Fairy House

StumpThere once was a strong oak tree that sheltered the animals and created a shade garden.

It became weak and started dropping large branches over the power lines. It had to come down. Then there was a stump. The end.

Hardly, you know me better than that. 🙂

I searched Pinterest for photos of tree stump fairy houses. First decision – cutesy with bright colors or more natural to fit in with the shade garden. I decided to embrace nature and its earthy colors.

My husband built me a roof using some left over siding originally bought from the Habitat Restore. I looked around and found some small things I had left over from previous fairy houses including benches, arbor, and a fairy blowing flowers. We cut curtain swag holders in half for windows, used two candle holders from Goodwill for a lantern and a hanging gazebo, a picture frame for a back window, and a door and a ladder came from Michaels. I had dark brown paint for the roof shingles, dark green for the other areas, stenciling and door, and cream for the windows.

Fairy House

The original tree had been circled with hostas. I dug two out to make an entrance area. In came three very small boxwoods for trees, some small hosta along the sides, ginger by the door, and I moved two alyssum plants I had in another area. A flat rock worked for the entrance with small pebbles for a walkway going through an arbor with a bird cage. Two kinds of moss, a couple of moss-covered rocks, benches, and it was done. I like it. 🙂


TreebackIf the fairies approach from the road, they can use the Gazeboladder in the back or take a nap in the hanging gazebo.

My family still thinks I’m nuts, and I guess I am, but some days you just have to make your own fun.

Do you have a fairy house in your garden?

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Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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47 Responses to Fairy House

  1. This is adorable! I love the secret back entrance. The path has some beautiful rocks in it. 😃
    I needed help with my chores, so I chose to made a Brownie house with my trunk!

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  2. Judy, that is awesome! Don’t you wish building fairy houses was a job. Should we start a company? Fairy House Builders LLC? You could be the architect and designer, will you tell Dennis we have a position open for a roofer? I’ll handle landscaping and any stone work…..paths, walls….what do you think? I think being a little ‘nuts’ is perfectly o.k.! Love that fairy house!

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  3. reocochran says:

    Your husband did a great job on this precious reconditioned stump. Your pathway for the fairies is precious with the turquoise stones included. Beautiful and a long lasting project, too. :)♡

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  4. I love this so much, you turned a sad ending into a magical new beginning.. Perfection 🙂 The rope ladder is just so cute…watch out though….if you tell too many people you’ll get fairy visitors couch surfing from all around the world….

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  5. Dan Antion says:

    No fairy house in our garden. We do have a Toad Abode. I guess it’s not the same. this was a fun post Judy.


  6. pbmgarden says:

    I love the hanging ladder at the back.

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  7. This is terrific. Pure delight!

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  8. I LOVE this!!! We have a fairy house, one lonely fairy, and a rock pathway. But nothing as cute as this. You may have started something.

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  9. Joyce says:

    OH NO! You are definitely NOT “nuts!” You are creative and resourceful and young at heart! I just adore this! I love the pretty path leading to the door and the tiny bird cage hanging from the arch! I love the way your stump has a new a life as a shelter for those magical little people. I love how you merged “found objects” and purchased ones into this perfectly perfect little abode!
    I don’t have a fairy house yet – but, inspired by you, someday I will. And I’ll come right back here for ideas!

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  10. Sammy D. says:

    Utterly charming, front and back. I feel transported to a perfect childhood (which, by no means did I have) just by looking. I made a few ‘whimsies’ when I had yards with gardens, but nothing this specific. You will be blessed for having this as part of your abode.

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  11. Murphy's Law says:

    LOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT!!!! You outdid yourself. The itty bitty birdcage….lantern….pretty path. And no, you’re not crazy. You’re talented, creative, have a vast imagination with a fair amount of whimsy thrown in!!

    Hey! If the fairies prove to be bad tenants, let me know the rent/utility bills because I have first dibs on moving in!!! Hahaha!!

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  12. Laurie Graves says:

    I LOVE this! Someday, perhaps, I’ll make a fairy house. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  13. Mary says:

    How cool is this?! Wonderful – would love this in my backyard!


  14. joey says:

    Oooh! I knew it was gonna be awesome! I’m so happy for you! How darling is that? Well it’s just about the most darling thing I’ve ever seen! If you’re nuts, then I’m nuts — it’s precious!


  15. Eliza Waters says:

    How charming! What a great job you’ve done finding a great solution to what could be considered an ‘eyesore.’ I don’t think you’re nuts! Fairy houses are quite popular and definitely add whimsy to the garden. Children and the young at heart love them!


  16. I was telling the grandkids about your fairy house in progress…and when we were at a park over the weekend I showed them a hollow tree explaining that’s the kind that fairies and elves and gnomes like.

    This is such a cute finish…I put the link on Tallica’s FB page so she can show the kids !! 🙂


  17. Judy says:

    Judy, love the fairy house. I am a quilter and will make the bedding for the little fairies. Wow, this business is really taking off! Judy


  18. Grandma Kc says:

    It came out wonderful! The fairies are all going to want to come and visit. You may have to get a motion sensitive camera out there so that you can catch their pictures!


  19. What a lovely idea, Judy. I think it’s allowing your inner child to still come out and play. We should all do that more often. Thank you for the inspiration. I love it! 😍


  20. What a lovely, creative use of that old oak’s stump. I bet the spirit of the oak approves and I’m sure faeries live their and always will. I hope they don’t steal you socks, though.


  21. Adorable!!! And I am sure the many fairies in your garden are chuffed to bits! xo Johanna

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  22. Very cool, Judy! I love what you did with this.



  23. joyroses13 says:

    This is so AWESOME! LOVE IT!


  24. I love this idea. I just wish I had a tree stump.


  25. Judy! I LOVE this!! Reading about the tree that came down, I was reminded of the children’s story, “A Tree Named Steve”. (I can’t recall the author’s name). Do you know it? Your fairy house is so very charming – a perfect tribute to the tree. Nice one!! 🙂


  26. Wow! I’m in awe of your creativity, Judy. I’m sure that the fairies are so happy with their little castle in your garden. Love your husband’s roof effort too. 🙂

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