Living in New England

To those of you who are gardening even with coats, hats and gloves, I salute you.

I did visit our local greenhouse over the weekend to pick up a new planter for a fern that was root bound. Ah, plants everywhere I looked, and the air smelled so good.

I relished my repotting experience and getting dirt under my nails. PlantThis is a special little fern that was a gift from a friend who has since passed. It loves living on my kitchen window sill, but during the winter months it has to live on my four-season porch because we have a warm window curtain on the north facing kitchen window. It doesn’t so much like the cooler and less humid temps of the porch and barely hangs on until it can get back to its home window.

We still have feet of snow on the ground, ice everywhere, and a big snowstorm coming our way on Wednesday just in case anyone did have a bare spot not covered in white.

BraidI’m keeping the sewing and embroidery machines running, and I’m also taking a rug braiding class. I have cut my strips, pieced them together, and started braiding my fabric. I’ll finish braiding today and during class tomorrow night I’ll begin sewing it together.

Today, I hope for a call from a plumber so we can fix a leak in the garage. The pipe started leaking late Friday evening and not wanting to pay weekend fees we had to come up with a MacGyver moment to get us through the weekend. So…we tied a long funnel to the pipe, put the funnel into a hose, and put the hose under the garage door. At least the garage is dry. ๐Ÿ™‚

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8 Responses to Living in New England

  1. hope the plumber comes! It’s nice to do those little repotting projects in the winter. Stay warm Judy!


  2. pbmgarden says:

    You are so inventive.


  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Your MacGyver skills are awesome! I have to call a plumber this week, too. I have a very leaky kitchen faucet and now with the drought I am feeling guilty for wasting any water at all. Have a wonderful day!


  4. I lovee your MacGyver moment…I too could of used your skills when the rain took out our landscape lightening this weekend…sigh. It is always something isn’t it?


  5. Dirt under the nails! YEAH!! Hey, I DID have my garden gloves on…yesterday! Leather ones were in car ( loaned out for the day ) so I put the garden gloves on when I went out to fill the feeders.

    The rug braid looks so nice!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Yankee ingenuity!! Love it. Your rug will be a work of art. Wondering how it stitches together? Machine or by hand? If by hand I recommend a pair of small curved pliers for pulling that needle through. I had to use a set when I was working on the canvas dog beds in january. Heavy duty needles were my friend, both in the machine and for hand sewing it. I also broke out the carpet and button thread! They won’t come apart anytime soon!! Enjoy the process and try to stay warm.


  7. Joyce says:

    Debra mentioned the other day that she doesn’t mind winter for the opportunity to live inside and craft away I see your charming little rug is the fruit of your embrace of cold weather hibernation! It looks pretty – can’t wait to see it completed! You’ve got to show us!


  8. JSD says:

    Very clever fix for the plumbing! And I can’t wait until spring so that I can get my hands into the dirt!!!


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