Last of the color – Knockout Rose

I thought I had just accepted it was September and what happens, I blink and it’s almost October.  So, what now?

Well, the garage has been cleaned so we can start stacking wood pellets.

The attic has been cleaned and eight rolls of insulation has been laid across the joists to double up the insulation in the half of the attic we can reach.

The other half where you balance on the joists is being done by a company with young, experienced employees.

The deadheading has started, and we’re looking to rent a tractor with a bucket to move the soil out of the raised beds and into the new beds so I can get the perennial beds in front planted. I repositioned plants at my section of the Joe B. Parks Riverwalk Garden and dug up three buckets of grasses to give to a fellow Master Gardener.

The morning temps have fallen into the low 30’s, most of the screens have been stored, the windows need to be washed, and almost all the patio furniture has been put away.

Bottom line – it’s fall and it’s time to batten down the hatches for the winter season.

One thing is very interesting, the turning of the leaves is going very slowly. I took a walk through a subdivision yesterday where the sidewalks are wide and the route is about 3 miles long, Trees are still very green and homeowners are still watering their grass, the sidewalk and road. It amazes me that people still pour water onto a lawn any time of year but especially when it is about to go dormant.


If you are wondering if I did anything fun, the answer is yes. I picked Macoun apples after a Master Gardener meeting, delivered my king-sized quilt to the long arm quilter (yeah), played a couple of card games with both grands and a lopsided Monopoly game with the family champ, my grandson. I sewed a couple of table centerpieces, took a line dancing class, and finished reading Lee Child’s new Jack Reacher book, “Make Me” and James Patterson’s new Mike Bennett book, “Alert.”

This week I’m doing some volunteer gardening at a NH Native Garden, and I’m scheduled to dig up some Lady’s Mantle  and then replant them as a birder at one of the church gardens I volunteer at.

So, what are you up to as we quickly approach the first of October?

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  1. Ogee says:

    So industrious! Sounds like you will cozy and warm all winter, and way ahead come spring.


  2. What a list – not even close here. Still deadheading and transplanting – days still in the 80’s!

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  3. Nadezda says:

    You did a lot of work, Judy! What is a line dancing class? I wish you success in all you started.

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    • Line dancing is when people stand in a line (you don’t need a partner) and then each person does the same sequence of steps. There are three to the right (called a grapevine), three to the left, two to the front, three to the back and then you turn to the right and do it again. You keep turning and so do all the others and hopefully you all wind up facing the same way when the music ends. 🙂 It is sometimes associated with country and western music but the music they played was not country and western. It was mostly a class of women with two men attending. It’s held every other week, and I’ll try to attend as often as possible because it’s not only fun but it’s pretty good exercise. Hope that makes sense. 🙂


  4. Eliza Waters says:

    Whew, you’ve been busy! I’ve been doing very little (as little as possible 😉 ) other than enjoying these last warm days. I made a couple of huge arrmts. of hydrangea (peegee) to dry in vases for the winter. Their color is perfectly rosy this year. I keep putting off getting my plants off the porch and back into the sunspace, but the mild weather isn’t hurting them any. We’ve been taking long walks through the backroads and trails, enjoying the exquisite weather as long as it lasts. 🙂

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  5. Dan Antion says:

    Sounds like a lot of good work going on. I love the idea of renting a tractor (pictures?) Good luck Judy. Sounds like you volunteer at a bunch of gardens?

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    • Funny you should bring the subject of tractors up because hubby went off to reserve one yesterday only to find out our go-to-rental guy is retiring and has sold all his equipment. So, we looking for a new resource today. 🙂 I do volunteer work at several MG projects and then work with another lady at three churches. And, keep in mind that home owners call up and say they will donate plants ‘if’ someone will come dig them up – I’m that someone this week. 🙂

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      • Dan Antion says:

        Maybe it’s time to invest in a tractor of your own 🙂 I say that because I am so envious of the people I know who own the little workhorse units. If we had anything that measured out as “acreage” I’d be trying to convince my wife to let me have one. I’m sure the people/organizations appreciate your hard work. It’s very nice that you volunteer your time.

