Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy


Eye I Spy cuteness. 🙂

This was an interesting challenge for me because my grands are too old to want me taking or showing photos, and my husband and I don’t currently have a pet. We’ve been dog people – Cairn Terrier, Collie mix (shelter), and an Australian Shepherd Mix (shelter).

Herbert's CondoWe are, however, foster parents to our grands’ handsome French Angora rabbit, Herbert Menninger. Herbert has the sweetest personality and even put up with me trying to catch a few photos.

Herbert lives in our garage (much better to survive the cold New England winter than the barn) in his condo that my husband made for him. Food and supplies on the ground floor with living space on the upper floor.

It is three-sided with an enclosed room on the side where he sleeps most nights or goes to get away from the media.

Once you have been featured on the pages of Grit Magazine and you live with a woman who has a camera at all times, a rabbit needs a good hiding spot. 🙂

Herbert Menninger

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  1. Dan Antion says:

    Quite the nice digs there for Mr Bunny. I hope it doesn’t give my wife ideas about how to help the wild bunny in our yard. Beautiful photo.

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  2. Joyce says:

    As an animal lover, I am just delighted by this post! “HM” is a beauty and has the best accommodations ever! And yes, he is a cover model celebrity with a “grandma” that knows where to find cuteness and how to maximize it for all of us to enjoy!

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  3. What a beauty and that’s quite a home!


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  5. Murphy's Law says:

    Alrighty then. It’s settled. I’m gonna spend summers in your fairy house and winters I will bunk in with Herbert!! Wow! He is gorgeous. We continue to have many bunny families in our back yard. I read somewhere they give birth every 3 months. I don’t dispute that!!!

    All our hairy kids were from shelters. We’ve had 2 collie/shepherd mix, English setter, golden retriever mix, and our current hairy kid is an Australian/shepherd mix. The “mix” may be border collie, but I lean toward “psychotic” myself!! Her name is Murphy.

    I can’t believe you haven’t made Herbert a quilt!! Hahahah!!

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    • Well, good, you can just be here year round. Hope you like to quilt and garden. 🙂 I did make Herbert a small quilt to lay on in his man cave. I had some ticking material, folded it over, put some quilting inside for padding, and thought I’d made him a fancy bed. It lasted a couple of months, and then he must have gotten bored because I started finding a few threads, looked in the door and laughed myself silly. He had torn what he could and shoved the rest of it in the corner so he could just lay on the painted floor. I guess it is cooler, and he likes his digs simple. LOL He will sit on your lap just like a cat. If he could purr, I think he would. Psychotic made me laugh because we did get one black lab from the shelter that I had to return after he ate the car lights off a VW and the batts off the side of the house. I cried all the way, but that dog just wan’t a good match. Here’s to a happy life for Murphy. 🙂

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  6. Grandma Kc says:

    Herbert is beautiful and what a great condo he has! Looks like he is one happy bunny!

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  7. Ah that reminds me of my first pet – a rabbit called Acorn… He was such a beautiful rabbit. Made me smile thanks

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  8. Murphy's Law says:

    OMG! That is too funny about the quilt. But the killer is the VW lights!! Seriously?! I’m still laughing so hard the damn tears are rolling down my legs again!!

    When our girls were young, we had Tripper. Originally named Travis by the girls. I changed name after “tripping” over this adorable puppy for the one hundredth time!

    Tripper was prone to eating some unusual things for a few years. My husbands heart pills. She bit off a piece of razor blade on workbench in cellar. Ate more than one dozen CHOCOLATE cupcakes (yes, paper too) that were cooling on counter, intended for school the next day.

    And then Terri (you would know her as “Pushing on a Rope”, made her very first meatloaf. So proud. She placed it on counter (yep, same counter cupcakes had been on) while waiting for oven to pre-heat. At some point she left kitchen for a short time. BIG MISTAKE!! Apparently Tripper did a very thorough poison check on more than half of that raw meatloaf! If memory serves me right, we had PB&J for dinner!

    And no, Tripper never had any ill effects from these experiences. Go figure.

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  9. joyroses13 says:

    What an adorable bunny!!!! My girls would love to have a rabbit!

