Mid June Perennial Show

I garden with perennials. If there was a support group for perennial lovers, I’d be on the board.

I am always amazed that they go dormant in the winter, survive under months of snow cover, and then return like a good friend to astonish me with their beauty once again.

To maintain as many perennials beds as I do, it requires a lot of hours repositioning, deadheading, and weeding. Oh those weeds, they take no pity on the humble gardener.

The reward for all that hard work is that when June arrives, it brings out some of the heavy hitters both in the beauty, fragrance, and foliage departments.





Perennial gardens are really hitting their stride. Lucky us. 🙂


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15 Responses to Mid June Perennial Show

  1. You could be board president and I’ll be vice-president, lol. I enjoy the perennials so much. There’s always something wonderful to look forward to all season. That peach iris is beautiful!!


  2. Grandma Kc says:

    I just love seeing all of your beautiful flowers and thesalemgarden is right — you would/should be president. Hmmm maybe you should start the group? In your free time of course! Thanks for sharing all the pretty flowers.


  3. ahhh…that peony still in the “ball” stage: do you have the cultivar name? i grew that exact one (already in the garden when we bought the house) but never knew what it was called!.
    Everything looks gorgeous…such an enjoyable time of year up north!


  4. pbmgarden says:

    Great collection of perennials. I know you must be so happy to see them return to you this spring.


  5. So many lovely blooms, Judy! You have a wonderful variety!


  6. I love the verbiage….support group! I need one for lack of green thumb support group♥


  7. Gorgeous flowers. I especially like the magenta geranium. Those little guys are real performers.


  8. Great selection of plants. Perennials are my first love, but I’m mixing them more with annuals these days.


  9. Your perennials are absolutely gorgeous…They are certainly at their height right now.


  10. Erika says:

    Beautiful flowers! The Hosta is gorgeous too, is called June or Guacamole? It looks similar to one of those I had one but the slugs killed it 😦 ~Erika


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