Technology updates

I love WordPress. I appreciate WordPress. I relish being part of the WordPress community.

Now, with all those positive comments, could I potentially bring up a couple of things that might, just might, be viewed as  unappreciative?

AdminWhy do they have to constantly change things? Yes, change is a good thing, but some of us are over 20 years of age, and we get use to logging in and seeing WPAdmin and can navigate quite well from there.

Now, we have to scroll down to the absolute last option on the page. I guess it should be noted that WordPress allows us to blog for free (thank you WordPress), and in this new format we have to pass their custom options that keep them in business.

I guess it is like a store moving the departments all around so you potentially buy something you wouldn’t ordinarily buy. I’m one who doesn’t appreciate that either.

When you have tried to figure something out on your own but can’t get the answer, why isn’t there a contact form or an email address?  I tried going through the layers and layers of questions in the Forum but couldn’t drill down to a question and an answer that was applicable.

Because, all of a sudden over the last few days, there is a quirk with responding to comments. When I receive an email with a comment and I really want to like it or reply to it, the View Comment link doesn’t take me directly to the comment, it only takes me to the post where I have to scroll through everything to find that particular comment.

CommentAm I going to quit WordPress? Heck no. But, I am frustrated each day when I try to reply to comments or write a new post. Yes, I know – get a real problem. 🙂

Maybe there should be a WordPress platform for those who want things to just stay in the same place from week to week. Now that’s something I could get behind. My Yahoo email account (yes, I’m one of those who still love using email) has a ‘classic’ format option.

I kind of like that word – classic. It sure beats old.

So, question for this Monday – do you like the constant changes to the technology platforms you use on a regular basis?

As I anticipate and enjoy each and every comment, just know that I’ll gladly scroll through to find yours because I really like hearing from you. 🙂

Happy first week in December!

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51 Responses to Technology updates

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I don’t mind the changes but I would prefer:

    1) advance notice – publish a roadmap, let us know what is coming in the near future

    2) Clear methods to access old stuff like the Summary pages

    3) Don’t release things that don’t work

    4) Don’t change menus – there is no need for this

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  2. pbmgarden says:

    This may change at some point too Judy, but try logging in using this URL–
    It should take you directly to the classic admin page upon login.

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  3. Eliza Waters says:

    I think its a conspiracy to get you to pay for your WP…;-) I had problems this spring, then as I ran out of the 3 GB they allow you, I opted to upgrade. Presto, no more problems and easier to navigate… hmmm. With the amount of time I spend on WP, I’d say it was worth it.

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  4. Joyce says:

    I do agree with you about changes. Why disrupt good things?
    I cannot relate to WP because I have Blogger (with its own problems!). However, I will mention a few things I like about the way YOU have things set up – which is not the case for others.
    You give us a chance to go back conveniently to your last post(s). I love checking to see your replies, and sometimes I just want to re-read a post or make sure I didn’t miss a recent one. Many WP blogs don’t show this function and they are missing out on lots of views!
    And, to this date, there are many WP blogs where my comments disappear after clicking “post.” I know they go to spam and they can be fixed from there IF I am able to contact the owner. But so many of them have no contact info – and then I become the one who “disappears!” Why bother?
    And since I’m on a roll here, I’ll just add my thanks for not blasting my head off with pop up ads DEMANDING that I FOLLOW!!!!!!!! I knew several years ago that I loved your content and was smart enough to find my way to your dignified link – and have been reading happily ever after!

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    • A lot of the comments are more interesting than what I say so I’m glad you can find your way back with the links. I would really like to understand the relationship between the blogging platforms too. When I comment on your posts and several others, I have to make sure I copy it before I hit post because it disappears and I have to redo it two to three times and then suddenly it posts. 🙂 The feeling is mutual my friend.

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      • Joyce says:

        I appreciate your kind patience when you post your thoughtful comments to me. I haven’t a clue how to fix that crazy Blogger glitch, but I have a feeling it’s related to competition between the two platforms! grrrrr!

