The weather forecasters get it wrong more times than right, but they nailed this blizzard. A state of emergency was declared, everything closed except essential services, residents were told to stay off the roads, and the parking fines were $300

Snowy Collage

We’ve plowed and shoveled our way through about 23” 28″ of snow so far. The blizzard is still raging until 4 a.m. tomorrow, but not quite as hard as it was.  The temperature never got above the teens, winds were brisk, wind chill was below zero, and this made for some really cold work.

As a fellow blogger, Paige from Stories from a Small Village, said “New Hampshire is closed today” which is evidenced by the empty highways.

RoadCollageHere’s to maybe one more clean up either tonight or tomorrow, and then I need a rest until the next storm comes on Friday.

52 days until the first day of spring. I sure hope they go fast. 🙂


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25 Responses to Blizzard

  1. Joyce says:

    “Next storm” on Friday? Are you kidding me?! Your family has joined forces to defeat this monster at the door, but what an endurance run. I am following this on the news, but nothing is as graphic as your photos. Just praying for a safe journey through the rest of the winter for everyone affected by this.

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  2. Ogee says:

    Beautiful…in its own way! Stay safe and warm.


  3. sue harvey says:

    Oh Judy.. was hoping you might post with photos. And yes as Joyce says, we too are checking on weather channel. But Boston, NY get all the attention! Great pix. You may have to go “little house on the prairie” and string a clothesline from the house to barn so you don’t get lost. Be safe


  4. Dawn says:

    We are thinking of all of our friends in New England. Thanks for checking in, Judy! What a workout! So glad that you have electricity in your area. Stay safe and warm. ♡

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  5. On a positive note…..that looks like a beautiful barn! 🙂 Great photos.. Thanks for posting.

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  6. Paige says:

    Those are quite the photos! Wow!


  7. libbylottie says:

    Stay warm and safe, Judy – you and your loved ones.


  8. Stay warm and good luck! It’s beautiful, but I’m sure it’s a pain to deal with.


  9. Hi Judy,
    Big storm here in Maine as well, you know you’re getting a good blizzard when they close everything the day before the storm even hits. All tucked in here, power back on, and awaiting more snow this evening. Seems funny that I spent a good part of the day ordering seeds for the gardens this season….it will come around!
    Best to you, denise


    • Even ‘thinking’ about gardening is always a good thing especially when we’re snowed in. LOL Yes, MA, NH, and ME really got hit hard. We’ve still got one more run this morning to clean it all up. And, if anything makes you fell humble, it is the hold the power of electricity has over all of us.


  10. Norm 2.0 says:

    Stay safe and don’t burn yourself out shoveling.


  11. You’ve got to be so exhausted, all of you 😦


  12. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE a snow day… Maybe even a week! Really I would!


  13. Grandma Kc says:

    Your images are even better than the ones on the news this AM. They mentioned that you have another one headed your way on Friday. Hopefully they will be wrong about that one! Glad you are safe. Wish I could send you some sunshine.


  14. Wow, amazing photos. Stay warm and stay inside! Yikes!

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  15. Oh, you poor thing Judy. I’ve lived through blizzards in South Wales and even though they’re amazing to photograph, they’re not so much fun to live through. Stay warm and take care 🙂

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  16. Karen says:

    Some storm we had, just got the snow all moved and it started again. With more on Monday…oh my, I can’t wait for spring. Take care.


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