Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


April 21, 1769 – August 30, 1811. 42 years old. My mind spins wondering who Benjamin Page was – husband, father, grandfather, friend, farmer, mill worker?

Mr. Pare is buried in the Landaff, NH, Town Cemetery across the dirt road from where my grandparents are buried.

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  1. Interesting marker….the letters of his name were cut very deep, so it has worn well over the ages. Time to head to the local library or records department to dig into the story behind this man who died at the prime of life. We are lucky today to reach our retirement years in reasonable health, to enjoy our grandchildren and pursue our hobbies.


  2. Joyce says:

    Fascinating. Mr. Page was loved well enough to be remembered with a headstone sturdy enough to withstand the ages. I wonder about his life, too. Lovely picture!


  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Wonderful picture. I’m not sure 42 would have been the prime of his life in the 1700s — I wonder what the average life span was then? So had Google — he was old! Average lifespan was 36.9 years! Wonder who he was…


    • I contacted a friend who maintains the museum in Landaff. His ancestors emigrated from the Northeast of London because of religious differences, fought in the French and Indian War as well as being a delegate to the Provincial Congress. They moved to Haverhill, MA, and then on to Atkinson, KS. This particular gentleman moved from Atkinson to Landaff. Fascinating.


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