There are gorgeous terrariums on Pinterest, and I’ve been wanting to try one for the porch for quite a while now.

After some research it appeared I needed a container, rocks on the bottom for drainage, a charcoal layer, and potting soil approximately four inches deep to accept the plants.

The on-line comments regarding the use of charcoal between the rocks and the potting soil seemed to be evenly divided between saying it was necessary and it didn’t last that long and wasn’t worth the effort. Since I had the potting soil and needed to purchase the rocks, I decided to forego the charcoal. We’ll see if it makes a difference or not.

A trip to Goodwill resulted in a glass bowl that I thought would work. My next stop was Wentworth Greenhouse where I probably spent as much time looking at plants as I did looking at fairy house furniture that I thought might accessorize the plants. I ended up purchasing a small, white tree bench and five plants, four of which I divided into two plants each. (I did not divide the moss because of its surface roots.)


I really like the end result. Now, I’ll be on the hunt for my dream container. Have you ever made a terrarium? Hit or miss?   🙂

Total Cost:  $30.91

  1. $3.99 – Bowl
  2. $1.99 – Blue stones that match the porch paint for outside edge
  3. $2.99 – Brown stones for the middle
  4. $6.99 – Mini tree bench
  5. $14.95 – 5 mini plants (Club Moss Fern, Autumn Fern, Maidenhair Fern, False Aralia, Pink Polka Dot)


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14 Responses to Terrarium

  1. Jewels says:

    I’ve always loved terrariums, but have never ventured to put one together, yours looks wonderful! 🙂


  2. Karen says:

    I’ve never had a terrarium but I’ve seen some beautiful ones. I like the choices you made for yours.


  3. Joyce says:

    Love your terrarium! Pinned it. Thanks for the advice on plants. I am working with my daughter on a fairy birthday party for Bree and needed your suggestions. I just love the charm of these environments!
    My best terrarium was a high school biology assignment. It was planted in a lidded glass bowl. I added a mirror for water and a tiny deer figurine. Moss from our backyard covered the surface and I replanted specimens from there too. It lasted a long time and I just adored my project!


    • Oh, a fairy birthday party for Bree – fun, fun, fun. I would be thrilled to suggest based upon whether it is going to be an indoor planting or an outdoor one. Also, there is a little sign that says ‘leave room for the fairies to dance.’ You might want to google it.


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    I think it is wonderful — love that bowl! I do remember people making terrariums back in the 60s – from glass Sparklettes bottle but I never tried myself. Very nice! Love the park bench!


  5. I want to do this too!! I have had the dishes for years but still never get around to it. I love your plant choices. They are so interesting and it looks really great. I hope they live a lo n g time and I am sure they will in that sunny room! 🙂


  6. Cool. I can remember making terrariums with our kids when we vacationed in Michigan’s upper peninsula – all kinds of interesting mosses there.


  7. They are all the rage now…job well done my friend.


  8. I’ll have a seat in that corner wicker chair…..while you go get my lemonade, please and thank you 🙂


  9. Elise Xavier says:

    My goodness, these are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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