Wordless Wednesday – Mounted Patrol


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11 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Mounted Patrol

  1. pbmgarden says:

    Is this your town Judy? Hope you have a great New Year.


  2. Yes, it is downtown Dover. The mounted patrol is usually down there from 11-2 during the week patrolling the streets. It really is a wonderful sight. We also have a Children’s Museum and visitors enjoy meeting Monty and CJ. 🙂


  3. I love that you still have a place to tie up the horses. We have a few too. I think those mounted Patrol Officers must bring a sense of calmness to an otherwise chaotic world. No laptop; approachable; community friendly and familiar. Much easier to recognize the patrolman on horseback than at 35 mph as he drives by. I bet they stop to talk too!


  4. How cool is that you still have mounted Patrol Officers? I’m sure it must keep your crime rate down 🙂


  5. Love that. Denver has the mounted folks in mass during various political conventions that take place there. My brother in law was one of them for the DNC a couple years ago.

    I love your background, too. Looks like it does out my window. It was -20 when I got up this morning (with the wind chill).

    Happy New Year to you and yours!! xoxo


  6. Joyce says:

    I sure wish we could go back to small town times like this where police and citizens interact as friends, both with the same goal – “keeping” the peace – not actively fighting for it. You are lucky to still have that environment!
    My grandkids would just love to approach these horse and pet them. They’d treasure picture cards of their new friends!
    Happy New Year, Judy!

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  7. Grandma Kc says:

    You do live in a wonderful little town! Sure hope you aren’t dealing with this much snow today! Happy New Year, Judy! HUGS!


  8. I wish we had that here. How beautiful thoses horses are.

    What we have here right now is the big salt truck spinning his wheels stuck on the icy road outside my house! They forecasted freezing rain and for a change they were correct! 🙂


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