Seeing green and purple

Hosta and fernsWe finally got some rain yesterday. I know other parts of the Country are suffering from too much rain, but we have been in a drought. The grass was mostly brown and when someone in the area mowed their grass all you saw was dirt flying around.

The gardens, however, are green thanks to daily watering. The perennials seem to have survived the wicked winter including the Hosta, Siberian Iris, Catmint, Clematis, Bachelor Buttons, and Cranesbill Geranium.

Garden1 Collage

The Heirloom Tomatoes, high bush blueberries, raspberries and Concord grapes are growing and have blossoms set on.


We’re suppose to have a couple of days of rain this week, and that’s okay because a break from weeding never really hurt a gardener who already has a sore back. Everything will certainly enjoy a delivery of moisture from Mother Nature including Solomon Seal, Hosta, Astilbe, Heuchera, Dwarf Korean Lilacs, and Bearded Iris.


It was a long winter, but it sure fades as you are surrounded by wonderful color everywhere you look either here in the yard or on other blog posts.

I know many of you are Tulip lovers, and a fellow Amsterdam traveler sent us a link to a ten-minute video on how they harvest bulbs in the Netherlands. Fascinating, if you have a few minutes to watch with a second cup of coffee.

Happy gardening and may the weather even out across the States. 🙂

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31 Responses to Seeing green and purple

  1. Laurin Lindsey says:

    So happy you are getting some spring showers! We would certainly love to share….here in Houston we have had torrential rains and massive flooding! The poor plants are gasping for air!


  2. Dan Antion says:

    Beautiful signs of life!


  3. Dawn says:

    Your garden looks lovely, Judy! Your perennials have survived huge snowpiles and now a drought. Perhaps all of the melting snow helped to pull them through the dry weeks of May. I’ll be back to watch the tulip video. It will be my reward after a day of weeding. Take good care of your back this week, Judy! ♡


    • Dawn says:

      I just returned to watch the video of the tulip harvest in the Netherlands. Just amazing! It’s really fascinating to see how the bulbs are harvested. I’ll never look at a tulip the same way again! Many thanks, Judy! ♡

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  4. Joyce says:

    Lovely gardens! Everything’s thriving under your care. My hostas are nice and healthy looking too, but I have tried growing Astilbe plants among them and they just die on me! Would love to have the color in the shade!


  5. Joyce says:

    Loved the video! Imagine the engineering that’s behind the harvesting truck – and the coordination between it and the second one. But I’d hate to be one of those women picking at those bulbs all day long – while the men get to drive the hi-lo trucks all around!


  6. Thanks, Judy. A lovely garden.


  7. We’ve got the same stuff in our garden (including the Solomon Seal and the Korean Lilacs — and the Hosta and Astilbe. Probably because it is all shade-tolerant. We also have a ton of violets and day lilies. We used to have gorgeous clematis, but they got taken out by a falling tree in a storm and some disease wiped out our hollyhocks. We do have a pretty nice columbine display, though. And hedge roses and spider wort. I love our native wildflowers 🙂


  8. Yes, we finally have some good rains too! Your garden is heavenly! Johanna


  9. The Bloomin' News says:

    It’s amazing how quickly plants respond to rain. Yours look very lush! Golly, we must have visited the Netherlands too early to see the ‘tulpenbollen roolen.’ What a machine. I’ll think of that when I buy my tulips this fall.


  10. Eliza Waters says:

    I, too, am happy for this little bout of rain. We certainly needed it!


  11. Lorrie says:

    It’s lovely when the garden starts showing signs of color. The rain will be so welcome. We need a good downpour or two.

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  12. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    Very beautiful!


  13. If the moisture would just distribute itself more evenly. I was in Arizona, so no rain there, but here at home, we got quite a lot while I was gone, the best time to have it. I’d also love rain to come during the night, but haven’t figured out how to work that!



  14. pbmgarden says:

    Judy, it’s nice to see color rising at your garden. The Cranesbill Geranium is lovely (I’ve never been able to keep it going). We’ve been very dry here but it’s raining today. Poor plants need it badly.


  15. Very glad you have some rain coming! We have been lucky enough to escape any drought this year.


  16. We finally got some rain here in CT – along with cold temps! But we really needed the rain so it’s OK 🙂


  17. Everything looks quite lovely and happy from your daily watering but I hope that you get more rain as predicted and a welcome break! : )


  18. sally says:

    The rain really did make a difference! I went out yesterday and could see marked growth on some plants from the day before. You took some beautiful pictures.Especially the Hosta. Happy Gardening!


  19. Grandma Kc says:

    Your yard is beautiful and with so much purple! I sure hope your drought doesn’t last as long as ours!


  20. Karen says:

    Your pretty gardens look none the worse from last months weather, actually they are lovely. May certainly was dry and hot so the rain was much appreciated.


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