High cost of heating fuel

It’s cold, it’s been cold, and the forecast calls for many more cold days and weeks ahead.

Harmon Pellet StoveWe have a Harmon pellet stove insert that we’ve used for about five or six years now burning New England wood pellets manufactured in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. Buying local is a good thing, and over the years the cost of pellets has stayed pretty stable from between $260 – $290 per pallet of fifty 40-lb. bags

We also have a Carrier furnace and a Rinnai Tankless Hot Water Heater  – both energy efficient and powered by propane.

It has always been an effective combination – pellets during the day and propane at night.

That is until the propane delivery this week and receipt of the bill which itemized the cost of propane at $4.75 per gallon. $4.75 per gallon – is this a great world or what?

In December 2012, basically a year ago, the cost per gallon was $2.72. This is a 74% increase in price. I’m still reeling over sticker shock.

And, if you’re wondering if we’re really warm and toasty – not so much. The daytime temperature stays around 67-68° the majority of the time while at nighttime we have the furnace set at 61°.

So, are you seeing a spike in your heating costs this winter or is it just those of us up here in frigid New England?

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10 Responses to High cost of heating fuel

  1. Joyce says:

    We use natural gas in our energy efficient home. But I’m still afraid to open DTE envelopes! Haven’t received last months yet but I am bracing myself! My favorite source of “free heat” is getting in bed and putting my feet on the warm spot left by one of our cats – Annie, who spends all day there!


  2. Our last MA. winter in our Victorian house was much as you’ve described: The heating costs had skyrocketted and the ultimate insult was keeping the thermometer at 64 (during the day) and STILL not being able to pay the bill!!!
    We left the following mid December and atthough the move turned my life around in many ways, I felt horribly beaten by the whole experience.
    I sympathize with your plight.


  3. Feeling the “burn” here in Vermont too!


  4. JSD says:

    Michigan is much the same way. In a 1200 sq.ft. Victorian-era frame house with good insulation, new furnace, low-E double pane windows. the latest DTE bill (gas & electricity) was still pushing $300. I think I’m still doing better than those of you with propane. Will this winter ever end?


  5. In my 100+ year old house, we have the original leaded windows with 1950’s aluminum storm windows. We are big and old and drafty. A few years ago, we spent the big bucks on a new roof, new porch and new siding. The siding helped the “R” value…by 1 or 2 points. We desperately need the underneath of the house spray foam insulated, but the asbestos is a deterrant to anyone working under there. We have oil heat and radiators. We leave it set at 60 all the time, so I am always in sweater, and such. The temperature varies by over 15 degrees in different rooms, our family room is the warmest. My dream is a new furnace…but it is a dream. Prepaid for the oil this year at around $3.50/gal in September. I pray the 1100 gallons will keep us into March. Last year 1000 gallons was the whole year. And we are not in the NorthEast, but the Mid-Atlantic.


  6. Grandma Kc says:

    Judy that is just wrong and I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine how this impacts people on a fixed income and no extra credit. I am praying for you that it ends soon.


  7. adaliza says:

    Over here in the UK, it’s the price of gas in particular that’s rocketed. We heat our home with a gas fire and gas central heating. Our bill went up by £100 a month until Himself got on the phone for an hour. It’s still over £50 a month higher than 18 months ago. Nowadays, we tend to just have the house heating on for an hour in the morning and shut the doors and keep our main room warm. Jumpers and fleeces are worn all day long, on chilly days. I’ve seen those pellet stoves and we may get one if we live somewhere with no mains gas – they look brilliant and seem very efficient. I’m sure our fuel bills would be sky high if we had your freezing temperatures, though. Keep warm


  8. Judy, it is just coming from all sides! All of my bills have went up at least 30 percent this year. Comcast has doubled this year.This situation will catch up to America in such a bad way down the road. But on a positive note: Girl…I LOVE MY MUG RUG!!! Have mercy….IT IS SOOOO CUTE!!! I just kept staring at it last night. It couldn’t of been more perfect for me. Thank you so much♥


  9. oh no, then you are another one affected by the propane situation ( more like a crisis! ) that I was reading about the other day. When I moved to this house about 13-14 years ago there was a cold winter or two and the ones after that were fairly mild so I was not surprised to pay my December bill ( Gas / Steam Heat / Boiler ) and see it be higher than the following year. I have no clue what this month and Feb will be like, but they’ll be pretty high. I think that the highest bill I ever had here was a Feb bill for 350.00 so we’ll see. I do not keep the heat on very high …the little galley kitchen is not heated nor is the bathroom…not a big deal until we get big chills like yesterday and today ( below zero in the mornings )


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