Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

Bear snax

Apparently, they never heard the old saying, “be careful what you wish for.”:-)

I saw this Bear Snax at our local Blue Seal store this week. After asking if it was okay to take the photo, I guess I still just kept staring at it because I was wondering who would be dumb enough to feed bear.

The clerk finally asked me if I wanted some. I laughed and quickly said “no, thank you.” I asked her if people actually bought it and why. She said it was feed sweetened with a lot of molasses and assured me that it is quite popular with people who like to feed wild turkeys, deer, and bear. Really?

I think the word that is confusing here is the ‘wild’ part. Wild animals know how to forage for food and don’t necessarily need a commercially prepared smorgasboard set out 0n someone’s patio.

I really hope my neighbor doesn’t frequent Blue Seal or it could be more dangerous than just dodging the deer herd when we pull in this winter 🙂

Check out Careful at The Daily Post for other interpretations.

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39 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

  1. A woman in our community was recently arrested for luring bear to her backyard to eat from the bird feeders. Several bears had to be shot with tranquilizers and removed while knocked out, then relocated out in the wild… where they’ll likely have trouble foraging as they’ve been eating from this wacky woman’s backyard for quite some time. So dangerous (and wrong) in so many ways. Seems like if it’s illegal to feed them, it should be illegal to sell the food to attract them, too. ??

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    • Isn’t it crazy. It makes no sense. The first thing my husband thought of was what happens if someone buys the food and gets hurt by the bear. Will the person get to sue the store because they sold the food? My neighbor who feeds an entire herd of deer just makes me shake my head. If she wants more pets, buy a second dog or a cat for heavens sake.

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  2. Judy, you’re right on the money. People need to look up “wild” in the dictionary if they don’t understand its use for animals. Yellowstone has had this problem, first with bears, now with bison. I’ll just stop there but this is a subject close to the hearts of my husband and me. 🙂


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  3. joey says:

    Hmm…I must say, I feed my birds and squirrels, and I guess the possums and raccoon take the leftovers. It’s very rare to see deer here. My neighbor Jim has lived here since the 50’s and he’s only seen deer a handful of times. We don’t have bears or any other large predators this far into the city. I can honestly say I have no interest in feeding bears.
    I do, however, enjoy my Canadian friend’s photos of bears, which she takes with a big lens, from quite a distance. Distance seems important, doesn’t it?

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  4. feeding a bear!!! I just came back from Yellowstone were the police is NOT to feed the bears: no more promotion of unatural behaviour in bears and preventing the many ‘accidents’ for man and bear! people can be really silly sometimes! I wish you on the other hand a wonderful weeknd, xo Johanna

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  5. Joyce says:

    The less bears have to do with people, the happier they will be!

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  6. sue says:

    What Joyce said x 2 .

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  7. Even with birds, the idea is to feed them in winter, keeping them about, and let them eat the bugs on your property all summer … Bears? Enough said by the others …

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  8. Rhonda says:

    It is illegal in a lot of places to bait deer and/or bear. Whatever the intention, that’s how the law will look at it. We couldn’t even keep our bird feeders out because they attract the bears, who, if you didn’t know, are VERY lazy and will always go for easy and fast over foraging any day! Unreal that this is on the market!

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  10. Shelagh says:

    That’s just crazy! we, and our neighbors here in the foothills of the Greens, see bear in our yards frequently, so we take down our bird feeders before the bear emerge from hibernation. I haven’t even put mine out yet – not cold enough.

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  11. Judy, here’s one……we had a woman come to the nursery this year and ask us if deer like to eat hosta, ” oh, yes “, we said, ” let’s steer you to something else if you’re having a problem”……” oh no”, she said, ” I’m buying them for the deer to eat!”….Go figure! That approach could really keep us in business!

