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I belong to the Durham Garden Club. Why? Well, there are a lot of nice, talented gardeners who attend, and they present interesting monthly gardening topics through the long New England winter. When you can’t garden, you learn and dream.

Tuesday night Cathy Felton will present everything you wanted to know about flowering bulbs. Cathy  has years of course work with the former Landscape Institute of Harvard University, lectures around New England, and is a judge for the Garden Club of America Horticulture, American Daffodil Society, Hosta Society and NGC Master Flower Show.

DaffodilI probably shouldn’t raise my hand and tell her I’ve haven’t planted a tulip bulb in several years now.

There are so many squirrels and chipmunks here because of all our oak trees that it is futile.

I have planted daffodils and enjoy them but have to accept tulips are not for me.

When I want to see bulbs I visit by blogging friends, The Frustrated Gardener in the UK, and Gardening in a City in Chicago. They have BULBS – in the ground and in the pots. Impressive.

Spring bulbs may not be for me, but I am going to try Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff next year.

I’ve been wanting to try some Dahlias and who could resist one with a name like the town where my grandparents farm was?

Here’s hoping you have a garden that facilitates the fall planting of bulbs.

So, the burning questions for this Monday morning – do you plant bulbs and do you belong to a garden club? Let’s talk gardening even if most of us are busy putting our gardens to bed. 🙂

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  1. Joyce says:

    I am delighted to see I arrived here in advance of your swarm of REAL gardener friends who will contribute something intelligent to the conversation!
    All I have is the story of a lone red tulip that appeared in the middle of the grassy side yard one spring. Then there was the random daffodil in the woods last spring. And now I get it. Squirrels! We live in oaks too and the little critters are everywhere. They decided we didn’t know how to place bulbs so they took over the job! lol

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    • They are like heat seeking cannibals. I know you can plant them encased in wire, etc. but this woman is not going to that much trouble to try and out fox them. I’ll just admire the spring bulbs in other yards and on other blogs. You can’t be good at everything. Like I am somewhat creative until I read your posts and then I hang my head and look for a cold one. 🙂

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  2. Laurie Graves says:

    No to both questions. I don’t plant tulips for the same reason that you don’t. If I had a garage, I might put them in pots, the way Jason from Garden in the City does. But I don’t so I don’t. Once upon a time, I had daffodils, which I adore. Don’t know why I phased out of those, and lately I’ve been thinking about how nice it would be to have them again. As for not belonging to a gardening club…again, it’s something I’ve thought about but have just never done. You’ve made me re-evaluate this. (I’ve also thought of joining a camera club. So many things to do in this life!)

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    • Go visit a couple of garden clubs, check out their speakers and projects, and you’ll come away knowing if you like the fit or not. There is a real difference. 🙂 Last month I joined a local camera club. I love it. The people are really nice, they are more than willing to share knowledge about cameras and photography, and it’s a nice outing every other week. 🙂


  3. Dan Antion says:

    We planted bulbs years ago, and most were eaten by something. We have three Croci that still push up in the spring, and that’s about it. I don’t think a self-respecting garden club would have us. We shoot for “reasonably OK looking yard” and a nice veggie garden.

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  4. oh, I’m so happy to talk gardening and so not ready for putting it to bed… but it has to be done I guess! I do plant bulbs, mostly just daffodils, but last year I added anemones and iris (the iris didn’t come up). I would still like to put some in this year but I haven’t yet. I don’t belong to the garden club, but hope to have a little more time this winter to attend some of their meetings that are open to the public.

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    • Yes, talking gardening is always good. 🙂 There are three garden clubs in my immediate area, and each one has its own feel. I think the one I belong to is middle of the road. One is snooty and I knew I wouldn’t fit in, and other one is on the other end of the spectrum where they meet in someone’s house. Durham meets in the Durham public library, has good speakers, and I can wear my jeans – life is good. Enjoy the rest of your gardening season. 🙂

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  5. Sammy D. says:

    No and no. I have a green thumb unless it involves bulbs because my feeble results over the years are pathetic. I’ve given up so as not to make another hapless bulb in the bin shudder when I reach to purchase! Thanks for links to those who prosper where I do not 😊

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  6. Ogee says:

    We find that tulips do really well in raised containers. Otherwise, they are bunny food!

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  7. I’ve never had any luck with bulbs so I don’t plant them. I was a member of the garden club in our small town and served as president for a couple of years when no one else would step up to do it. Our club is over 50 years old and I am no longer active.

