Wordless Wednesday – March Sidewalks


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22 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – March Sidewalks

  1. It is amazing really. And as it melts the sidewalk turns to a pond. The water is going to be trapped on both sides.
    I was out last week to a rural area and the fields were flooded and the snowmelt was running in the road. Then it froze. Rural and not salted. CREEPED thru at 2 mph to get past the lake on the road. Amazed anybody can even get in the gas station. I guess I would pray for a SLOW melt; but I know you want to see it GONE!


  2. sweetk8 says:

    looks like one of our typical winters 🙂 snowless now though in Helsinki. others parts further north still quite white..


  3. Maybe your snow will melt by June? 😂😢😩


  4. Ugh! Wordless, Indeed! Great shot, gloomy aspect ….. Speaks volumes. 🙂
    (…. The forecast is for another 30cm this weekend here….. Nooooooo! ….)


  5. These feet of snow that surrounds us is to ugly looking you can hardly stand it. And, I’ll echo your Noooooo from here too. Here’s hoping they are wrong, wrong, wrong. 🙂 It is sunny here today, I went out for a long walk, AND I saw two trees with buds. Wahoo!


  6. Yikes!!! And I’ve been complaining about our slush. Sheez!


  7. Paige says:

    A lot of melting went on today! : )


  8. Grandma Kc says:

    While that is a great shot that is not a pretty picture!


  9. Joyce says:

    It’s the same around here, only 1/4 the depth of that. March is always so ugly with that dirty snow along every road. Yuck!

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  10. Karen says:

    The piles are slowly shrinking, thankfully.


  11. Cath says:

    Winters in New England…I still get the goose bumps!


  12. Wow, and I thought we had tough winters. I take my hat off to you.

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  13. timelesslady says:

    Not quite so dramatic here…but still…snow in March is not fun. I live in NJ. We’ve had a bad winter too!

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