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    • Dennis and I both had a real good laugh at this one because you could be in business a long, long time and retire quite rich if people start buying hosta for the deer to eat. LOL I have a few hundred hosta and most years the deer are back in the wetlands by summer and don’t bother them but one year they came through and ate the vast majority of them down to the ground. It was an ugly growing season that year. Where do these ladies get the idea to be foster parents for deer? 🙂

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  12. WOW…I wouldn’t want to attract bear either!


  13. Nadezda says:

    We have no large predators fortunately, Judy. Sometimes I see foxes and hedgehogs near my garden. That’s awful to sell food for wild, they can feed themselves. I can’t imagine what I would feel if my neighbor fed bears.

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  14. Dan Antion says:

    Great photo for the prompt Judy, but I’m with you, I’m not sure it’s a great idea to be feeding bears. I wouldn’t want to end up being a Bear Snax. I hope the people who buy it at taking it out into the woods and not encouraging bears to visit the neighborhood,.

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    • I guess when you live on 20+ acres and are a long distance from your closest neighbor if you want to feed wild animals the decision is yours. The rest of us may live on a few acres or in a subdivision with neighbors and a decision to do this affects a lot of people. I still don’t get why anyone in their right mind would want to feed wild bears.

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  15. lumar1298 says:

    Great story… Never realized there’s such a thing…

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  16. lorjacks32122015 says:

    Totally agree! People should NOT feed wild animals.

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  17. Lorrie says:

    Utter craziness. Both on the part of people who feed wild animals and those who created products for wild animals to eat!

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  18. Tina Schell says:

    I’m with you–I cannot imagine anyone thinking it was smRt to feed bears!! The shop owner should be ashamed

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  19. I lot of people seemed confused between their stuffed animals and the real live “wild” ones.

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  20. We don’t have bear, turkeys, or deer – but if we did I wouldn’t put out food for any of them. I really don’t want to meet a bear while taking my trash out to the alley. Deer, who can be found within a couple of miles from where I live, are far too common and a menace to the environment. And what’s with people who feed squirrels? As if the squirrels needed any encouragement.

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  21. pagedogs says:

    I believe that “Bear Snax” is used by folks who bait bears for hunting. I checked to see if bear baiting was legal in New Hampshire and found that it is, as long as you don’t use chocolate. http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/hunting/bear-baiting-choc.html. Apparently, cocoa is harmful to bears. Seems a bit of an odd concern since the bear is about to be shot. Or maybe New Hampshire bear hunters are really lousy shots.

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  22. Eliza Waters says:

    I guess there is a market for everything!

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  23. Nancy says:

    CAREFUL! For sure! Seriously? …people feed the Bears??

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  24. Gosh Judy every day I hear of things which make me wonder at the intelligence of our species….this post is todays head shake for me….why, why,why?? Bears and people are certainly not a good mix

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  25. “Careful,” indeed! We live close to the mountains and bear encounters are always a consideration when hiking and camping – we always carry bear spray with us just in case. There is such a problem with bears getting into the garbage and roaming around in resident’s yards in the mountain towns, and I think most people really try to secure their food and garbage so that the bears aren’t tempted. (Well, there are exceptions – this was a sensational case from last year: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/feeding-pepperoni-sticks-to-a-bear-isn-t-good-parks-canada-says-1.2650114).

    Out of curiosity, I checked and it is apparently legal for licensed hunters to bait black bears in the province of Alberta – but only with very strict guidelines, and in certain areas and times of year. So perhaps there is a hunting and fishing store that sells “Bear Snax” here, too….

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    • It’s an interesting topic for sure. I just wouldn’t want to do anything to call their attention to me or my property, but I guess others feel differently like the group in that car in your park. I just shake my head reading about feeding them human food and then rolling down your window to get a good photo. It just makes you think about how that could cause that bear to seek out campers after getting that food. Not good.

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  26. Grandma Kc says:

    What I want to know is what is “Deer Sauce”? Gravy for your deer food??????

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  27. I totally agree with your sense of the word WILD!

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