Thursday Doors


Over the past couple of weeks, the beautiful country of Belgium has been in the news. The reports have struck terror in our hearts as well as all kinds of other emotions.

My husband and I were lucky to have visited this beautiful country earlier this year. We enjoyed all of its wonderful history, architecture, canals, cobblestone streets, shopping, great food and beer, and its gorgeous doors.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I wish peace across this global community that we are a part of so that each family can feel safe whether in their own home or making plans to visit new places.

SignLast week, I saw this sign on a Market Street building in Portsmouth. I thought it was good advice.

On Monday we’re putting down our deposit to visit Ireland in September 2016. If we were younger, we might be able to take a wait and see approach, but we’re not.

I could become paralyzed because of terrorists and not venture out. I could also die of boredom, get hit by a school bus, trip down the stairs, have a serious car accident, drown in a lake, or have a heart attack which runs in my family.

I don’t have the time to waste – on to Ireland and more doors. 🙂

This post is linked to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors. Like doors? Like nice bloggers? Join us, there always room for more.


About Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread

Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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29 Responses to Thursday Doors

  1. Joyce says:

    I love your spirit! If I was the “traveling type,” I’d do the same thing! I think Ireland will be safe though. I do think of you every time they mention Belgium. So sad that the beauty we’ve come to relish in your posts is tarnished with fear and unpredictability. Blessed Thanksgiving, Judy!

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  2. Nancy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I too agree with you… We must not stop in our tracks because of fear!

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  3. Ireland sounds wonderful; I hope to visit someday too. Next year, I’m traveling to Wales and England in June and France in September. There are places in the world I would not venture to just now, but I don’t want to live (and act) in fear either.

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  4. Judy, I love the photo you posted and the sign as well. I’d love to go back to Ireland, this time with my husband, but I imagine my next trip will be to France, as I have a s-i-l and b-i-l who live there. They don’t live in Paris and I won’t be going through Paris. I agree that we still have to live our lives, but there are some places I wouldn’t go right now, especially as a US citizen. (Not saying Paris is one of them, just that the first leg of the flight would land somewhere in Germany or Holland.)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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  5. Norm 2.0 says:

    Great post. I love that attitude – life is short and it is meant for LIVING. Here’s to many more trips in the future.
    And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours 🙂

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  6. I like the sign – must try it.

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  7. joey says:

    I think I really like your attitude about travel and I am not biased just because I, too, want to go to Ireland and just because, I, too, want to photograph doors. You are so right about that unfortunate, ‘you are never promised a tomorrow’ kind of thinking, and I think we can all see that quite easily as time marches on. Lovely post, lovely doors, lovely sign.

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  8. You are so right. We do have to seize all moments and do something. We don’t know what the future holds. Love the doors. And love travel. Great seeing all related shots!

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  9. Good for you, Judy. Life is to be lived. Interesting architecture. 🙂

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  10. Dan Antion says:

    I like your attitude Judy. Regardless of age, we don’t have time to waste. You got these beautiful doors as s result of making plans and following through. I’m already looking forward to seeing the doors from Ireland

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  11. Murphy's Law says:

    Great doors. You capture the heart of everything you photograph. I don’t like to travel, but if I did I hope I would have your spirit and outlook. As for the terrorists, none of us should let them see us sweat!

    That said, if things seem a bit dicey in Ireland, sit yourself down in an Irish pub and down a few brews. The terrorists will disappear right before your eyes. Guaranteed. But flip them the bird for me first!!!! 🍻😜

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    • Glad you liked the doors. And, I did enjoy a good chuckle reading your solution to concerns about traveling because I can handle that. LOL I can’t say I love the travel part that involves the getting there and the getting back, but I haven’t figured out another solution. When I was younger it all seemed so exciting when you dressed in your Sunday best, showed up at the airport 20 minutes before the plane left, checked in with as many bags as you wanted, walked up the steps on the tarmac, sat down and off you went. Today, it takes hours and hours before you ever take off, and if you have a question you might as well talk to your hand because those electronic scanners don’t answer questions. I enjoy your comments so thanks for taking the time. 🙂


  12. Paige says:

    I spent two weeks in Ireland and Northern Ireland in September .. where are you planning on going? I’ve always felt it was a pretty safe trip, an easy flight from Boston and easy to get around. Better to live our lives to the fullest than worry what might be lurking around the corner. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • It sounds like you had a good tour. We will fly into Dublin next September with about 15 stops – Kildare, Limerick, Galway, Killorgin, Killarney, Blarney, Waterford and back up to Dublin. I hadn’t seen a post from you so went to check and it says I’m ‘following’ and WordPress says I’m to receive instant emails, but I haven’t gotten one in months. I’ll have to stop by and check because for some reason I’m not being notified when you post. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. 🙂


  13. Eliza Waters says:

    Good for you – Ireland has lovely doors and they welcome Americans. And then there is the scenery… 🙂

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  14. reocochran says:

    I am one who believes there are more chances to “die” in a car than on a plane. Making plans for next September is a wonderful idea, something to truly look forward to, Judy. 🙂 Now you have lots of time to choose places to see and eat at. Beauty and delicious food in Ireland. Makes for pleasant, sweet dreams. ♡♡

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  15. Lorrie says:

    Great attitude, Judy. We were just talking this evening about planning a trip to Spain and England for next summer. As you’ve said, life holds no guarantees whether we stay or we go. So let’s get out there and explore! And take photos of beautiful doors. I spent a summer in Belgium many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

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  16. Nadezda says:

    Hi, Judy!
    You’re right we don’t have the time to waste! I love white door. I’d love to visit Belgium as well.

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  17. KerryCan says:

    I applaud your thinking on this!

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  18. Hey you forgot “I could also fall into the compost pile and sink into it like quicksand and be fertilizer for next year’s garden! ” 🙂

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  19. Grandma Kc says:

    That photo is wonderful — I love all the roof lines. I am so glad you are going to Ireland so I can see how beautiful it is there. I live living vicariously through you!

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  20. Karen says:

    I’m happy that you are going through with your plans to visit Ireland. We must all forge ahead with our lives and share the good and beautiful that the world has to offer.

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