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  10. Lorraine says:

    Judy, Keeping a pet rabbit where I live in Queensland Australia is illegal.( $44,000) fine. A 555km( 345mile ) rabbit proof fence has been regularly maintained for over a 100 years , the intention being to keep the destructive European bunny in the southern states and out of Queensland farmlands.Magicians can apply for a special licence to keep a desexed white rabbit. No luxurious accomodations for Bugs Bunnies here no matter how pretty. Where the rabbit proof fence goes through mountain rainforest makes for great easy and scenic hiking which we enjoy. We are heading into our usual Christmas summer. Good Cheer Lorraine

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    • Thank you for the history lesson because I had no idea. That is extremely interesting. I certainly know of gardeners who have had challenges with wild rabbits eating their vegetable gardens right down to the ground. I’m crossing my fingers as I write this but we have all kinds of issues with chipmunks and squirrels but not wild rabbits. If this little guy goes outside, it is either on a leash or in a little zippered screened in pen that was meant for a puppy playpen. Thank you for sharing, and it makes me chuckle to see ‘Christmas’ and ‘summer’ in the same sentence. Nice to hear from you, Lorraine.


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  12. Herbert is so angorable! I’m glad that game hasn’t gone to his head. 😃

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  13. KerryCan says:

    Herbert is very cute! And I read somewhere that you can basically sit next to a spinning wheel and pull the angora’s fur out and spin it, direct from rabbit to wheel! No, really! And they supposedly don’t object at all!

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    • You are correct. When they first got him, my daughter did do some spinning with his fur, and he doesn’t mind one bit. He can really get knotted up if he has the option of laying next to his water bottle. LOL When his fur gets wet, it is like boiled wool. Needles to say, I moved the water bottle into the corner so it can do less damage since I’m the one brushing him. And, he will sit as long as you want while you brush away – he loves the attention. 🙂


  14. Beautiful bunny Judy. That’s the best way to have them in Australia – in a photo 😊

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  15. He is so soft and adorable in this photo and being a celebrity I suppose that you were honored that he allowed you 🙂

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  16. Tina Schell says:

    LOL Judy – excellent choice!

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  17. I will concede that rabbits can be cute as long as they are not in my garden. Our kids have gone through phases in terms of photography resistance, with the younger always the most obstreperous. These days they are both pretty cooperative.

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  18. Nancy says:

    Adorable and famous!

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  19. He is beautiful. Is he lonely in there after all that time “in the limelight”? I’ll share my rabbit story ~
    I had a pair I acquired back in the 80’s. The kids had seen wild bunnies at Easter, and a buddy at work said he had a pair that his daughter had outgrown her interest. So, we picked them up and the kids loved them. That was spring. Well, all was good as they lived outside. Then came winter, and somebody felt sorry for them, and invited them to “winter over” in our laundry room. Not a pretty situation, and come spring they were back outside in the hutch. Hubby spent months looking for a “farm home” for them. Seems my kids lost interest really fast when they were not as playful as they had hoped. We traded the boy bunnies for 5 blue spruce trees for the new yard. He carted the rabbits and hutch to the farmer in the pickup truck. When he came home, I looked and looked in the truck for the trees. He opened the glove box and handed me a gallon plastic bag with seedlings. I planted those trees and they did much better than the rabbits. My the mid 90’s they were big enough to put Christmas lights on, after I sold that house in mid 2008, I cringed when I saw they had cut the 30 foot trees down. I am sure those rabbits are still living in the lap of luxury at the farmer’s place, and his other 5 blue spruce trees that he got free from the Arbor Day foundation are big and tall! I’d like to think so anyway. 🙂 (Yes, true story, you just can’t make this stuff up….)

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    • No, when it comes to family animal stories they are better than fiction. LOL I brought him upstairs yesterday to sit in his mesh, totally enclosed puppy/rabbit pen that I usually use outside. He sat on our porch while I did several hours of hand sewing. He just loves being around people. It is always hard to drive by a previous house and see such dramatic changes. 🙂

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  20. reocochran says:

    I love the photo shoots of HM. I also think he is still adorable as “all get out!#)” 🙂
    My kids used to “show” their bunnies while they belonged to 4H. They were fairly good at keeping up with bunny’s care. My brother had a litter box trained rabbit. He was a very well behaved bunny but Randy kept a wide plastic tablecloth under the litter box, because bunnies kick as they leave their litter boxes. 🙂

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    • 4H is a wonderful organization that I wish was more popular in today’s society. It teaches ‘how’ to live. I thought for a few ‘seconds’ about trying to house train him but decided he is so happy (and refrains from going to the bathroom) in his little mesh house when he visits so there is no reason. 🙂


  21. I was in 4H growing up…too bad it’s not around here in the Chicago IL suburbs. Great photo and nice meeting you, ~Jackie

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