Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure


If one of these yachts anchored in Kennebunkport, ME, were mine, I can think of a lot of adventures. In my dreams:-)

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7 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

  1. Grandma Kc says:

    But what a wonderful dream!


  2. Ruth says:

    Thanks for your visit and comment on the Adventure challenge. Managing and maintaining one of those slick vessels would be a true adventure.


  3. In mine I’d have whales and dolphins alongside 🙂


  4. For me, not so much. I get terrible seasickness. All my adventures need to be land-based.


  5. Joyce says:

    This art teacher is enjoying the symmetrical balance you captured! And the way warm colors – red and yellow – just pop out at you, behaving the way they’re supposed to! And then there’s the vivid contrast between darks and lights. That’s why this photo is such a winner!


  6. Sartenada says:

    Sigh. So beautiful.


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