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  6. What have I been doing? Had a busy weekend: farmer’s market, fun day at church, college football, did laundry, made granola, etc. I’m getting ready to go to Philadelphia for the weekend to visit our younger daughter, so I’m getting my things together (a bit; have to finish Wednesday as I work all day Thursday.) So good stuff and enjoying the weather and the eclipse.



  7. Mother Hen says:

    I took a line dancing class many years ago.. So fun!

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  8. germac4 says:

    I have just started following your blog and look forward to reading all about New England. We live in Canberra Australia, and so are celebrating spring. However, we get hot summers and cold winters and so we spend a lot of time and money insulating our house! Happy fall…


  9. Glad that you had plenty of time for fun and games with the grandkids, that’s the kind of thing you can never do too much of .


  10. KerryCan says:

    We need to get started on all those battening-down-the-hatches chores–it’s becoming very evident that autumn has arrived! But, like you, our fall colors are late this year in the Adirondacks. I hope we see them eventually!


  11. 30’s in the morning ! the coolest that we have had is 47 degrees off and on / this morning I already have all of the windows open…woke up to 66 degrees. Very little foliage change here as well…I think we need more rain for that and you’ve been in a dry spell too.. Sounds like fun times with the grands and lots of work going on there along with line dancing! 🙂

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  12. pbmgarden says:

    Isn’t it nice to be able to list so many achievements. I love making lists but mine would be a very short one. Still 80s here but I read we may get down to 40 this weekend, just in time for my beach retreat weekend. Oh well.


  13. You sound really busy, Judy. i remember a line dancing class, years ago at the school I where I taught music. It was a fun evening, but so exhausting. 🙂

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  14. Grandma Kc says:

    Dang girl you have been busy! And as long as we are comparing morning temps — it was only 70 here at 5 AM this morning! We are not cooling off much but it is only supposed to get to 90 today. Only. I joke that you can’t tell it is fall here because palm trees don’t change colors! Now as for line dancing — I love it but I hate country western music. SOMEDAY among everything else will go together!

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  15. Macouns are my favorites. We have a lot of orchards around here … but the apples are late along with the foliage. And it isn’t raining, or at least, not yet.

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  16. Miss Dinie says:

    Seems you have your work cut out for you! Lovely garden!

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  17. It is interesting to know that autumn is creeping up slowly with you too. Here in the UK our trees are changing colour very slowly too. Most trees are still green.

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  18. joey says:

    I reckon in comparison, I’ve not been busy! The Mister took some time off this week, so we’ve been spending a lot of time together, which is great, but it means I don’t get near as much done, lol!
    It’s still warm here (78 and wet today) so I can’t say we’re in the same preparation stage.

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  19. Dawn says:

    Wow, Judy!!!! You have really been busy getting ready for colder weather. Thank goodness you had time for a little getaway to Gettysburg! I used to have fun at line dancing classes at our health club. However, the classes were at 7am ~ not my favorite time for country music! Have you ever tried Zumba classes? Lots of fun, too. I’ve been taking lots of long walks. No colorful leaves here yet! ♡


  20. Robin says:

    You have been very busy! I too noticed that the trees aren’t turning as usual. Something going on with mother nature?

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  21. Joyce says:

    Two thoughts always come to mind when I read what you accomplish (often in just one day!) – the “Energizer Bunny” – you! and “The Little Red Hen!” Like the latter, you always have food and warmth to last the entire winter due to your diligence now!
    As for myself, my 3 window boxes of impatiens died in mid-July so I’ve been done “gardening” for many weeks now!

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  22. Karen says:

    You certainly have been busy as the season changes but I’m happy that you are getting in some fun time as well. Once I’ve finished unpacking from our move, I’ll be starting a small herb garden as I’m missing fresh herbs when I’m cooking.

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