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  5. quiltify says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this. I have lost the ‘like’ button on comments to my posts…still looking for it! LOL

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  6. try going into your “dashboard” and look for the symbol on the left side that looks like a comic speech bubble. If you click on it, it will take you to all the comments on your posts. From there you can click reply. Also, on the dashboard, there is a “comment bubble” on the top menu, all the way to the right. If someone has liked something, then I see it in orange. I click that and can reply also. Hoping that helps. Oh, by the way, posting my photo’s to FLIKR works really well. Figured out how to em=bed the link and it appears seamless, thanks to Carole at “From My Carolina Home” blog on wordpress. 🙂 (I put up way to many photo’s and was running out of room)

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    • Thank you – I do know how to get to the comments on the dashboard but it doesn’t let you ‘like’ them. Now the orange square at the top does allow a like and a reply. But, why did the link to the comment just stop working? It has worked for three years. LOL Glad FLIKR is working for you. I haven’t tried that. I have been putting my photos into PicMonkey to collage them and to help with space. Thanks for providing feedback. 🙂

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  7. I agree wholeheartedly… all of the points you made were right on target. Can you guess I am over 20 too? The biggest one in my opinion is where to find help. You are correct. The forums are good, but sometimes you cannot fine your specific problem. Good post. Hope WordPress reads it.

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    • The couple of times I’ve gotten help have been from comments I placed on WordPress posts. I had one extremely challenging problem that was shutting me down, and they were very good about helping me with that, and I sincerely appreciated it and told them so. 🙂


  8. joey says:

    I am also over 20 and question all the #*@^ time why things must be fixed when they ain’t broke, if you’ll pardon my cliche.
    This last update angers me. I couldn’t find the sticky thing, to make each new post appear first in the feed. I had to go look that up in a forum. There wasn’t a word count, but now there is again, suddenly. I cannot change the size of my photos unless I go take them to another editor before I upload them to WP. And I don’t like the way my title just falls off the edge of the editor. Good gravy that really burns my biscuits.
    I DO pay for upgrades and crap, and I don’t think it’s easier to navigate. I help Sassy with her not-upgraded-no-special-crap Admin, so I see both.
    One of my friends did move to Blogger, and I’m beside myself with frustration about it. You can’t even Like posts over there. Treachery.
    Anyway, yes, it was fine two years ago and they need to learn to leave well enough alone.

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    • There just seems to be no rhyme or reason for the changes, and I know I’m really sound my age when I say things just seem to move around and disappear and then reappear – makes you crazy. LOL Yes, WordPress, is still kind of blogs as far as I’m concerned because it is a real chore to try and interact with the other platforms. When I try to comment four times and it kicks me out every time, I just stop trying. I’ve even emailed those bloggers and told me I tried but couldn’t do it. A couple I even unsubscribed from because it was so frustrating to not be able to comment. Why read in a vacuum?


  9. Judy, I too find it disconcerting to find one morning that things are so very different. I don’t like the “comment” thing, either. I don’t need to go two places to get one comment in. I think the most annoying thing is not being able to contact anyone to get information! As with Joey, I don’t like not having the whole title there and I could go on. Doesn’t do much good, but sometimes it feels good to vent. At least I know other bloggers are listening.


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  10. Sammy D. says:

    I’m with you, Judy. It’s the main reason I stopped blogging – wrestling with the glitches, constant ‘upgrades’ and lack of simplicity made blogging feel more like work than pleasure. I’m too ‘vintage’ to be that frustrated so I’m back to writing and art projects and photography offline. I miss the interaction with my readers but my remaining years are too short not to enjoy my activities without letting ‘social media’ be a constant thorn in my side.

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    • Oh my goodness, I knew we were soul mates. 🙂 Being vintage myself and fairly computer literate, I understand the reason behind upgrades but I just don’t get the moving around or changing stuff for the sake of doing it. As another person commented, I guess it’s job security. 🙂

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  11. Well done! It would be great if WP had a 1-800 # to call! My issue relates to using photos in my posts. I would like to insert a photo, then slide it over to where I want it to be, not just the alignment but actual placement!

