After the blizzard

It’s definitely been a stormy week with  31″ from the blizzard on Tuesday, 5″ from a storm on Friday, and it is snowing again right now.

Photo credit: Brian Wallace, DOT, Seabrook, NH

Photo credit: Brian Wallace, DOT, Seabrook, NH

Every town in New England does exceptionally well clearing snow. It is like an army of snow removal machines marching down the road.

There is never any doubt that the roads will be cleared in a timely manner and transportation will resume.

But, the one thing each town has to deal with after a week of heavy snow is what to do with it. In historic Portsmouth, they eventually have to start piling it into trucks and hauling it to Pierce Island for dumping, but that takes time and money.

After the initial 31″ of snow from the blizzard, this is what we saw when we drove around the area.


If you can get around the streets, the snow plowed up in front of the historic homes is unbelievable.



Homeowner decided to leave his shovel right where he could find it, at the end of his driveway.

With today’s storm forecasted to drop another 12-16″, schools and businesses are closed again.

We’re waiting on a part that broke on our John Deere, but have no fear there are two generations of MacGyvers who live here.

We’re ready. We’ll find somewhere to put it.

But, if you haven’t had an opportunity to shovel snow in a while, come on over. We have plenty of shovels and scoops. There are no job requirements except the ability to throw a shovel full of snow over your head. Remember to dress warmly because we have a wind chill of -10.  🙂

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  1. Pat says:

    Oh the joy of snow removal! Last week while babysitting for my son in MA, I was reminded just how much fun shoveling was. I’m so thankful for the grounds crew who work so hard to keep my apartment complex in NH clear and sanded.

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  2. I wouldn’t know where to start; glad you are prepared. Take care and stay warm.


  3. Ogee says:

    Oh, I see some big time slushy days ahead!

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  4. sue harvey says:

    We’re doing pretty good here in Michigan. But you New Englanders take the prize..Super Bowl too!.

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  5. Incredible. I don’t think Colorado has EVER seen that much snow. One plus: The white of the snow sure makes the blue of the sky and other colors pop! Lovely photos!

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  6. Joyce says:

    With plenty of my own over here during the weekend, I go past the huge snow piles in your photos and look directly at the charm of those old houses and businesses. There’s nothing as enchanted as old New England – in ANY season!

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  7. Love seeing the streets of your towns and the historic homes. Yep, more snow for us here in Northern New England. My thoughts today…….take the snowblower over to the huge hill on the farm, make several paths up and down, spray water, and create the ultimate sledding path. You just have to except winter for what it is and jump in with both feet! Stay warm and enjoy!

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  8. Norm 2.0 says:

    We missed a lot of last weeks mess, but we’re getting hit with 5-6″ and very windy conditions today.
    Pace yourselves with the shoveling and stay warm 🙂

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  9. I will say that the houses you shared with us are so charming and even more so with snow in front of them. This is what I think of when I think of a New England town in winter.

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  10. oh you have my pity! People talk about how paralyzed the South becomes in a snow…it’s because our townships don’t own enough snow equipment to clear the roads quickly enough, nor do people get enough practice driving in it to be able to hit the roads with safety. So it’s safer to just stay home. Also, our bad snowfalls usually occur with ice too!

    I hate winter. But I can still enjoy your photos of the pretty snow from afar.

    Stay warm!

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  11. Paige says:

    Amazing photos!! : )


  12. From afar it looks so beautifully pristine…but I remember all the work that goes in to the clearing and sanding and salting. It sure does make for some of the hardiest folk around though; something I love dearly about New England and greatly miss!!
    ps h

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  13. My first thought is STAY WARM & Don’t over do it when shoveling that snow!! 🙂 Do it like you were eating an elephant….on small bite at a time. My second thought is the abuse those historic homes are taking with the snow pushed up against the structures by machinery. It is one thing for the snow to drift along your foundation wall; but entirely another to have that weight pushed into it. I have visions of wet basements while you have your “mud season”. We got our rain and I lost my speaker who was from Conneticut today for the Quilt Guild. She decided on Friday to cancel; rather than risk the trip down and back ! 😦 Dang the snow anyway and dang the cold. No wonder there are so many snow birds in the south!


  14. Tina Schell says:

    LOL Judy. The year our driveway go so many snowfalls we had to take the plowed snow away in a backloaded was the year we decided to move south. But it sure is pretty😉


  15. Grandma Kc says:

    Your photos are just beautiful but enough is enough already! You guys just can’t catch a break. I remember when I loved in Michigan in both Ludington and in Muskegon they would dump the snow into Lake Michigan. Little icebergs floating everywhere – until they froze! Stay safe and warm my friend!

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  16. Oh my goodness, I can’t fathom having so much snow that there was nowhere to put it! I’ve seen snow like that up in the mountains, but there are no houses to have to dig out there. And negative -10 windchill?! Twenties are definitely my cold limit, but thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. I’ll be snow shoveling with you in spirit 😉

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  17. Karen says:

    Florida is sounding better and better to us. It certainly is hard to shovel when the piles you are throwing it in are so tall. What a winter!


  18. I am just trying to remember your idyllic life in the summer….you know, after you fall on your butt into the compost heap you DO take off with your hubby and sit around gazing at water and lighthouses and such every once in awhile 🙂

    HEY ! Did you just throw a snowball at me???

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  20. Rose says:

    Even though I want snow, I don’t want that much. LOL


    • I’m with you. A nice little coating is pretty, but this is downright unbelievable. You can hardly maneuver parking lots, the parking spaces are reduced by half, and you take your life in your hand when you pull out of a driveway. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


  21. Karen Goad says:

    love your snow photos – I do feel bad that you have so much though – when I lived in WI next to Lake Michigan we had it like that too – but now I live in Arkansas and we only get snow a couple times a winter and sometimes none at all – I would like at least a little!


    • We lived in Kansas for many years and were use to wind chill and ice but this level of snow is almost unbelievable. There are banks as high as one story houses right now. I’d send you a little snow if you could only send a little sun. LOL Thanks for commenting. 🙂


  22. Robin says:

    All I can say is OMG!!


  23. I was once made of the stuff of a New Englander – but I got too OLD! I did not want to shovel ANY MORE! I’ll try to send a little sun your way!!


  24. RuthsArc says:

    Lovely photos. I can’t believe the amount of snow you have over there. Here in the south of the UK we think six inches is a lot. My Australian mother-in-law is visiting us right now and she has never seen snow falling, only seen it on the ground on a trip to Switzerland. I should send her over to your part of the world. Be safe, stay warm.


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