Visiting Bedrock Gardens

Bedrock Gardens is located in the small neighboring town of Lee, New Hampshire.

It is a 20-acre garden that includes wonderful landscape designs, large variety of plants, shrubs and trees, hardscape, stone walls, water features, and is punctuated with sculptures that capture your attention at every turn of the head.


In 1987, the owners, Jill Nooney and Bob Munger, started this garden at their 37-acre farm home. Jill is the genius behind the design and fine art while Bob is the engineer. Jill’s artwork is available for sale at Fine Garden Art.

Since it has become a destination garden, there is now an open-house schedule so that others can enjoy the fruits of their labors and designs.


Many of my fellow Strafford County Master Gardeners volunteer their time working at this beautiful garden, and we recently spent a lovely morning touring and having our quarterly meeting.

Next time you’re planning a meeting, choose a garden instead of a conference room. Watch for the smiles.  🙂


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11 Responses to Visiting Bedrock Gardens

  1. I’ll take that nice cool shady spot, please 🙂


  2. Oh i would LOVE this garden! Nothing beats sculpture in surprising spots as you wander around!!


  3. Joyce says:

    Beautiful place to visit for inspiration and a peaceful respite!
    Those stone sculptures have a mysterious aura about them. I’d enjoy seeing them in person. My favorite, though, is the giant grasshopper fashioned from recycled metal. He looks like he could gobble every green thing in sight all by himself!
    Great meeting place for any group – not just gardeners who would have the finest tuned appreciation for what’s in front of them here!


  4. Ogee says:

    So tranquil…and green. Oh how I miss green! 🙂


  5. pbmgarden says:

    This is really inviting. I especially like the meditative aspects–spiral, stones and gong.


  6. Grandma Kc says:

    I love the idea of moving your next meeting to a garden! Especially that one — wow! I just love the walking stick sculpture! I would love to have something like that out back! thanks for sharing.


  7. I would love to have art like this in my gardens…but all the years of living in hurricane central I felt like I couldn’t take the chance. Beautiful.


  8. Wow, a 20 acre garden! And they maintain it all themselves?


  9. Nice, I really love the praying mantis, wish I had one in my garden! 🙂


  10. JSD says:

    What a pleasure it must be to see this garden.


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