Let me say LOUDLY

It’s winter in New England. I’m use to winter, but this winter is a bruiser and Hercules the snowstorm is kicking our butt. Are they going to name every snowstorm? If so, they’ll run out of names. LOL

We had 2′ of snow in December. Yesterday we added another 5-6″, and today we have another 8-10″.

The temperature is +2 degrees right now with a wind chill of -24 below zero with the temperature heading to an actual -16 degrees tonight.

PicMonkey Collage

The rabbit is in the garage covered up, all of the chickens are confined to their coops, and the goats are staying in their stall.

For the time being, we’ll restrict our time outside, keep the pellet stoves roaring, the sewing machines humming, and look forward to temps in the 20’s.

Who knew I’d be excited for temps to be in the 20’s? Β  πŸ™‚ Β Here’s hoping your weather is milder.

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22 Responses to Let me say LOUDLY

  1. our weather isn’t milder, we are shoveling, baking and scrapbooking today here in Salem! but it looks like the snow will stop sometime today? Love your photos! Stay warm!


  2. Kim13 says:

    I sometimes wish to be back home in New England, but not today! I pray you and my family stay safe and warm!


  3. Joyce says:

    I always think of you when I see on the news what’s coming to New England. The good part is that yours is like a fabled wise squirrel family! You have grown and harvested and preserved, and now you nestle in to relax and sew at fireside, knowing you have everything in place to ensure a cozy existence until your “spring” of 20 degrees arrives!
    Not as bad here, but bitter cold and lots of snow too! I also quilt away by the fireside, awaiting a spring that I don’t fully believe will ever come!


  4. Vivian says:

    Hi Judy, Not as bad here in Kansas. Just sooooooooo cold!
    Just think, if we lived in Alaska it would be just another normal day.


  5. sueturner31 says:

    Here in UK England we have storms and high winds…where we are we have only got a bit of drizzle…like your post not sure about the snow…keep warm …Sue.


  6. My son has tkts out of Logan tomw morning! if Herc interferes with his visit here I won’t be a happy camper!! how’s the clean-up going? Think he’ll get out?


    • Clean up is going well. Logan has some flights going out already. The snow has stopped and the cold temps are moving in. The only remaining problem in MA appears to be ocean flooding because of a really high tide today at noon. If there is one thing they know about up here is snow removal. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for his trip out in the morning and have a good visit.


      • oy!!! After checking in and going to the gate, he got cancelled! No available pilot! United rebooked him on the same departure for tomw morning which means that flight must be completely overbooked!!??! Winter travel is always so iffy! And now he has to schlepp back out in the 4degree weather to catch the T to his apt!


      • Yes, traveling in the winter in the NE is tough. Here’s hoping he got back home quickly and gets out tomorrow with “no” problems of any kind. We woke up to -10 this morning.


  7. pbmgarden says:

    Hope you get some relief from the snow and cold. No snow here yet.


  8. Wow; we got 5 1/2 “, and it’s around 18 degrees dropping llike a rock tonight. GLAD I am in So. Delaware!!!


  9. Grandma Kc says:

    I feel guilty that it is so warm and beautiful out here right now. Wish I could share some of my sunshine with you — my only hope is that it will be a short winter for you and that spring comes SOON!


  10. Jnana Hodson says:

    Yes, Weather.com will go on naming every storm. But NOAA doesn’t, and neither should we.
    In my part of New England, the snow total is probably around 32 inches so far — way ahead of normal or even a season’s total some years.
    Looks like we’re locked into a twice-a-week storm pattern for January/February … and March is when the big storms hit.
    Oh, my, it’s already been a long winter.


  11. You have certainly gotten pummeled this winter. You seem to have about 3x what I get routinely here in Western Pa. We have about 4 inches on the ground right now but often we are getting rain while yours is all snow. It is 11 degrees right now. They say in the early 30s tomorrow then rain, snow, and Monday and Tuesday are to have -10 with wind chills of -30

    We’ve not had that for ages…


    • It has been harsh so far and when I did farm chores this morning it was a wicked -10 degrees. And, they say cold temps are coming our way this week. My question to them is what do they think -10 degrees is? πŸ™‚ Stay warm.


  12. Debbie says:

    We got about 6″ on Thursday night and it was -2 this morning but it’s warmed up nicely this afternoon. I went to college in NH and can remember the epic snowfall…and really don’t miss it! How many days until spring??


  13. JSD says:

    Our weather in Michigan was about the same, hitting a record low of -14 one day. You’ve got the right idea…just tuck yourself in until the sun eventually comes out πŸ™‚


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