Gardening, quilting and traveling

RedWhiteBlueHere’s hoping you all had a nice weekend. We certainly enjoyed some delicious smoked meat, sides, and good craft beer to celebrate the 4th here at home.

The State of New Hampshire played host to about 900,000 visitors with a dozen of them being presidential candidates for 2016. Politics is alive and thriving here.

We have had lots of rain which has left us with lush green landscapes including a lot of weeds to be pulled.

The day lilies are starting to bloom which is always a good thing, two of my hydrangeas are blooming, and my Knockout rose made it after being buried under a pile of fallen logs and 93″ of snow. And, how do you like my barn shutters that my husband made out of pallet wood? I like them a lot.


On rainy days, I’ve started putting together 12″ quilt blocks for a king-sized quilt I’m making for my daughter’s wedding anniversary this fall. I’ve got sixteen done, but I’m thinking I’ll need between 25-40 depending upon final sashing decisions.


Buttercup, Sarah’s Choice, Mr. Roosevelt’s Necktie, Pinwheel, Arkansas Traveler, House, Hole in the Barn Door, and Windmill

We have a big oak coming down today along with two more oaks being trimmed up. The oak is diseased and hangs over our power line so it needs to be removed. A few more buckets of weeds need to be pulled, a trip north tomorrow to see friends and pick up a repaired DR Trimmer, a Master Gardener meeting and garden tour on Thursday, and then we need to get the suitcases down.

On Saturday, we’re heading three hours north to Belfast, Maine, right on the coast. On our way up, we are stopping to see fellow blogger, Denise, at Fernwood Nursery and Gardens. I’m looking forward to meeting her, seeing her sheep and checking out her nursery and gardens.

We’re also meeting up with our camping buddies from up north and look forward to checking out Three Tides Brewery, Young’s Lobster Pound and Brewster’s downtown area. Here’s to a great week in Maine.

So, what are you working on as we move into July – gardening, quilting or making travel plans?

About Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread

Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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45 Responses to Gardening, quilting and traveling

  1. Joyce says:

    Your garden is like a paradise! You have thriving foliage and a lovely barn to set it all off. Enjoy your trip – lovely part of the country with everything close by.
    I hope to dig out my queen size pink rose quilt and get busy on the hand quilting again.


    • Hand quilting – impressive. I don’t have that skill set ‘yet.’ This time, I’m thinking about paying to have it quilted on a long arm. King size is just too big for my little machine and the choices of quilting patterns is endless. Now, here’s hoping I get it completed on time. 🙂


  2. Oh Judy, cozy as cozy can ever be! What a great post with lost of eye candy! Garden is gorgeous and your quilting is so beautiful!!! Good plans all around!
    Here our garden is a mess since the sprinkler system started leaking left round and centre. But Mr. Walker fixed it all, and beamed happily, soaking wet and covered in mud;0) It did not spoil the weekend either, there was plenty of time so spoil our Charley and friend who came over for a visit , go for a day hike and spent time preparing for a campervan trip to Yellow Stone later in the year. Cheers, Johanna


    • Glad you got the sprinkler fixed even if it did involve some extra water and mud. 🙂 Camper van trip to Yellow Stone sounds wonderful. We visited many years ago, and it was awesome. Having camped myself I have to ask what kind of camper van?

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      • I do not know the brand to be honest, but it is an RV big enough for four adult, since friends are going to join us. we are going clamping ;0) I would love to have one of those nice Mercedes camper vans, small enough to travel easily but big enough to camp comfortably. I am affraid that the days of a little tent and backpack are behind us ( but fond memories indeed!)

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  3. Sounds like you have a lot going on. I envy your trip to Maine; I’ve only been once and loved it. Plus, it would be a real treat to meet Denise, pet the lambs, and peruse the nursery. Have fun!


  4. Dawn says:

    Your garden looks so lovely, Judy! I just LOVE the beautiful colors against the weathered barnwood. (I think I need a barn in my garden!!) I can’t imagine a sweeter anniversary gift than a quilt, stitched with love! Just one of the blessings of living in beautiful New Hampshire is being close to so many interesting places. Have a great trip! ♡


    • Thank you. 🙂 I spent all my summers on my grandparents’ farm and loved their old barn. Years ago in the midwest, we built a barn for our horses, and I loved that one. This one was built in 1840 and certainly has character and historical relevance. I wish I had the money to put into it to take it up a notch, but we don’t so we work hard to keep it maintained. 🙂

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  5. Wondering how you “do it all” ?? Amazing!! And you keep up with the blog too. I am getting my things ready for our quilt show coming up on July 17 & 18 2015. My weeds are knee high in the garden and need attention! Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. The garden pictures inspired me to get off my computer chair; but then…there is that quilt that I must bind today! Decisions………..


    • LOL at all the decisions we make daily. Weed? Sew? 🙂 The tree trimmers are working away outside so I’m probably going to make a wise decision and stay out of their way until they are done. So, I’ll see if I can finish up a block I have cut out and then cut some more out. Wish we lived closer I’d bounce some sashing ideas off you. Happy sewing. 🙂

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  6. Dan Antion says:

    I love the shutters – beautiful photos!


