18 Days Until Spring

So says the calendar. Mother Nature in New England has a smirk on her face and for good reason. 🙂 March arrived yesterday and left the gift of a couple of inches of snow. Here are a few shots of around my part of the country of what’s left of the 87.3″ that has fallen this winter.

The Cocheco River Mill Falls is still frozen, there are several feet of snow piled along the roadways almost to the top of road signs, the sidewalks are still tunnels, and my compost bin is still buried.


On the other hand, we had our first Master Gardener meeting last week and visited the Macfarlane Research Greenhouse at the University of New Hampshire. In touring the greenhouses, we learned about their holistic approach to pest management and saw first hand some of their biological controls. The temperature was warm, the smell of soil was in the air, and the plants were green. Ah, now that was a really good thing.


I also spent a lot of last week sorting and organizing family documents, photos, and memorabilia. Everything is out of cardboard boxes, sorted chronologically, each photo labeled, arranged in various albums, and stored in one plastic container.

This week I’m doing a small painting job. I love to paint. Crank up the music, give me a brush and some paint, and I’m a happy woman. And, while I’m busy painting, I won’t even think about the next storm that is coming mid week.

Here’s hoping your spring is arriving closer to the date on the calendar.  🙂

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26 Responses to 18 Days Until Spring

  1. We’re shoveling out here in Knoxville. After two weeks, kids return to school. But snow is still on our grassy areas. Praying for spring to bring it on!


  2. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Ugh. Spring is bittersweet for me. Love the weather, but my workload triples. 🎭


  3. I bet being in that greenhouse gave you a real lift! I’ve never seen anything like the snow you have. What a winter!


  4. Joyce says:

    Another storm mid week? No way. Yuck. Enough already! I’m tired of the grey and white too…..
    So – moving on! The greenhouse is fabulous! Love the little perky cacti gathered at the feet of “mommy!” What a refreshing contrast in photos. Bet you had to tear yourself away from that warm, luscious place!


  5. Dawn says:

    Your beautiful photos from the greenhouse soothe our winter weary souls. I can only imagine how wonderful it felt to be inside among all of the lush, green plants! So happy that the countdown to Spring is getting shorter! Happy painting, Judy! ♡

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  6. She’s a wicked mother.


  7. Ogee says:

    One thing about snow…a lot of indoor projects get finished! I hope you bottled some of that wet soil smell to tide you over until Spring truly arrives.

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  8. Counting the days! (And hours!!!)

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  9. Annie says:

    Did not realize how many inches of snow accumulated in your community. We must be pretty close to that in Exeter. Last night’s snow covered the dirty snow but that’s the only good thing about more snowfall.


    • Yes, the new snow at least made the old snow look better. 🙂 I actually emailed Kevin Skarupa to find a site where I could look up the official snowfall for Concord which was the closest I could find. I actually think we got a little more than that but it’s good to go with the official record. 🙂


  10. Lovely photos! Can’t wait to see some green outside here in New England!!


  11. Jo says:

    Wow – what a contrast. Love the colors in the greenhouse.


  12. Tina Schell says:

    We have family up there Judy and are amazed at how resilient everyone is. It’s simply unbelievable. Hope your spring comes very soon.

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  13. 18 days, but who’s counting? 🙂 Probably quite a few of us!!


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  14. Spring seems much more than 18 days away around here. I’m guessing the snow won’t be gone before the end of March.


  15. Lovely falls !
    And I smelled the scent in that greenhouse ..

    Spring’s still sleeping here 🙂 More snow on the way …


  16. Grandma Kc says:

    I will be so glad when you have Spring! You really deserve it. I’m glad the roads were plowed well enough that you could get to the Master Gardeners meeting. Inhaling some dirt is just what you needed.


  17. Nancy says:

    I hear another warm up is coming!! Stay warm and have fun painting. I as well love to paint!

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