Fall chores

I often wonder if a gardener works harder in the spring or the fall because it seems like both seasons provide a pretty good workout.


The grapes and raspberries have been pruned, blueberry bushes moved, and cherry trees transplanted.

HoopsTwo of the raised vegetable beds are clean and covered while the tomatoes are still surviving the night time temps in the 30’s under the raised bed hoops.

There may be a few more tomato sandwiches in my future which is a very good thing.

Boxwoods, lilacs and rose of sharon have been moved, several beds of perennials deadheaded, and some extra perennials moved to the property border.

A storm door was replaced, wood pellets have been stacked,  a drainage project is underway, fall touch-up painting is on the to-do-list, and the driveway is being seal coated today. I haven’t even mentioned the leaves – oh the mountains of leaves.  I’m exhausted. 🙂

To regain my strength for the new week, there is chili in the crockpot, apple dumplings cooling on the counter, and pumpkin ale in the refrigerator awaiting a cold glass with a cinnamon sugar rim.  I’m feeling rejuvenated already. 🙂

But, I had some fun last week too. There was a Master Gardener meeting at a local winery, and it doesn’t get much better than gardening and wine. Here’s to you having a great week!

Flag Hill Winery, Lee, NH

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13 Responses to Fall chores

  1. Sounds like you did more than the usual maintenance this fall. I can understand why you are tired. It always makes me a little sad to do the fall chores. Just have to start thinking spring again!
    Pumpkin ale? Did you make it yourself?


  2. Grandma Kc says:

    No wonder you have gotten so many steps in lately! You have sure been busy. I just love the colors of the trees — it is one thing I miss. Apple dumplings? Now you just may have to share that recipe, please!


  3. Made me tired just reading your list…I’m becoming one of those gardeners who thinks it better to do less at thsi time of year, both from an aesthetic and ecological viewpoint… oh, and it also means I don’t feel as guilty (or physically tired) 🙂


  4. Joyce says:

    When I read of your chores in spring and fall, I always think it’s actually farming that makes a man “healthy, wealthy and wise!” Lots of hard work, but you can’t beat the payoff!


  5. Yes, but the Fall is SO much prettier my friend.


  6. Ogee says:

    Will work for food and drink! Well worth the workout!


  7. pbmgarden says:

    Gardening and wine does sound fun and you earned a break. You’re getting some cool temperatures and lovely color–we’re not that far along yet.


  8. Just filled 12 containers with tulips and hyacinths for the spring. No apple dumplings but Judy did make cabbage rolls.


  9. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Wow. .. My master gardener meetings never happened at a winery! I’m in the wrong club! Haha!


  10. So most people just trim …it sounds like you MOVED half the FARM in this post.
    Have TWO pumpkin Ales at the very least! 🙂

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