End of May garden

Some weeks are all about enjoying the beautiful flowers and fruits of the garden and some weeks are all about working in order to enjoy them. 🙂



This past week was all about the non-glamorous side of gardening which included a lot of weeding, moving around of some plants to better accommodate a walkway, digging up some Hosta for a fellow Master Gardener, repotting vegetable seedlings for our upcoming Master Gardener plant sale, and the spreading of four yards of mulch.

Weeding is right up there on my list with raking leaves – I’d rather do something else.  🙂

Last fall we moved our two oldest high bush blueberry plants High Bush Blueberriesfrom an area that had become quite shaded to an open area. They both survived the move, but one definitely looks better than the other.

I pruned out all the dead branches, put down landscape fabric and some pine needle mulch on top. It’s amazing how much free mulch you can find under all the pine trees we have.  🙂

I don’t know if we’ll get any blueberries off these bushes this year, but they have produced pounds of beautiful fruit in the past and hopefully will do so again.

From flowers to fruit to vegetables – fellow blogger, Diane at Garden Sunshine posted a photo of her Aunt’s front yard vegetable garden. I’ve seen my share of vegetable gardens on all sides of a yard, but I’ve never seen one this gorgeous.  Aunt Jane’s Garden.  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty inadequate here. 🙂

Fairy garden

And, no garden would be complete without a fairy garden right?

Here’s hoping you have one so the garden fairies can stop and sit a spell. I’m looking for some that might pull a few weeds before they sit a spell, but so far I don’t have any takers.

Happy gardening this weekend! 🙂





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13 Responses to End of May garden

  1. Grandma Kc says:

    How could you ever consider yourself or your gardens inadequate? I sure hope your blueberry bushes come back. The things they pass off for blueberries in California is truly sad.


  2. pbmgarden says:

    Aunt Jane’s Garden is indeed fabulous, but so is yours. Love all your blossoms Judy. Hope the blueberries pull through.


  3. sueturner31 says:

    Hard work but in a good way ….end results make it all worth while…I really love your fairy garden …my granddaughters would love it…


  4. Joyce says:

    Your photo of the iris is so pretty! I respect the amount of hard work you do, but when the payoff is fresh, healthy food right at your door – especially blueberries! – it’s so worth it.
    You’ve been an inspiration to me on fairy gardens. Bree is “into” them right now and we’re working on a birthday party for her. I like your little bench and arch made of twigs.
    And LOL on the “no takers” for gardening help from the “sitters.” Grandkids – young ones at least – will be very anxious to “help” – then 10 minutes later it’s “no fun, grandma” and away they go!


    • I have to admit I love Fairy Gardens as much as my granddaughter did several years ago. When I ran across the arbor, bird cage, and bench in the garage, I decided I would just make myself one with moss and various ground covers. It sits right under a little table where my husband and I enjoy cold drinks outside. 🙂


  5. What do you mean – the non-glamorous side of gardening? Is there such a thing?


  6. Your blooms are fabulous. So glad to hear you moved those GIANT blueberry bushes successfully. Totally envious of those. Do you mulch around them, or water or anything? I guess they look mulched. your fairy garden is adorable!! Thanks for the link back to Jane’s Garden too.


  7. Karen says:

    I so enjoyed your blooms. All your hard work shows up in the wonderful photos you share with us. Thanks for the link to Aunt Jane’s garden. It is always interesting to see the creative ways people grow vegetables.


  8. Your Labor Camp is coming along beautifully! 🙂 I’m not sure what the flower is on the bottom right but oh my it is something!


  9. Oh how fun it would be to live by you. To share some foliage between friends☺


  10. The flowers are beautiful!


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