It’s here, and we’ve even had our first snow flakes.

TreeThe plants have been deadheaded, the grasses cut back, furniture and containers stored, raised beds cleared out, some leaves composted, chicken run covered, mowers treated, and now it’s time to settle in for the winter months.

Those indoor projects that were put off are back on the to-do-list including redoing a very large warm window covering and a couple of throw quilts.

We also finished a door at the top of a stairway that turned out great. There was no door jamb so we started by constructing one. We also wanted the door to fold back flat against a very small wall so we purchased special full access hardware from Johnson Hardware. It looks good, and it works great.


November also holds special days. Today there’s election day – thank heavens the ads and constant phone calls will stop. Veteran’s Day which means remembering and bringing in the Flag for the icy months ahead. Then Thanksgiving, preparation for Christmas decorations, and my birthday.

GrantBut the most important day this month is also today – my grandson’s birthday.

That sweet little guy that use to hold my hand while crossing the street is turning 9.

He plays a mean video game, rocks an electric guitar, can paddle a kayak, pull a bow, still beats me every time at Monopoly, and can carry on an extremely intelligent conversation on a variety of relevant topics.

Happy 9th Birthday handsome and may you have many, many more. 🙂

What does the month of November hold in store for you?


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10 Responses to November

  1. Sounds like your days have been busy as leaves turn golden. Our maple has been brilliant this year. Love the door…what a great idea. You and your hubby are handing craftsman. We keep talking about a “wall” in my sewing room out in the garage, to retain the heat & air. Right now, though it is insulated, drywalled, painted, carpeted, there is nothing that keeps the cold air from rushing down the stairs to the hot garage or the cold air from seeping in from “down below” in the winter. I run two stand alone portable air conditioner/heaters up there. We have been debating that wall for a couple of years, but this might be the winter to build it! Our local habitat for humanity often has great deals on door sets. I want to keep the light in from the window, so thinking french door…. Happy birthday to your young grandson. What a wonder to watch them grow.


  2. pbmgarden says:

    Happy November Judy! We’re celebrating a special family birthday this month too.


  3. Joyce says:

    I do love the “snuggliness” of November! Over here it’s just bringing in the bird bath and deck furniture but hubby does that, including raking leaves. We have no birthdays this month, but I enjoy getting ready for Thanksgiving and planning ahead for Christmas! My quilting season doesn’t begin until after the new year.

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  4. Doesn’t it feel great to accomplish indoor projects? I get very “domestically energized” every November…getting the house in shape for company…looking through old and new recipes…making lists, etc
    Really love this time of year!!


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to grandma’s little angel 🙂
    November also holds MY birthday at the end of the month and I will be older than dirt, ha ha ha 🙂

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  6. Karen says:

    After election day, November seems quiet…thank goodness no more adds. The orchard has been mowed short, most of the leaves have been raked, the snow stacks are in the ground but I’m really not ready for a blanket of snow just yet.


  7. So your grandson has a November birthday too huh?! He seems like a brilliant child to be around.


  8. Grandma Kc says:

    I see November so differently from most of you. It is going to be 90 here again today — there isn’t much of fall to be found anywhere although the cooler nights are making the leaves on my plumerias start to yellow and fall a bit. Happy Birthday to Grant!


  9. 9 is a really great age. … He should still hold your hand when crossing the street though. hahha. I love the hand holding. November is when I start to think i am going to freeze to death. 🙂


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