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    • Another kindred spirit in the non planting group. I’m glad I’m not alone at least. Sounds like you did your part with your garden club, and I certainly understand the not stepping up part. Our MG group just rotates us from one position to another when no one will help. 🙂

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  8. sweetk8 says:

    I have planted several hundred tulips at our place and haven’t lost any to squirrels. I wonder if there’s a difference between Finnish squirrels as compared to North American varieties.hmm it’s a head-scratcher. Actually the squirrels here love the pine cones and eat them to nubs… you’d have to think a bulb might taste better…

    I did join the local gardening club and also a Facebook gardening group as well as a local Facebook community page. It’s been a wonderful exchange of information. Despite not speaking Finnish, most of the people know enough English to communicate with me.

    In the spring our garden group held a perennial plant swap which was a great outing – and well attended. They also have exchanges throughout the year. For getting info on plant types, problems and trouble-shooting, the garden group on Facebook in my area has also been a real find.

    I really love dahlias! I planted them for the 1st time last year, went through all the trouble to over-winter them, and out of 10 only 2 survived. This year I planted those 2 out and 3 sprouted!
    I also added several more in other colors to other beds. All of them were zapped with frost a few weeks ago so they’re all just heaps of mush now. And no, I won’t ever bother to over-winter again!

    You’ll be pleased with your dahlias! Enjoy

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    • Thank you so much for commenting. I am guessing there must be something really different between the squirrels in our countries and that is amazing – we have pine cones all over the yard and they never touch them. They bury the acorns and dig up all bulbs except they will leave some of the daffodils. It sounds like you have made wonderful gardening contacts both in person and on line. I love the plant swap idea. I planted dahlias that were gifted to me for a couple of years, digging them up in the fall, storing them in the garage, replanting in spring but forgot one fall and lost them. I am hoping to do better this time. 🙂

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  9. I am not a bulb person either! I admire but don’t try 🙂 I think dahlias are amazing…if you are going to go for it that’s an excellent choice!

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  10. Grandma Kc says:

    In the past I planted some Oriental lily bulbs but other than that I stick with my plumerias. And while I haven’t joined a gardening club I do belong to a wonderful plumeria group on Facebook. I’ve learned tons from people there and they are all very social.

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  11. Karen says:

    I know where you are coming from concerning tulips. I planted loads of them and they were all eaten by critters. I love daffodils, thankfully the animals left them alone. Spring will be very different now that we are living in Florida.

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  12. germac4 says:

    I love tulips and luckily the local possums don’t seem to like them (too busy in the vegetable patch) but dahlias are amazing, they have survived drought and general neglect, heatwaves and frosts….. here in our garden they get the gold star!

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  13. I hope the meeting was fun. Thanks for the mention!

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  14. lyart says:

    I love tulips and have planted as many bulbs as I could manage religiously each autumn. Just to feed wild boar, digging up the grounds on a regular base. This year is the first year I leave it be. With a big sigh, I have to add. But I am really interested to see, how many of last year’s bulbs have survived the snorting attacks and will come up next spring…

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  15. Nadezda says:

    I did planted some bulbs in the first days of October. They are hyacinths, muscari and pushkinia. I’d love to be in Gardeners’ club but it takes many time and I’d better spend it in my garden. Hope you had nice time, Judy.

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  16. I planted maybe 50 tulip bulbs. Two have survived. The daffodils have two surviving clumps. But the columbine has thrived as have the hedge roses and day lilies. I’m not sure any of the bulbs are really up for our winters. Or the deer, skunk, chipmunks, squirrels, and bunnie rabbits.

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  17. pbmgarden says:

    Tulips are unreliable for me, but daffodils do great. The deer don’t like them so daffodils work better all around. I joined a garden club in town and have enjoyed it. Lots of interesting members, speakers, field trips.

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  18. I have planted a few tulips and grape hyacinths in my time but not much…and every summer I tell myself that I should do some THIS fall and then I forget 🙂 I do remember to do bulbs in the early summer…I did some dahlias and gladioli this year.

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  19. joey says:

    I do plant bulbs, especially tulips, and very few are eaten by our abundant squirrels. I do feed my squirrels tho…sooo…that might help.
    We had no daffodils in our yard, but Moo and I planted 20 last week-ish, and I have more I will plant in spring. I know I have to wait a year, but it’s easier to plant them in wet soft soil, and what’s a year to a gardener? 😉
    I want to add some more bulbs — hyacinth, allium, crocus. I cannot believe I bought a 100 year old house without a single bulb! Unreal!

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