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  12. Hello Judy,
    Yep, as you know my blog is with wordpress as well, and my small brain ( being a mid life one at that) does not flow easily with the regular changes wordpress makes. I have not found it easy to navigate the new changes…..where’s the directions for that? So, given my not so computer savvy ability, I muddle along. It can be frustrating, yet changing to a different site seems quite out of the question for me. I find that the format of sites ( same with the WWOOF site)all change….I guess there is some very competent tech person who needs to keep their job secure ” “hey, boss…I found a better way to arrange this site”. As I said, I’ll muddle along until I can’t any longer and I sure hope you will as well……your blog and your posts are the best!

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    • Oh yes, I’ll keep moving along so I can stay in touch with all my blogging friends like you. I think part of my issue is I grew up in the era of thinking about ‘what if I break it’ which is ridiculous but when you hit a wall you can’t find a human to help you get past it so I guess I am afraid of breaking it. LOL The young folks just keep clicking and know they will get there eventually. I’m showing my age, I know. 🙂


  13. Nancy says:

    I have noticed quite a few changes in a quick amount of time. I believe there is a classic way to post on WordPress. I know I have done it recently… I just have to get to my laptop to explain how. I am actually using the WordPress App on my iPhone and am getting quite comfortable with it. I am not bragging but when I travel this is how I navigate WordPress.
    Good Luck to you! I like change but not so many so quick! Ha ha !
    Also … I comment differently then you do. In a different kind of forum. Hmmmm! That may start a whole new conversation!

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  14. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    I agree and disagree at the same time. 😉 As others say. . Menus do not need to change. I agree. I’m ok with them having another admin page to use. Although, I’ve used the old one since 2013. WP has not changed that.
    If we kept not wanting to change. . We’d still be using rotary phones to make calls. 😃

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  15. pagedogs says:

    I am so glad you posted this. Every time WordPress makes a change, my blood pressure spikes. I feel for my tech-savvy husband, who has to listen to my increasingly frustrated (and predictable) outbursts. “WHY are they changing things???? I like them JUST THE WAY THEY ARE.” “I don’t have the time for this (any number of expletives).” “Thanks for your offer of help, but I need to figure this out myself.” “This sucks.” “I mean, I’m not stupid, but I just cannot figure this out.” “What are they thinking?”

    It’s not pretty. So, I really, really sympathize.

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  16. Try this. It works. I’ve been using it since march. It really IS a better way.

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  17. This sounds like when they completely move everything around in the grocery store every few years and you can’t find the damn milk anymore.

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  18. Mary says:

    WordPress tends to change things a lot – I’ve gotten used to it, but in the beginning it was totally frustrating. I understand Judy.

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  19. Change is NEVER easy….especially for us over 50! Smile….sometimes it is for the good and sometimes not. But, one thing I am trying to learn…there is NO stopping progress for better or for worst.

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  20. I agree with you – different is not always better! Also they spring stuff on you with no warning. Sign me up for WordPress Classic!

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  21. i just updated my page and i am with you Judy. Plus when did wordpress get so SLOW?? It takes forever to do a layout and a long post. Its amazing that anyone has to time to blog at all.

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  22. Grandma Kc says:

    I love you my friend! One of the advantage for paying for WP is that you don’t have to do the updates! AND if you do it and you don’t like the change – you can roll it back! I read some geekier blogs out there and one of the biggest complaints is that WP has gone from being a simple to use platform to one that is very complicated and intimidating to many users. It is true!

    I had a problem that I wasn’t getting my email notifications at all. It just stopped working. If someone left a comment I didn’t know unless I went to the post or the dashboard. Had worked for almost 5 years. I hadn’t done any update or anything to change it so I contacted by web hosting company. According to them (and they are awesome) “the mail sorter started throwing comment emails away. Not even putting them to spam, simply discarding. them”. Why? But they fixed it! Frustrating!

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  23. pobept says:

    Grin… WordPress is a Free blog. As such I try to just go with the flow of those technocrat kids that are always screwing with WordPress coding. Hehehe… making it ‘better’ and sometimes ‘ easier’ to use.
    Good luck
    Happy Holidays


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