Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

Greenhouse, George Washington's Mount Vernon Home

Greenhouse, George Washington’s Mount Vernon Home

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Mount Vernon garden facts:

  • George Washington designed the gardens at Mount Vernon. Some experienced gardeners were hired while others were enslaved to work the gardens.
  • The greenhouse pictured above was built by George Washington to house rare and exotic plants and was considered the most advanced of its time.
  • Cherry trees were not chopped down by George Washington, but orchards were planted by him.
  • A kitchen garden was planted and considered essential to provide fresh vegetables.
  • A small botanical garden was also created to handle unusual plants.
  • As the design of the gardens became more complex, the gardening skills needed increased. President Washington required written reports detailing the progress of the gardens.
  • George Washington was serious about his compost and maintained a diary with the results of his experiments to determine what was desirable and necessary for each type of plant.
  • Glass frames and bell jars were used to retain heat in an effort to protect new seedlings from cold temperatures.
  • Tools such as spades, shovels, rakes, pruners, baskets, watering cans, ladders, pick axes, and a stone roller were all considered necessary tools in the 1700’s for the skilled gardeners to maintain the Mount Vernon gardens.

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8 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

  1. One of my favorite places to visit when we lived in Virginia! Beautiful choice for this week’s challenge!!


  2. Joyce says:

    Very interesting! Beautiful greenhouse. I thought it was a residence!


  3. beautiful but my next thought was what a chore it must be to clean those windows! : )


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  5. Grandma Kc says:

    Beautiful picture! You have so much history surrounding you.


  6. I love this style of windows and had them in my previous home.


  7. Nice photograph, but I refuse to believe that George didn’t chop down the cherry tree. Next you’ll tell me he really could tell a lie.


  8. quarksire says:

    he also had hemp feilds out back 🙂 it was a law at the time he helped create, with the founding fathers that evryonw would help that owned land to produce hemp for fiber , etc etc. an readin the george diarys u will also find they smoked an ate it also 🙂 . this is a kewl post-it bout george 🙂 also 🙂 ThanQ


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