Silent but happy Sunday


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20 Responses to Silent but happy Sunday

  1. I can’t be silent, Judy, because I sing on praise team. But happy Sunday back to you as well. Lovely flowers.


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  2. Beautiful flowers Judy. I particularly like the first one – it’s different 🙂


  3. Dawn says:

    Just gorgeous, Judy! Wishing you a lovely Sunday and happy days in the garden! ♡

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  4. libbylottie says:

    Oh such pretty flowers – I’m so sad that my garden is not there yet….love the glads…or are they something else? hmmm….


  5. sue says:

    Rewards for endurance New Hampshire! I hear El Nino is supposed to be kinder to us northerners come winter. Thanks for sharing the beauty of summer.


  6. Joyce says:

    This is what you successful gardeners work for all spring and early summer – a lovely crop of food to eat and flowers to sit peacefully and admire! Enjoy your well deserved Sunday morning amid a healthy crop of beauties!


    • Glad you liked them. It is hot, humid, steamy, did I mention really hot, here. 🙂 We took ourselves to the beach this morning to sit under a shade tree and enjoy the sea breezes for about two hours. Then back to the AC and the ceiling fans. 🙂


  7. Lovely! 🙂
    Hot here but not muggy. It’s a weird summer. Southwestern PA is usually very humid and we haven’t had much of that this year..just off and on. Talk about COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS!

    I am sorry that you have it…clearly Mother Nature prefers ME this year over YOU , lol!

    I am going to go sacrifrice something to Her so that this will continue. I might sacrifce dusting or weeding or something 🙂


  8. Grandma Kc says:

    Your flowers are so pretty. It always surprises me that hibiscus do so well in cold climates. You see them so much here that I always think of them as being a Hawaiian or Californian plant! Pretty!


  9. Love that old fashioned rose.


  10. reocochran says:

    I wrote a short post on Sunday but quiet and refreshing for preparation for the week transpired for me. We font have air conditioning in my warehouse I felt like I was swimming in humid spa with no benefits. Where is my masseuse? 🙂

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