Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

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Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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18 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

  1. Dan Antion says:

    These are beautiful photos and I really like these interesting arrangements you’ve chosen Judy – very creative.

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  2. Joyce says:

    Pretty selection! The Queen Anne’s lace reminds me of a snowflake. And a snowflake reminds me of how we complained and complained about the snow and cold last winter – the way we’re complaining about the heat and humidity now! 🙂


  3. I really love not only your pictures, but the way you put your collages together.

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  4. Lovely photos and a great collage! happy weekend to you, Johanna


  5. Great photos and I love the collage!


  6. What a great collection Judy! I particularly like the Queen Anne Lace as it looks like a snow flake. Having said that, I’m with you and don’t go near a snow flake – at any time! 😊

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  7. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    I will jump on the band wagon about your collages! You’re so creative!

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  8. Janice says:

    I like your gallery formation–did you design the shapes yourself or is that design offered with your theme?


  9. Great selection of photos that to me evoke summer in New England.


  10. Grandma Kc says:

    I especially love that aerial view of Luxemburg. Wow.


  11. Dawn says:

    What perfect images of summer in New England, Judy! Love your collage! ♡


  12. What a pretty collage ! 🙂 I’ll take the seashore…


  13. Tina Schell says:

    Very well done Judy-photos are terrific and I love your collage! What app did you use?


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