Turning a page

Life is like experiencing a fantastic novel, chapter by chapter.

In about six weeks, my granddaughter will officially become a teenager. It is hard to fathom, but it is a pleasure to watch her grow into the lovely young woman that she is becoming.

AGStoreWith this growth comes the closing of some chapters and this year that included the making of doll clothes for her American Girl doll collection. This is the first Christmas in many years that there won’t be American Girl doll dresses and accessories under the tree.

This year we’ve been shopping at Justice, Claire’s, Target, Guitar Center and checking out all things associated with the teenage years.

But, I couldn’t let this page turn and not celebrate the American Girl doll era so I’ve been working at the sewing machine to make five Christmas holiday dresses. If down the road she wants to set them out under a Christmas tree, they will have a fancy outfit just for the occasion.

3dresses Collage

2 dress CollageAnd, now that I’m all done making doll clothes, the patterns and the many drawers of small pieces of fancy material can be sorted out and let go to make room for future quilting projects.

I’m not sure what I’ll do what the wonderful dressForm form my daughter made me years ago because it is too functional to discard. If you make doll clothes, I highly recommend one. We covered one doll with plastic wrap and then duct tape. We cut off the duct tape with a slice down the back, put it on a large thread spool I had, and then taped the back up again. It has worked great for several years.

Change is good, and I try to embrace it so that I don’t miss a single adventure because life with a grandchild of any age is a gift to be cherished.

But, I do have to keep reminding myself – roots AND wings, roots AND wings.  🙂

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16 Responses to Turning a page

  1. Very sweet Thanks Judy


  2. Joyce says:

    “Roots AND wings!”….awww, that is sweet! I know you will embrace this teenage era with the same enthusiasm and strong support you have always had. But, yes, that first Christmas where no toys are under the tree is a hard one. Most of the gifts have to be “pre-approved.” Not that much fun any more!
    But, your dresses are delightful and beautifully stitched. I think you’re right. Eventually the doll will come out again – probably at Christmas – and she will have an enviable collection from which to choose. All those memories of grandma’s doll clothes will come back as if they happened yesterday!


  3. Wonderful dresses! You inspire me to make some for my granddaughter and one of her dolls. I am sure your granddaughter will enjoy this years collection. I often thought my own daughters wanted to “stay” little girls even though they were teenagers; and could still have a few “childhood” momentos around to help that process. You might be able to help with her keeping her treasures of childhood alive in the coming years. I do agree with Joyce that it is not a lot of fun to enter the “pre approved” era of shopping for the kids.


  4. I couldn’t agree more…life with a grandchild of any age is to be cherished!! Your such a great grandmother….have a great day.


  5. I don’t have the wonderful pleasure of grandchildren (yet! I hope I will!) but it wasn’t so long ago when my 3 kids were teens. I must say I LOVED that stage in their lives! love, love, LOVED it! Such fun awaits you!


  6. Grandma Kc says:

    Those dresses are beautiful! I will have to show the pictures to Amara when she is here next time. Does your granddaughter have 5 dolls? They really would make a beautiful Christmas display all of their own! Really pretty and you are right, you will just embrace the next stage and enjoy every moment that you can. You are a wonderful grandmother!


    • Thank you. She has six dolls, four historical and two modern day. She received them as gifts for birthdays and Christmas over the past seven years. One doll had a red holiday dress from one year I made matching dresses so I only needed to make five for them each to have one. I hope you and Amara enjoy your AG era. 🙂


  7. You have a great attitude to change Judy, and the teenage years bring their own sweet joys, as a whole rounded person begins to emerge. I’m certain she will revisit the dolls at some stage, and for certain if she has a daughter of her own….your dresses will be passed down as family heirlooms…how talented you are with the needle.


  8. As the lucky recipient of some of those past doll clothes, I applaud your talent because the one time that I tried to make a doll something or other I wanted to scream. OVER AND OVER again. How you work with those tiny pieces to create such loveliness I do not know but oh how pretty are the dresses in this post! They are all so pretty but my favorite is the top row, one in the middle, and then the other favorite also has the plaid…I guess I am a plaid fan today! 🙂


  9. You are a very dedicated grandma. With both my kids now in their twenties, I am often nostalgic for earlier years, especially that 3-6 age range.


  10. Karen says:

    The dresses are wonderful. It would be lovely if the dolls dressed for Christmas made their way under the tree each year.


  11. you are fantastic sewer!! She will get lots of use of those dresses. Maybe mostly when she is a mom herself and wants to get out her dolls at christmas to show her own daughter. They will be cherished for sure. Beautiful!! Everything has its season so they say… That’s what I keep telling myself.


  12. Grandma Kc says:

    Funny that it is only 4 months later and Amara’s AG dolls are definitely taking a backseat to My Little Ponies and all things Mindcraft! Time does fly…


  13. My heart goes out to you. Sheesh… it just goes too darn fast, doesn’t it? Yes, roots AND wings. (Love that!)

    Those dresses are adorable. That’s a great idea, to make Christmas dresses for use as decoration… eventually. You did a fabulous job with them.

    “Roots and wings” will stick with me a long time. I’ll be thinking of you. ♥


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