Ice is nice

Whether you refer to them as ice shanties or bob houses, I love them. They are individual pieces of art and expression including curtains, heaters, grills, TVs, planters, flags or just the bare essentials.

These folks have come to fish and enjoy their community on ice.


They arrive on the lake at “ice in” (ice is thicker than 8″) and remain until “ice out” is declared, or no later than April 1st, when they need to be removed before they start to really bob.

The yellow and orange cones express concern over thin ice, but it doesn’t appear to affect anyone.

I also enjoyed this family outing. Dad is playing a little hockey and Grandpa is pushing the little girl with her skates on while she sits on a stool.

Ice fishing

Ice is definitely the place to be this time of year for a lot of New England families.

Next weekend men and women, young and not so young, will all enjoy the New England Pond Hockey Classic on the lake in Meredith, NH. There are about 250 teams from all of the New England states as well as some from New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, and even California.

I won’t be dealing with ice this week. It will be snow in the form of a blizzard dropping 2 feet or more from Monday night into Wednesday morning. I’ll be shoveling instead of skating. 🙂






It’s just an entirely different type of hobby, and it draws me every year to check them out.


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21 Responses to Ice is nice

  1. Joyce says:

    You mentioned bob houses on your post about the bicycle rider, but I forgot to ask what they were. So now I know! How “cool” to decorate your own little cozy place and enjoy a community of like-minded sportspeople! The one you featured is so cute! I’m an overly cautious soul though. I’d be “skeerd” to do this!
    I hope you are able to enjoy just the good parts of a nice deep blizzard of snow!


  2. Ogee says:

    You’ve got to find your fun where you can in New England during the winter! Stay safe with all that snow. Looks like a doozy!

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  3. Judy Beck says:

    Sounds like you have a doozy coming your way. Stay warm, safe and busy with stitching.


  4. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Love the popup houses! Ironically, I was or ice fishing last Saturday! I was only a minor spectator, only fished for an hour. Not really my thang, but my sis in law’s new boyfriend has a lake house. Still fun for about an hour.. then off to the bar to warm up!


  5. Dawn says:

    Ice shanties are such a fascinating New England tradition, Judy! It’s fun to learn more about them (while being cozy inside and sipping tea!). Our thoughts are with you as the blizzard approaches New England. Stay warm and safe inside as much as possible… and hopefully, work on a bit of stitching! ♡


  6. i was waiting on this post….
    great looking Bob houses…all so individual! and some are really welly outfitted as a I recall from being dragged into a few!

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  7. I get a kick out of seeing these 🙂

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  8. My neighbor across the alley built a form to create a little ice rink in his backyard and then everything melted.


  9. Fun photos! We have ice shacks on the lakes here in northern Wisconsin. People sit in them for hours, intently watching a hole in the ice to see if a fish has taken the bait. They drive cars and pickups out onto the ice too. Every year someone seems to go through the ice. Kinda scary, but hundreds of people love the ice. 🙂 Stay safe in the storm. I sure enjoyed the photos.


  10. OMG Judy, that seems SO cute – if it easn’t for the temperature you need to hace ice. I feel cold just looking at them 🙂


  11. Grandma Kc says:

    I remember the ice shanties on the lakes when I was growing up in Michigan. Dad used to ice fish occasionally but even he thought that was cold! You did capture some wonderful pictures and those shanties are much nicer than the ones I remember from my childhood.


  12. Paige says:

    Great post, great pictures! Hope you’re surviving the blizzard! 🙂


  13. It’s a sure sign of the cold when the lake fills with ice shanties! Love seeing these little houses dot the lake in our town as well. You can kind of tell the personality of the owners just by looking at the decorations!

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