Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry


The white marble Arch of Septimius Severus at the northwest end of the Roman Forum was built in 203 AD and is nearly 70 feet high. The arch was built to record memorable victories of Emperor Septimius Severus in Parthia (now partly Iran and Iraq). Rome – a truly wonderful place to visit.

For other colorful interpretations of symmetry check here.

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12 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

  1. Don't Get Wasted says:

    Ancient Symmetry. . . Beautiful. . .!


  2. Joyce says:

    The human mind has always organized things symmetrically, no matter the culture. Think of our American quilt patterns, too. We just gravitate toward lining things up and balancing them!
    That’s a lovely picture. I know you’ve traveled to Italy so I’m guessing this is one of your own?


  3. Amazing when you think of the age and the feat of making this arch symmetrical.


  4. Grandma Kc says:

    The picture is wonderful and I am seriously jealous of all the places you have been but so glad that you share them with us! We watched a special on NOVA last night about the Colosseum that you would have loved. Amazing what they created and how difficult it is for us to try and re-created it.


  5. debrapugh says:

    Beautiful…and snowless 🙂


  6. Annie says:

    This lovely photo definitely conforms to the challenge: Symmetry. I, too, had an overwhelming feelings when I visited the Colosseum and nearby buildings… amazing architecture but the thought of what took place there is difficult.


  7. Perfect photo for the challenge. I always dream of visiting Rome when I saw some pictures like this one. Thank you for sharing with us.


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