I think I’m suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and need some sunshine, temps above 40 degrees, and the color green in my life in order to recover.  🙂

This winter has been wicked cold and wicked long.

SnowThe snow banks are so high, signs are being put in them, and instead of picturesque sparkling white snow, it is now black and ugly everywhere you look.

And, can you say pot holes and frost heaves? Epic proportions.

It is below zero across NH this morning, oil deliveries are delayed because of supply issues, propane is over $5 a gallon, and there are no wood pellets or wood bricks to be found anywhere in the New England states.

The Old Farmers’ Almanac, Dublin, NH, predicted a colder than normal winter. If only they’d put the word ‘wicked’ in the forecast, maybe everyone would have ordered an extra pallet of pellets last fall.

Here’s hoping you are warm and toasty where you are and that spring really does come to us “all” in a mere sixteen days.

In the meantime, I’ll put on an extra pair of socks, head out to do chores, then over to the sewing machine with the music turned up a little louder.

Have a great week!

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12 Responses to SAD

  1. sued51 says:

    Right there with you (in MA). This has been a tough one for sure. I’ve been coughing for all of 2014…ready for some fresh air that’s breathable (this FREEZING air is not breathable). BUT…we’re changing the clocks this weekend…that must mean spring is coming soon, right????


  2. Joyce says:

    Well, for sunshine, there’s always the faces of your cherubic grandchildren! But I know what you mean – and until it gets warm that snow isn’t going to be pretty to look at!


  3. pbmgarden says:

    It seems you’ve had more than your share of winter. Sending you a virtual batch of warm oatmeal raisin cookies. I’ve been craving some.


  4. Sunshine is definitely in order for all of us, along with some nice 60 or 70 degree weather. I used to take a cruise every February…but $$$ got spent on other things … fuel oil.. depressing isn’t it. When I lived in Minnesota, I remember those mountains of dirty parking lot snow; and was glad to see MAY when they would all start to melt! I guess the guys who “sell” pellet stoves never mention that the supplies of the pellets are risky. At least with a regular wood stove you can buy more wood, course, you spend the whole summer chopping and stacking. I have 2 acres of woods and no wood stove or fireplace. Mostly pines, so nobody wants that wood anyway. We had 18 trees cut down around the house 5 years ago, lots of oak, and could not GIVE it away. The trees were too big for people to handle. Finally had an Air Force guy I knew come down with his tractor and trailor and truck to cut it up into sections and he spent all summer making firewood for himself and to sell. Get to a certain age, you don’t want to be chopping wood, so the pellets make sense. You know what you used this year, so order in the spring; and stack them up to store. Wishing you some warmth today…we are up to a big 16. BRRRRR….


  5. Grandma Kc says:

    I do not miss snow. If I ever again in my life think that I miss snow I will remember this winter and all of your posts and I will never ever want to see snow again. Our rain if finally over and the temperatures are on the rise. I do wish I could share some of them with you.


  6. I can just imagine how difficult it has been for all those in the snowy eastern regions. It snows a lot in Colorado (though not as much as you all have seen this season) but the sun shines almost every single day, snow or not. Fears about SAD are what kept my husband and me from moving to Seattle about 20 years ago. Best wishes for sunny days headed your way. ♥


  7. Pat says:

    Oh how I wish I could send you some sunshine and green from Florida. I told my husband that I am not going north until the snow is gone in Michigan. I remember those black mounds and grey skies and potholes from years and years of winter. My heart goes out to everyone in the north. Keep on sewing.


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