Hooray – we survived winter! With blizzards and Nor’easters coming one right after another, we moved over 92″ of snow. That’s a lot of snow, friends. While there is still snow on the ground, it is mostly on the edges or where the snow blower left large banks.

But spring is here and we have had a great couple of days with 60-70 degree temperatures and bright sunshine.

My husband and I, and a large majority of New Hampshire residents, headed out yesterday. We drove 30 minutes to Hampton Beach to soak up the sun, walk the beach, and just enjoy being outside – blue sky, blue water, and sandy beach. It doesn’t get much better than that.

There was a young man sitting on his car playing guitar with the music wafting on the sea breeze. Skate boarders were enjoying themselves. And, dogs of every size and shape were on leashes enjoying being outside. I’ve never seen so many dogs. It was like we had tickets to a dog show.

Water1CollageHorses and riders were also out and can enjoy the beach until Memorial Day. A mom even found that a baby stroller would make a good recliner while she caught some rays waiting for her family to return. Another guitar player was enjoying his beach chair while sharing his music, and kites were flying everywhere you looked.



Wonderful doesn’t cover it, but it’s a good start.

Once home, I did a little vertical sashing on myTulips small Amsterdam quilt. I still have horizontal sashing, quilting, and binding to do.

I’ll continue to work on it, but in between Master Gardener meetings and working outside. I can’t garden, but there’s lot of clean up work to do.

It feels good to just say, be, or work outside. Here’s to spring.  ❤️

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Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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40 Responses to Spring

  1. Happy Spring to you! We used to live in Boston and remember the winter storms well. We worked in hospitals, so were always essential workers who went in no matter what. We absolutely feel for you all in New England this year, what a tough one. Glad the last month has made it look like your home again! I love your Amsterdam quilt! How beautiful! The colors and scale are great and the flowers almost look real!


  2. After being confined to the indoors or enduring sub freezing weather, I can only imagine how refreshing it is to venture outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. I do remember my one winter in New Hampshire. Spring time means new life.


  3. Dan Antion says:

    I did a small amount of winter cleanup this weekend and it did feel wonderful to be out without gloves and a parka. Nice job on the quilt.

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  4. Spring! Hurrah! Sounds as though you had a beautiful day in your quilt is certainly beautiful, too.


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  5. Hooray to Spring, indeed. Beautiful quilt.

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  6. Norm 2.0 says:

    Our roof is totally snow-free as of this weekend, so now I will join you in officially welcoming spring – FINALLY 🙂


  7. So glad you can finally get outside. I did some planting this weekend. Believe it or not, we are already at our spring peak!


  8. joyroses13 says:

    What a great post in celebration of Spring!! Oh the beach sounds wonderful with the guitar playing and horses going by. AHH!! Thanks for taking me there in my mind 🙂


  9. Yay, bleu skies and warmth of the sun!! That quilt speak to me…no wonder, being a Dutch girl ;0)


  10. Cath says:

    Simple pleasures of life to be out and about! Love your quilt…you’re garden will be smiling with the same brilliant colors real soon too! 🙂

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  11. Joyce says:

    You made me feel like I was right there – on the beach, in the sun, strolling among dogs and horses and happy people of NH who finally are seeing the start of why they put up with such brutal New England winters!
    And I love your tulip quilt! That little punch of personality the printed petals give really make it sing! Beautiful, flawless work!

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  12. Ogee says:

    At last! It’s so extra special when Spring arrives after such a long and snowy winter! The (beautiful) quilt can wait…get outside. 🙂


  13. Sounds like a wonderful day in which everyone and his or her dog made the most of the sand and sun after all that snow. Your description gave me an earworm of Chicago’s “Saturday In The Park.” 😀


  14. Here’s to spring for sure! I love your quilt!!


  15. Grandma Kc says:

    You certainly deserved a wonderful warm weekend and here is to many more! I would have loved to have walked your beach with you!

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  16. Dawn says:

    Oh, Judy! Welcoming springtime with a walk along the beach sounds heavenly!! Your quilt is just beautiful ~ and another sign of Spring! Enjoy your mornings in the garden and afternoons quilting. It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a Spring day! ♡

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  17. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful quilt, Judy! Looks like it was such a gorgeous, blue sky day. Good to feel the sun on our skin!

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  18. Murphy's Law says:

    Winter here in Orange County, NY has been miserable and unending……just like in your neck of the woods!

    Can’t plant yet, but it felt good to rake! Today I laundered my parka, gloves and head bands. And I swear I’m gonna bronze the shovels and hang them as decorations on our shed!!!

    LOVE your quilt!


  19. Nancy says:

    I got to see the quilt! It is beautiful… Breath of Fresh Air looking at those tulips!

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  20. Annie says:

    Today was cleanup day outdoors here, too… but I think the beach was a better idea. I love your quilt design. It’s the perfect inspiration for your upcoming trip.

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  21. quiltify says:

    I really like that tulip quilt top. I love the busy fabric just once in each row, which makes it a charming accent, IMO. Loved yesterday’s weather!


  22. It seems rare when spring visits others later than us here in Chicago, so I definitely know how you feel! Enjoy!

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  23. I felt as if I was right there on the beach with you! 🙂 That quilt is just darling!

    It’s been chilly and damp and rainy here again 😦


  24. Aditix says:

    It looks like a beautiful place. 🙂


  25. Karen says:

    Isn’t it a delight to be rid of the snow…we only have two small patches that refuse to melt. Love the post, it really shows how we appreciate the spring warmth Finally. 🙂


    • I was out working yesterday and we have just one small spot of snow up next to the barn under the shade of a tree left. Spring – thank heavens. Hope the construction of the new house and the sale of the current house are going well. 🙂


      • Karen says:

        Thanks for your wish. We are heading to Florida at the end of the week for the final walkthrough and then the closing at the end of the month on the new house. When we get back, we will put all our effort into getting the grounds and orchard in good shape now that the snow has melted and get our home here in N. H. on the market.

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