Wordless Wednesday – First Barn Quilt

Barn Quilt

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11 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – First Barn Quilt

  1. Joyce says:

    I love barn quilts! I guess you’re not suppose to “talk” on Wordless Wednesday, but I’m dying to know if this one is on your barn, or in the neighborhood, or if it’s just one you like! It is so striking and beautiful!


  2. Ok Judy; spill the beans on TALKING THURSDAY !! (I just made that up….) What did you use for a pattern; what did you use for paint, did you tape off your lines, what is the base material (cabinet plywood, outdoor rated etc) ????? I have been seeing lots of those being made and sold in Pennsylvania and have been following a facebook page too. Are you going to sell them on / in your ETSY site?? I love them. Have been considering making one for near one of my doors on the front porch and on of the doors by the garage. 🙂 (Still thinking through the concepts.)


    • I have always loved them and found a photo of one on Pinterest I really liked, had my husband get me a 2×2 board, primed it three times, painted it three times with exterior paint, marked it off with pencil/ruler based upon my best guess, used green painters tape, painted three times with exterior paint, and touched up any bleeding after tape was removed. I love it and it combined two of my hobbies of quilting and painting. Yes, I’m going to try selling a couple on my Etsy shop but just need to figure out how the shipping would work.


      • How will they hang? I was thinking if I was to make them I would have hubby put 1 X 1 ” on the back..square frame to give you something to use to mount and keep them out from the wall a bit. I see those little containers of paint at lowes…would be perfect project. Shipping ups because of the weight and size…would have to be totally dry (like a week or 2) before you box it up. If you have a ups store see what they would charge for one. If you want to ship by mail watch your sizes. U.s.p.s. will deliver some shipping products to you, some free.


      • I went Window shopping on Pinterest today and wow are there lots of boards to see for odeas!


  3. Grandma Kc says:

    That is so cool! I had no idea what a barn quilt really was — yours is just amazing! I can’t wait to see where you hang it!


  4. Well, I can tell I missed so much here while I was gone….fun as always.


  5. Oh this is VERY nice!!! 🙂


  6. Nice! Patriotic, too!


  7. Susan Adcox says:

    Great design! (There’s not much of anything you can’t do, is there, Judy!)


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