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Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

On this cold, gray and gloomy winter’s day, it is with a happy heart that I send you this collage of vibrant flower photos from last summer’s garden. Happy Friday and have a colorful weekend. 🙂 Linked to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: … Continue reading

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Thursday Door

Whenever I drive to town, I go past this house. It is fairly close to the road, the driveway goes around back, and it appears to have acreage in the back. I had to stand on a side road and … Continue reading

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End of January

It has been cold here but no snow, not even a flake. It almost makes me feel guilty after watching the news reports on all of those folks stuck for hours on the highway, but we have lived through our … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

Optimistic describes how I feel about our new seasonal campsite at Baxter Lake that we will be able to occupy on May 15th – a mere 16 weeks from now. At that time, I will stretch out, bake my bones, and forget … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

I saw this at the Habitat for Humanity store. $35. Do you recognize it? Did anyone in your family have one? My grandparents had one that was a bench style in white. The basic black telephone sat on the table, … Continue reading

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How to survive a hospital visit

A couple of weeks ago, I ran across a class on how to survive a hospital visit being held by OLLI at Granite State College so I decided to attend and see what it was all about. The class was conducted by … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

When I saw ‘alphabet’ as today’s photo challenge, I immediately thought of report cards. My eyes couldn’t move down the column fast enough to check all the letters and see how much trouble I was in or how much money I … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors

Front, side, shed, barn – this New England home has several doors but none that I could capture up close and personal. This beautiful home is located on an intersection in Lee and there was no place I could safely … Continue reading

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Coffee Klatch

If we could grab a decadent looking pastry and a wonderful cup of coffee, here are a few things I’d share this Monday morning. My husband and I are finally feeling better after 14 days. We’re down to just dealing with … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Every summer, at the Pollyanna Gateway on Main Street in downtown Littleton, New Hampshire, these colorful umbrellas float above the sidewalk. Pollyanna is a children’s classic and was penned by author, Eleanor Hodgman Porter,  in 1913. Ms. Porter was born and lived in Littleton … Continue reading

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