End of February

Tendercrop Farm

Tendercrop Farm

I never thought it would arrive, but finally we’ve made it to end of February which means maybe only one more month of winter.

The state’s official snowfall record in Concord is 84.3″. We live closer to the seacoast  so I’m guessing we actually moved a little more snow than that.

It was wicked cold this morning doing chores with a temperature of an actual -13 degrees. Roofs have been damaged or fallen and the ice dams have caused water leakage in more homes, churches, and businesses than I can count. It’s been tough. But, the days are getting longer and there is hope for spring. We actually have our first Master Gardener meeting this Thursday at the University of New Hampshire Macfarlane Greenhouse.

I’ve posted photos before of a plant that a Lilydear friend gave us about ten years ago. He has since passed, but every time I look at that plant I smile thinking of the true gentleman that he was. And, right in the midst of this cold winter day, what do I see but the first blossom. It may be some type of day lily because the blossom only lasts one day. One day is enough for this cold weary woman because there are several more buds which means there is more beauty to come.

Here’s hoping you are either outside working in your garden or have some beauty inside to enjoy, and that none of us has lost our sense of humor as a result of this wicked winter. 🙂




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35 Responses to End of February

  1. I kind of feel like that wolf. I don’t like this cold. We had a heater put in the big garage and went through two tanks of propane in 1 week. A second delivery of gas and $1000 later; the garage is warm for hubby to work in. He now knows to shut it off when he is finished for the day instead of leaving it set at 50. And I am watching my oil tank gauge outside my kitchen window and praying the delivery man comes before it hits the 1/4 tank mark. $$$$$$$$ is all winter means to me. (I think I could buy a long arm quilting machine for the cost of the winter heating!) Even so, our little 6″ snowfall to your 84+. is pitiful to look at, but pains me. How do you stand it and get outside to feed your chickens etc. How are they managing in the bitter cold? This weather makes me want to stay in my robe and slippers all morning; drinking coffee & reading blogs. (Should at least be dusting and mopping floors!). Hope the MG meeting inspires you and puts a bright spot in your week. The flower is lovely! Thinking warm thoughts, and hoping for sunny warm days ahead for you and me.

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    • We use wood pellets for our pellet stove during the day and then the furnace powered by propane at night set at a mere 61 degrees. LOL The last time we got propane it was $4.11 a gallon. I about had a heart attack. They tell us we don’t use enough because of using the stove during the day so they charge us a premium. The southern part of the state where we are hit -21 today while the northern part was -35. It’s just wicked cold and you can’t wear enough gloves to do the chores. 🙂 Freezing.

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      • 20 more days…20 more days!! February is DONE!!! I think I have so far this winter invested $4900 in fuel (oil & propane); plus who knows for the space heaters upstairs in the quilt room. How’s a migration south to Puerto Rico or Aruba sound next winter??? (Now I know why I used to go on a cruise every February!)


      • A migration south sounds perfect to me after these past two winters. We could quilt when we weren’t on the beach. 🙂

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  2. pbmgarden says:

    Any winter-be-gone spray left lying around in that barn Judy? Good time to use it. Could that lovely bloom be an iris?


    • Oh my gosh, I do appreciate the chuckle. I’ll head out there tomorrow and see if I can find any spray to do just that. Yes, a reader in Florida said it is a Walking Iris. The friend who gave it to us said it was from Costa Rica which goes along with the info I found when I googled it. I look forward to that plant blooming once a year and it is always during the coldest part of the winter so it is a real gift.


  3. The end is in sight! Or at least near. I think of you every.single.time I hear the news reports of snow. Sheesh. Truly historical.

    The plant from your friend is a lovely diversion. And what a beautiful way to keep him in your heart daily.

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  4. Joyce says:

    Yes, its been a rough, cold, dreary winter here too, yet the snowfall has been nowhere near what you endured. For the past few years I have even had a hard time enjoying the good months, knowing that each day brings us one closer to a repeat of this!
    I’m just glad you’ve come this far and can see an end in sight. After March, what more can they do to us?


  5. sueturner31 says:

    I think I would have eaten the groundhog too….!!


  6. The flower is beautiful! Keeping my fingers crossed that you will soon have some warmth!


  7. your beautiful bloomer is a Neomarica..possibly N. gracilis? I have a few in my yard, colloquially known as Walking Iris.


  8. I love the iris but not sure about the icicles!


  9. Karen says:

    I bet that groundhog was delicious…a good end to him after this horrible winter. 😀

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  10. sally says:

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to have an early spring?? We’ve been reaching 0 F. but not below…..I’m mystified by how cold it’s been for so long! We’re in for a couple more inches of snow tonight and tomorrow…..
    Your plant is beautiful!


  11. Paige says:

    Hang in there … spring IS coming … and I too love the iris. I have an amaryllis blooming, and the brugmansia just finished. Blooms are so much more appreciated this time of year!


  12. Catherine says:

    The beauty of flowers from a beloved friend…instant smiles and thoughts of them when they bloom! Stay warm! 🙂


  13. That flower is gorgeous, Judy! We’ve had terrible cold here, but as I don’t have chores to do outdoors, I’m better off (warmer.) I do miss the wood-burning stove we had in Cleveland, inserted into our fireplace, as the latter was terribly inefficient as seems to be the wont for most fireplaces. I scrounged all the wood we ever used, so the cost was perfect. 🙂 Hopefully March will be warmer!


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  14. Grandma Kc says:

    That flower really is breathtaking! I am glad you have a little bit of sunshine to brighten your days — you sure deserve them with all of the shoveling you’ve done. It will be interesting to see if there is a baby boom in about 8-9 months!

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  15. Norm 2.0 says:

    Hopefully we’ll be turning the corner towards warmer temps very soon.


  16. I read online today that Boston is close to 100″. I don’t know what the records are for your neighborhood, but 84 inches and -13 is too wicked in my book. Yes, the days are getting longer even if more sunshine is not warming up the air and ground just yet. At least this year the groundhog did not lie.

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  17. Annie says:

    Those are some wicked looking icicles! After this winter, we are toying with the idea of a pellet stove. All I hear are good things…


  18. What a lovely bloom!

    Ha, I just checked the forecast and the weatherguy is saying we have two more rounds of snow prior to more bitter cold. ( today is a break where we will be in the 20’s! 🙂 As to precip, shouldn’t be much, though 🙂


  19. Rose says:

    I am waiting on spring, too, then in a month or two I will complain of the heat;-)


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