April has arrived, and the first day of spring was 17 days ago. We’ve definitely had some melt, but we’re still a long way from gardening season here in New Hampshire.

The snow left on the ground can be counted in inches in most places rather than feet, and that is a really good thing. Even though the trees are still surrounded by snow, they are budding.


I’ve kept myself busy painting the entry way, sewing a few pouches for the upcoming trip, and enjoying the geranium and iris blooms and the new growth on my rabbit foot fern indoors.


It’s a tough time of year when you want to be outside working, but there’s no way. So, I’ll be starting a new quilting project this week with flowers in an effort to keep myself going until I can get my hands dirty.

I can’t wait for muddy shoes, dirty garden gloves, wet knees, and sore muscles. Ah, gardening season. 🙂 Here’s hoping your weather is a bit more mild and you have dirty nails to prove it.

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42 Responses to April

  1. Bill says:

    The buds and blooms are encouraging signs. 🙂
    Here in Virginia it seems that winter is (mercifully) over. It was finally warm and dry enough for us to begin our spring planting last week.


  2. sued51 says:

    Judy, it appears it will be a late spring this year, but it will be well-appreciated when it arrives!


  3. Dan Antion says:

    No dirty nails yet, but the sidewalks are free from ice and we are once again able to walk the dog. It’s making everybody a little less stir crazy here in CT.


    • Clear sidewalks – now that is an improvement. I wonder if the rest of the country can understand maneuvering a car on a snow covered road while folks walk in the road because the walks are not clear. The pot hole gardener guy would have more opportunities than he could imagine up here this spring. 🙂

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      • Dan Antion says:

        We say bad things about the people who don’t clear the snow from their walks, but we tend not to walk the dog anyway because of all the salt. If Boston does get the Olympics, maybe the local sport can be dodging potholes 🙂

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  4. I hope it won’t be too long before you can get outside and dig in the dirt!


  5. Encouraging signs for arriving of Spring!! We visited our boys in Toronto, Canada. We left in snow flurries and were greeted by green grass and blooming daffodils in Cincinnati…it is a bit crazy ;0)


  6. Those buds on the trees are a hopeful sight! What is your quilt project??? Looking forward to photos! Love the color in your entry. Bright, yet very warm and inviting. A friend of mine wintered 4 small rose bushes in her sun room and when we visited this weekend they were covered in buds and blooms. Our daffs are waking up and because we FINALLY are above freezing at night and warmer (50+) in the daytime they are opening. I had enough in bloom to cut for a vase! Enjoy the last week or 2 of sewing weather. Don’t forget there is a big quilt show in NH this week. http://www.mqxshow.com/MQX/East/Home/


  7. I moved 15 yards of hardwood mulch in the past week, so I have enough sore muscles for us both. Sending warm thoughts your way…


  8. Eliza Waters says:

    We had our first day working outside yesterday and it was so good to be out. I do believe I was losing my mind inside! The plow trucks make a mess of the hedge by the road, so we cleaned that up, still have more to do, but at least got half done. As the snow recedes, I can get a little done each day. Maybe the rain this week will melt a lot of your snow. Hang in there!


  9. It’s coming Judy! I planted lettuce and the kids hauled two snakes out of our woods the other day. Only a week or so more before you’ll be with us!


    • Go lettuce seeds. 🙂 Snakes? Oh my gosh, the one thing I’m petrified of. So they hauled them out of the woods to do what with them?


      • I pay them five bucks a body for every one that they relocate to a destination far down the street… My older son said that he heard his twelve year old brother say to his best friend (who was carrying the second snake) “this just might be a very good summer for us, we’re going to make lots of money.”

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  10. Why we moved to Florida.
    Took a hundred photos yesterday,
    flowers for my blog …
    Love, hugs and have patience ( or move ) … ME
    They say 800 people per day are moving into Florida.


  11. No such luck up here in Ontario. But we have definitely seen “first green” – la primavera – in the daffodil and scilla shoots popping out of the ground.


  12. Ogee says:

    Dirty nails, here! I remember trying to put a shovel into the ground in way upstate NY in early May…not fun! But those LONG winters sure do make you appreciate and get the most out of those other three, beautiful seasons! It’s coming. 🙂


  13. We are much luckier here in the UK with temperatures doubling in the last week. Today we have been gardening in T-shirts as temperatures rose to 17 Celsius. Bees and hoverflies are busy on the flowering currants. Lovely few days in the garden.

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  14. quiltify says:

    Love your wall. Would have liked to have seen the travel bags that you made…because I’m nuts about packing.


    • I have a favorite Baggallini that already has two hooks inside where I attach my keys and wallet to the other. I find I keep track of things easier with the hooks. So, I made a bag to hold a small travel camera that also had pockets for extra memory card and two batteries, one for our passports, and ones for sunglasses and cell phone. I also sewed hooks on them so I can attach them inside to small rings and they can’t fall out. I find it stressful to start tearing apart a purse looking for something when traveling so this way everything has a spot and all I have to do is not set the purse down. 🙂 I think my age is showing here. LOL


  15. pbmgarden says:

    That pesky snow is taking its sweet time, but glad you can measure its retreat. We’re finally having some super-lovely days, the kind you want to bottle up and keep because you know they can’t last.


  16. Last weekend’s was beautiful here! Hopefully on its way to you. 🌈

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  17. Joyce says:

    I’m delighted to see signs of spring too! Our snow is now totally melted and there are sprouts of day lilies popping up. It’s just a good feeling!
    I love the warm pretty color in your entry – very welcoming!


    • I love that new color on the wall too. I was concerned it might be too dark but it is just right. Day lilies? Oh that is so exciting. The ground under those feet of snow here is so ugly it makes you chuckle – just crushed brown junk. I’m waiting for green now. 🙂


  18. Grandma Kc says:

    Some day that snow is all going to be gone — you just have to keep believing! Love the wall. Is that “the wall” you worked so hard on? Love the color. Today my chrysanthemums have started to bloom — such bright yellow spots!


  19. Annie says:

    I hope most of the snow disappears before you take off on your trip. You must be swamped with trip related duties but I’m sure you are aching to take a survey of the effects of this winter on your gardens. By the way, the paint color is marvelous. In my hometown of Williamsburg, VA, we called that shade “Raleigh Tavern Chinese Red,” one of my very favorites!


    • Love the name, Raleigh Tavern Chinese Red. Could you believe the snow last night? I just kept looking outside and laughing as those big old flakes came down. Yesterday morning I worked outside for a couple of hours picking up sticks and today the whole landscape is white again. This ‘spring’ requires a strong sense of humor. 🙂

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  20. Hoping that snow is all gone within the week! Enough is enough!

    LOVE that entry way color!


  21. Alberto says:

    I don’t have dirty nails to prove it because I bite mine but I totally have wrecked hands and forearms to prove I am really get going with gardening season!!! 🙂 I know how you should feel, though, and I feel pity for you. Anyway the snow is melting and this is something, ain’t it? Hope to see some green soon in your pictures!


  22. Nancy says:

    Hope we get to see your quilt!


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