Raised Bed Hoops DIY

A few years ago, we built our daughter a hoop house. She has made updates and put it to good use over the years for starting her heirloom vegetables early and enjoying her tomato crop later than the New England seasons normally allow. It also became quite apparent that blight affected the tomato plants in the hoop house less than those in the raised beds.

We decided this year to try some hoops over two 4′ x 8′ raised beds that contain tomato and pepper plants. We wanted something simple that could be taken down in the fall because during the winter we move a lot of snow in that direction.

We clamped pvc pipes to the outside of the beds, trying a couple of different sized pipes and redesigning the tops several times, but they bowed out no matter what we did.

So, we drove rebar inside the beds and slipped the pvc pipes over the rebar. We covered it with plastic, rolled up the sides, and clamped it down. Pretty simple, and we are happy with the end result.

Hoops Collage

Until we order or make some pvc clamps, these basic black clamps we had on hand have been working pretty well.

Here’s hoping the tomato plants are happy and will produce a lot of delicious fruit.

Do you use hoops in your garden?

Total Cost:

$47.68 – 16 pieces of 1/2″ x 4′ rebar (4 per bed) @ $2.98 each
$16.24 – 8 pieces of 1/2″ x 10′ pvc pipe (4 per bed) @ $2.03 each
$  9.50 – 25′ of 3.5 mil plastic
$73.42 – Total Cost

Don’t you love it when you read about building a large hoop house for $50? Not so much. 🙂

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4 Responses to Raised Bed Hoops DIY

  1. Grandma Kc says:

    What a great idea and so very simple — and inexpensive! Hope you get lots of yummy tomatoes. I’m heading to the Farmers’ Market today in hopes of getting tomatoes that taste like tomatoes and strawberries that actually have any flavor! Wish me luck!


  2. Joyce says:

    Well I love PVC pipes too, but I use them to make carnival booths! I like being self sufficient. I don’t need hubby to cut and nail things together for me when I use these.
    Your results look great – and the extra harvest is well worth the project – especially at such a low cost!


  3. These look very nice and useful and it didn’t sound simple at all, lol.


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