve lost track of them. 😉


  6. These little trees are just adorable and the baby quilts are gorgeous! I had to chuckle as the UFOs that I had when I got back into them last November were about 10 years old! A lap quilt and the dresden that I ended up splitting into a quilt, a pillow and a table runner. But at least they are done now! 🙂 Meanwhile I love the story of the plaid shirt and buttons …that was sweet and clever in the use of them! 🙂
    If your granddaughter did not pick out that horse fabric herself then she surely was in mind when you did..:)


  7. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Wow beautiful work and you’re so prolific!


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