Fruit and Vegetable Season

RaspberriesIt’s berry season here in New England. My pulse is quickening just writing about it.  🙂

We grow raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, Concord grapes, and strawberries and cherries if we get lucky.  The blueberries  and the raspberries are starting to turn.

After checking our loaded bushes, I was out working in the yard and took some weeds to the compost pile. I noticed that there were quite a few ripe black cap raspberries growing on the edge of the wetlands. If only I could get to them over the compost pile.

So over the pile I go, pick a nice bowl and fall on the way back. Good news – I didn’t drop the berries. 🙂

The tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and peas are growing beautifully. We’re eating as much lettuce as humanly possible and still have enough to share.


This week we get ready for our camping trip at Lake Winnepesaukee next week with the grandkids and our good camping friends from up north. All the swimming gear and clean linens are packed in the trailer, and I’ve started the grocery shopping. When we camp for our second week in August, we’ll hope the wild blackberries are in season because the bushes drip with large, juicy, blackberries and everyone loves them.

Camping means comfortable clothes including plenty of T-shirts. So, I did sit down for a while at the embroidery machine to dress up a few plain shirts.


I live outside in the summer whether it is gardening or camping. Inside can await my arrival in November. 🙂

Are you an outside or inside person?


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12 Responses to Fruit and Vegetable Season

  1. pbmgarden says:

    A tasty post! Your fruits and vegetables look great. Enjoy your trip.


  2. YUM, berries…I just made some strawberry + milk shake in the blender. Red raspberries are my all time favorite, though.

    Sounds as if you were telling those weeds you pulled to kiss your a** when you fell into the compost heap 🙂

    PRETTY pretty tee shirt designs! 🙂


  3. Joyce says:

    I wish i was an “outside” person, but I’m really “inside!”
    Beautiful garden – so well worth the amount of hard work you put into it. It must be fun to return from a camping week and find your garden lush with fruit and veggies!
    I have heard those NE berries are insanely wonderful – far different from the tasteless ones I buy at the grocery store. I envy people like you who have access to the wild ones!


  4. Love it going over the fence for the berries on the other side. My luck I would end up in the brambles. Love the embroidery work…they look really great. To answer your question; I love being outside in the fresh air, until the temps get over 90 and the humidity has crept up . Then it is either pool time or quilt room time.


  5. I love berries. Blueberries are my favorite, but black raspberries are a close second. Blueberries don’t grow well in our alkaline soil, but I do have some wild raspberries I am trying to develop into a patch.


  6. Barb says:

    I’m outside as much as possible. You have so much growing just now (and producing!). Here at high altitude, we are behind because we had very heavy snow this winter which took forever to melt. Even so, my gardens are finally looking lush with lots of buds. Glad you didn’t drop those precious berries!


  7. Norm 2.0 says:

    Being further south it looks like you’re a good 2 weeks ahead of us here just north of Montreal.
    Looks like it’s going to be a bumper crop for Raspberries and Blueberries.


  8. Berries look so luscious!! I love your embroidery too. It is hard to balance both creative work and the outside right now isn’t it?


  9. Grandma Kc says:

    Oh I wish I could pick berries with you! They looks so good and what we get here is so expensive and so tasteless, too. It is sad… I think I am an indoor/outdoor person. I really do enjoy both. Nothing better than a day in the garden or at the beach but then I love my time on the computer playing with Photoshop, too!


  10. It’s great to have the fresh garden vegetables, looks like your garden is doing good! Love blackberries. I love your embroidery work! 🙂


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