Gardening update

It’s gardening season even if I do have some huge piles of compacted snow on the ground. 🙂


For three days  last week I shoveled snow and chopped ice off five 4’x8′ raised beds.

There was about 6″ of snow to move and underneath was a slab of ice 3″ thick to chop and pitch. Now, as we get some warm days the soil will be able to absorb the heat. One bed will need a little repair because the ice apparently pushed a corner apart.

After getting the beds uncovered, I planted some seeds – three types of tomatoes, two cucumbers, lettuce, sweet peppers, Marigolds, Columbine, Alyssum, Coleus, and Geraniums. I’ve never seen Geranium seeds before so thought I’d give them a try.

I had some seeds up in two days and at five days they were really looking good. We’ve been using  silver emergency blankets to contain the light and heat for three years now and are amazed every year at what a difference it makes.


Since the raised beds are clear and the seeds are growing, the next project is removing the leaves from all the perennial beds of which there are many, maybe too many for a woman of vintage years. 🙂

Today I start off the week with a meeting about our Master Gardener plant sale in May. It’s always good to be organized, but we’re all hoping our perennials will be up and we’ll be able to divide them before the sale.  🙂

Are you actually gardening yet or are you still in the planning stage?

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12 Responses to Gardening update

  1. sueturner31 says:

    Our garden is well and truly erupting. I think I am going to post a few photos. I have not envied your snow, but I am glad that it is now beginning to thaw. It’s always good for the soul when you see your first seedlings. I too am on the vintage side and this year I felt that the garden was going to beat me, but I’ve took it steady and now all the hard work is paying off. Enjoy the Spring.


  2. I’m excited about the emergency blanket idea, I’ve been thinking a lot about the light/seedlings situation. Do you think aluminum foil would work in the short term while I look for the blankets? Glad you got your beds cleared off! I’m hoping to post a garden update later today or tomorrow.


    • Sure – foil will work. The emergency blankets cost about $4 and you can get them at Walmart or a car store. They are compact and are sold to carry in cars in case of emergency and are about the size of a small blanket. You can either wrap one shelf with it or drape several around a shelving unit. Let me know if you find it works as well for you. 🙂


  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Since we don’t have room for a garden I have to settle for growing my pretty flowers. I do want to get out and take some cuttings off of the plumerias so that I can get some more clones potted but haven’t gotten there yet. Last years pots are doing amazing and I even have a flower bud on one! Very early and I am very happy! Thanks for sharing your gardens.


  4. pbmgarden says:

    You really have a challenging gardening environment. Your newly sprouting plants look cheerful. Spring is coming quickly here now.


    • I did have a few chuckles yesterday afternoon when I started raking the beds of which I have too many to do in one day or even one week. As I’d fill the bags, I’d have to haul them over through snow to get to the compost areas. 🙂


  5. You are a dedicated gardener!! Is there a greenhouse in the future for you?? I’m looking forward to a 70 degree day at the end of the week, hoping to get out and clean some flower beds. Last warm day the hubby and I “whacked” bamboo (GRRR). I imagine I can fill the little cart we tow behind the mower 3 or 4 times with debris from my flower bed. I put in a cherry tomato plant among my flowers last summer. I think I will add a few herbs out there too. Hope the days warm soon for you.


  6. I am doing some gardening, but it’s all clean up.


  7. Joyce says:

    My gardening experience consists of reading your blog and being impressed at how accomplished a woman “of vintage years” (!) is at discarding mountains of snow and encouraging new growth from beneath it.


  8. When you’d mentioned seeds before I thought you were planting in little pots to transplant later not in the actual ground yet! I have to check out your blanket link…amazing. I guess that I am just used to pots / transplanting and not putting anything in till the end of May


  9. ok never mind you did start them in containers…duh…I thought you were ready to put them in the ground this early! 🙂


  10. Karen says:

    What a great idea for keeping in the light and the warmth. I planted my tomato and basil seeds last week and everything is up but a few stragglers.


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