Thursday Doors – In the rain

Red door 2

Bruges, Belgium, Across the Canal

 Linked to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors.

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18 Responses to Thursday Doors – In the rain

  1. Really love this photo. I’m going to check out Norm Frampton’s link also.


  2. Dan Antion says:

    This is a great photo Judy. It looks like it was raining pretty hard, but those bold red doors are shining on through. I really like red doors and love the interesting transom feature on these.


  3. WOW now that is something! I The design and color would stand out rain or shine. Just gorgeous!


  4. Norm 2.0 says:

    Another nice find. Love the color and all the triangles in the glass. Great shot Judy 🙂

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  5. Wow, now that’s a pop of colour! Well caught 🙂


  6. I love that it’s colour coordinated with the windows!


  7. tgeriatrix says:

    What a pretty door! We missed it when we have been to Brugge three weeks ago… it was raining too…


  8. Grandma Kc says:

    Now I have seen Belgium in the rain! What a great picture and a truly wonderful door! Makes me want to go in and explore the whole place. Very cool!


  9. So atmospheric! Nice shot. Love, love the red door!


  10. I love the shininess of all the surfaces. Rain is beautiful if your camera doesn’t mind. Wonderful photograph, thank you!


  11. Lorrie says:

    Really intense color and the rain just makes it better.

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  12. Joyce says:

    Wow! That red really POPS! I spent years teaching kids that warm colors advance and red, in particular, REALLY advances. If I’d had this photo I might have been rewarded with something besides blank stares!


  13. I have to figure out how to do this!!


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