Wordless Wednesday – Yin and Yang of Winter


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20 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Yin and Yang of Winter

  1. Joyce says:

    One clear pane of glass separates “the world’s longest recorded 🙂 icicle (6’2″ – wow!)” and a happy little geranium that looks outside and is very happy to be INside!
    I think of you often because your weather is the topic of any news program I click on. What a winter! I’m just glad you are surviving with a nice list of projects to attend to!

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  2. Bright spot!! Aren’t you glad you brought it in for the winter? That 6’2″ icicle is something! Had a few of those icicles on the roof yesterday; as we had an overnight ice storm. Thankfully today the sun is finally out! We are reving up for the “deep freeze” that is coming later this week! Keeping the new heater in the garage cranked up so the sewing room UPSTAIRS won’t be fridgid.


  3. It looks like the geranium is laughing at the ice and snow… Great shots Judy!

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  4. Ogee says:

    Spring really WILL eventually arrive and that little geranium will find it’s happy place back outside. Stay warm and safe.

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  5. Love this! ( just wish the contrast was between the indoor bloom and a few INCHES of snow not miles of it!


  6. This geranium makes me so happy! So bright and healthy!


  7. Grandma Kc says:

    Wonderful pictures — I love the icicles and remember the fun of breaking one off to suck on when I was little.


  8. Annie says:

    I have never brought a geranium inside for the winter, but I think I must next year. Those blooms brighten the winter scene. Do you pinch it back from time to time?


    • When I brought them in, they were just little slips I’d taken off the ones I was tossing for the year. I put them in water to root and then into rooting powder and soil. And, I do pinch them back. It doesn’t save you a lot of money, and I have to maneuver them around for the right amount of light BUT this is the second one that has bloomed and it is truly a gift as we go through this world of white. 🙂

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  9. Got to love winter blooming plants. The sanity they provide is priceless. I’m not going to comment on the snow. .. I’m in denile!


  10. We have never grown geraniums indoors here. Your picture makes me think we should give it a try in our south facing porch. Any particular trick to the geraniums? All we have in terms of indoor blooms are the Amaryllis (now long gone) and occasionally we buy some cut flowers (Alstroemeria lasts a surprisingly long time).


    • I keep it simple and cut off some small to medium size pieces of ones that I especially like the color of and put them in a jar in the window. I usually lose one or two, but that is okay.It usually takes a couple of months for some nice roots to start, then I dip them in rooting hormone and pop them in a small pot. I have to say they provide me more joy in the winter than they ever did in the summer. When I put them outside they don’t get huge but they work just fine in a container. I have a MG friend who has the room and brings in the whole plant for the winter. I don’t have that kind of room so the slips work for me and I put all the little pots in a wicker planter box and can pick it up and move it where I want.

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  11. Eliza Waters says:

    Rome is a great place to visit, but the traffic is downright scary!


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