Nighttime – WP Weekly Photo Challenge


On a farm, big or small, there is one nighttime constant – the barn light. 🙂


For other interpretations of the WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime.

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10 Responses to Nighttime – WP Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. loisajay says:

    Is the light really green? Eerie but so pretty!


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  3. Grandma Kc says:

    Great picture! I love the green look of it.


  4. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Waiting for the cows to come home?


  5. Joyce says:

    Well I just pinned this to my Halloween board! The speculation about what’s inside that door or what’s lurking in the dark on either side is just screaming “Halloweeeeeen!” at me!
    It’s really cool!


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