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Before I go on about my latest quilting project, I want to let you know that the random generator picked #7 – Ogee from Gardens For Goldens in Northern California as the winner of the chicken table topper. Congratulations Ogee, and thank you to everyone who left a comment.


If you aren’t familiar with Gardens for Goldens, check out their site because their uplifting posts can make your day.


I really love the challenge of quilting but not so much the cost of fabric.

Since I’m quite familiar with shopping for ‘fabric’ at the local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores for my daughter’s fabric coiled egg baskets, I thought maybe I could use some sheets in my quilting projects.

My next project was a baby quilt for a young couple. The gentleman is our pellet stove serviceman, and he takes exceptional care of us. I don’t know his wife or what colors they have chosen for the nursery so I stayed with mostly neutrals – yellow, greens, and tan, with a couple of blue squares because I do know it is going to be a boy.

I went to the fabric store to get what I wanted for the basic design of the quilt and then continued on to our Goodwill store and found some sheets for coordinating fabric.

I purchased 2 3/4 yards of material at JoAnn’s for $10.86 or an average of $3.94 a yard. The seven sheets from Goodwill cost $20.93 and yielded around 84 yards of material for an average cost of $.25 per yard. I used a couple of the colors in this project and then used all of them in some Easter Egg table topper projects I did. The rest of the fabric is in the closet to either be used on future quilting projects or ripped for egg baskets.

PicMonkey Collage

The top is finished, and I’m liking the way it is coming out so far. I have to sandwich it to the backing which is a soft flannel (top left corner of the photo). I also want to add a flange to the binding but haven’t decided which colors to use. Suggestions are welcome. 🙂


Tomorrow the actual quilting will begin, but tonight I’ll keep busy wrapping cord for egg baskets while I check what’s on Netflix.

Here’s hoping whatever you are working on this week is going well.  🙂

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6 Responses to Yankee Quilting

  1. JSD says:

    I’m curious…do you hand-quilt or machine-quilt? I’ve always hand-quilted, but it takes so-o-o long.


    • I machine quilt on a ‘regular’ Janome sewing machine with a variety of straight stitches. I’m interested in learning to do more diverse quilting but I need to work up to it. Good to have goals, right? 🙂


  2. Joyce says:

    The quilt is darling! Pretty colors and fun design….I would use the solid blue for the flange – but you’ll decide after you try them all out! A friend made baby quilts for my daughters and that flannel backing was the coziest warmth ever against baby’s skin. This lucky baby boy’s mom is going to be very happy!


  3. Ogee says:

    Whoo Hoo! I didn’t get to blog reading yesterday…and look what I missed! How wonderful. Thank you Judy! 🙂


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    That is just beautiful! You are so talented and you have such fun!


  5. This is so cute! Love the “BABY” ….and the little footprints etc. I think if you have enough blue, since you know it is a boy, try that but you’ll probably try a few things / that’s the only way to decide in the end! 🙂 I was just in the mission store yesterday looking for reds or anything for this rag rug of mine. I have alot of yellow sheeting left but almost everything else was kaput. I was happy to pick up a pair nurse pants in dark blue and 2 smocks …1 in red and 1 in burgandy. That will help stretch out the yellow.


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