  7. sue says:

    I don’t know what the Chinese calendar says, in our neighborhood it’s the year of the rabbit(s).
    I look like the crazy lady, running out the door clapping my hands. All this for a few tomatoes, and maybe some green beans and squash. We’ve, the neighbors, swapped ideas from commercial products to sprinkling baby powder, they’ve taken out my columbine , carnations, tulips were destroyed.Nothing seems to work! They don’t even seem to be leery of the dog when she’s outside. Just hop right thru. Since you’re headed for Maine, stop by Stephen King’ s and tell him I’ve got an idea for his next book, ravenous rabbits! Also learned about another pest, carpenter bees. Suddenly last week the woodpeckers were going nuts on next door fence. I think he’s got them under control but what a number they did on a couple of fence posts. Between him spraying and swatting the attacking mama’s away with a tennis racket and me running out the door clapping and yelling,we think weve figured out why the other neighbors might be giving us awide berth.
    Sorry to hijack your blog…truthfully after seeing your pix from that ghastly winter I’m amazed at nature’s ability to survive and thrive. Looks beautiful, serene and well loved. I bet you were a master gardener before you took a class. Greetings from Michigan


    • It’s great to hear from you even if you have been busy shooing rabbits and avoiding carpenter bees. It sounds like those guys have really plowed their way through your garden. Our only bunny is in his condo and only eats from the garden when I pick it, and I’m hoping none of his relatives find out how well he lives and decide to come for a visit. 🙂 The carpenter bees we also have out next to the barn – pain. I’ll keep my eye out for Mr. King and pass along your suggestion. Yes, except for some blue hydrangeas that are all leaves and no buds this year, it is amazing how everything survives under 93″ of snow, drought in May, over 7″ of rain in June, and now heat. From NH to MI, I send you my best. 🙂


  8. Gina says:

    I love your garden. So pretty. I’m sowing seeds ready for next year’s spring bedding and hand sewing some hexagons for my Wizard of Oz themed quilt


  9. I was just working up a sweat , ha ha. Mowed and weeded and trimmed early since it was so muggy already!

    Your flower bed with the pallet shutters photo is gorgeous…and so many pretty blooms.
    Lovely quilt blocks thus far ! It’s going to be fun to see the progress as you go along. She is in for a wonderful surprise and treasure down the line !


  10. Sammy D. says:

    Beautiful composition in your flag and flower photo, and I’m always intrigued by quilt patterns because I immediately see tangling patterns 🙂 I’m so happy I found your blog – New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont … I’ll never have a home there but I have such fond memories, and having your words and art will keep me with a toe dipped in that gorgeous part of our country.


    • Well, I’m glad you found the blog too. 🙂 As I traverse the area, you can come right along with me. When you say tangling patterns do you mean zentangling?

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      • Sammy D. says:

        Yes, but because mine are so amateurish and I don’t follow the ‘official’ zentangle rules and supplies, nor have I attended Zentangle classes, I’m more comfortable calling mine tangles or doodles 😉 they are a far cry from the beautiful designs the ‘experts’ create.

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  11. Grandma Kc says:

    I love the new shutters and your flowers are just gorgeous! Sounds like you are going to have a busy week and a fun trip, too! July has me gardening! Starting some new plumeria seeds and doing some bag rooting. PLUS my 3 tomatoes are doing really well! Jenna has lots of fruit already but her’s went in the ground much earlier than mine. I’ll feed her later!


  12. This is the beginning of the best time in our region. My lilies seem to lack something of enthusiasm this year, but they are blooming, if less profusely.


  13. pbmgarden says:

    Oh Judy, it’s rich and vibrant around the barn. The shutters look like they were meant to be. Have always wanted to visit Maine, so will look forward to your report. Have fun.

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  14. Eliza Waters says:

    Love the shot of your garden with the barn in the background, so pretty! I think our winters make us appreciate summer all the more, don’t you think? Have a wonderful vacation in Maine!

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  15. Mother Hen says:

    You are productive.. Everything looks wonderful, love the shutters, your garden and your blocks Have a great time away, Judy!

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  16. KerryCan says:

    It’s ALL looking good! I like the homey, traditional quilt blocks–always my favorites. Your flowers are right about at the same stage as mine, in upstate New York–we need to enjoy them while we can! I’ll look forward to hearing about your trip to Fernwood Nursery–I love those blog posts, too!

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  17. We get to Belfast Maine once a summer when we visit our son who has some land in Freedom. With a stop at Halcyon yarn on the way back of course!


  18. Ogee says:

    Oh, I would so gladly take some of that rain in exchange for weeds! Your garden looks quenched and beautiful. 🙂

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  19. Karen says:

    It sounds like you are having a busy and fun summer…enjoy your trip to Maine. Your gardens look terrific. It seems we keep getting enough rain to keep everything happy.


    • The flowers seem to be surviving but some are not blooming but the vegetables are really interesting. The plants are big but some don’t have many blossoms. Strange summer for sure but we certainly haven’t had to water. Hope your real estate journey is going well. 🙂


  20. Nancy says:

    I am in the Midwest right now at my LakeHouse. Lots of rain indeed and you are correct… Everything is LUSH! I hope to sit back and relax this weekend as it has been never ending work pulling weeds, planting, grass cutting between rain drops and landscaping. Sound familiar?
    Your gardens are absolutely beautiful! Have fun this weekend!


  21. pagedogs says:

    You were in our neck of the woods! We just stopped by Youngs for softshell lobsters for dinner–followed by strawberry shortcake with Beth’s cream (if you haven’t checked out Beth’s in Warren, you may want to on your next trip to Maine). Summer deliciousness.


  22. Lorrie says:

    I love reading posts like this full of the everyday-ness of life. Your garden is looking so pretty, and the pallet shutters on the barn are great.
    Here I’m changing sheets on the guest bed quite regularly as we have a spate of house guests. That means cooking, too. But it’s good to see friends and family and I’m just enjoying it all. Lots of gardening (5 zucchini today!), and I hope to get to some sewing.
    Enjoy your trip.

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  23. Denzil says:

    Gorgeous and inspirational garden pictures as always Judy!

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