End of January

It has been cold here but no snow, not even a flake. It almost makes me feel guilty after watching the news reports on all of those folks stuck for hours on the highway, but we have lived through our share of blizzards, just not this January.

WildlifeCollageWe have had a lot of four-legged visitors.

We had 23 turkeys one morning. I took a bunch of photos but couldn’t get very many in one shot and they are hard to see against the brown bark of the trees.

There are tracks everywhere. It looks like a game preserve

Of course, I guess that happens when  your neighbor puts a feed buffet out with an open 24/7 sign.

I finished two paper piecing projects last week – a wall hanging for my sewing area and one for a tray.

Paperpiece collage

I also read “The Crossing” by Michael Connelly, “Private Down Under” by James Patterson, and started “The Operative” by Andrew Britton. I’d highly recommend “The Crossing” if you like the detective character, Harry Bosch.

This week, I’m going to finished reading “Big House, Small House, Back House, Barn,” anxiously await the bloom on my Walking Iris, and start a couple of pillows and a baby-sized rag quilt.

Today Collage

Right now I’m off to make an upside down cranberry cake. That sounded like a good way to get this week started on a good note.

Working outside the home, baking, crafting, reading, quilting, gardening – what’s up at your house this last week of January? 🙂

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Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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63 Responses to End of January

  1. Joyce says:

    Well, aren’t you a busy little bee? You go non-stop through every month of the year – and have the projects to show for it! I love your quilted items. Beautiful sewing room! What an ideal winter for you – lots of quiet inside-time to fulfill your creativity and reading interests, yet no weather problems to deal with outside!
    I just flitter from one crazy thing to the next. Wish I could finally settle down and get into the groove of hand quilting!

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  2. Mary says:

    Wow you are busy Judy! Here is some good news, yesterday while doing our yard chores we discovered that the daffodils were up 2-3 inches – yes, Spring is on its way!

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  3. joey says:

    I love that tulip pattern! We never have turkeys, and you must be the 4th or 5th person to report them here of late. I feed the squirrels scraps of fruit, veg, cereal, nuts, bread — whatever, to keep them from the bird feeder. At most I get a possum here and there.
    I’ve been thinking about how close gardening time truly is, but I can’t wrap my head around it, because the weather’s been cold, but I certainly don’t feel mid-winter at the present.
    I finally finished reading The Friday Night Knitting Club, which was supposed to be my light read between to non-fiction books, but haha, the joke’s on me. It was not light at all. Now I need to find something light before I pick up Tom Brokaw.
    The upside down cranberry has piqued my interest. Sounds lovely 🙂

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  4. I love seeing your quilting work. I will be cleaning out closets this last week of January and working on taxes. Doesn’t that sound like fun! I’ve read most of the Harry Bosch books but haven’t gotten to “The Crossing” yet.

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  5. Sounds like a great week Judy! Mine is on the quiet side. I love the way our family pace slows down in winter… I’ve been Konmari cleaning out, starting some blog posts (need to finish those!) and cooking a lot.

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    • I learned something today from you because I had to look up the Konmari cleaning process. Thank you. Since downsizing, I’m just a no clutter person anymore, but I don’t have a young active family living with me either. LOL So, I keep it pretty neat most of the time except when I’m working on projects. Good luck, and I’m guessing you’ll be quite satisfied when you get done. 🙂


  6. Laurie Graves says:

    Love paper piercing projects. Lovely! Your creativity is inspiring.

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    • Guessing at what size piece of fabric you need, lining it up by looking through a piece of paper and sewing on the opposite side is quite challenging. LOL The lines are always straight because of the pattern, but I sure did a lot of ripping when a fabric piece just didn’t quite fit. 🙂


  7. Sounds like a lovely way to pass the cold winter days – sewing, reading and dreaming of the garden 🙂 I’m glad you haven’t been hammered by snow this year (at least not yet). We got a good 6-8 here in CT but really not bad at all.

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  8. What a beautiful set of projects

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  9. Murphy's Law says:

    Your projects never cease to amaze me. Always gorgeous. And your sewing area is to die for. I used to sew, a lot, and embroider and do crewel work. And up to recently I painted oodles of wood ornaments. Small for inside as well as huge yard shadows. My husband cut them out, sanded them, glued the edges, and then I took over. But arthritis has reared its ugly head and makes it too difficult.

    I do manage to hand sew ties, bow ties, ear bows and collar bows for dogs. I have an arrangement with Murphy’s groomer. She grooms – I pay her with these items. Win-win for both of us!!

    Love the critter tracks in your yard. Here it’s pretty much bunnies and their poo. Tons of it!!

    I just finished “The Crossing” too! Love Harry Bosch….but he ain’t no Jack Reacher!!!!! LOL!

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    • I love craft painting. If we lived closer we could have some wicked fun painting together and you could teach me to embroider because I’d really like to know how. 🙂 Sorry about your arthritis pain. It runs in my family, and no one will be recruiting me to do hand commercials that’s for sure, but at least I don’t have a lot of pain right now. I love that you have figured out a barter system with your groomer – that is truly a hoot. Yes, Harry Bosch is a good read but he sure isn’t Jack Reacher. 🙂


  10. pbmgarden says:

    Your wild turkeys are lovely. It’s rare to see any around here, not for a dozen years. I’ve been cleaning house and baking oatmeal cookies today ahead of hosting my book club tomorrow night. We’re discussing Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She’s a controversial figure who has led a fascinating life. Should be a great conversation. Surprising you haven’t had snow.

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  11. Dan Antion says:

    It’s hard to believe it’s the last week of January. The paper project looks great Judy. the turkeys look familiar. There’s a area near us where they periodically cross the road, stopping traffic while they’re at it. It sounds like you’re going to have a lot of accomplishments by the end of month one. Color me impressed.

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  12. Eliza Waters says:

    I’m liking the lack of snow. I felt guilty only for a second, but figured we’ve paid our dues plenty enough in the past. It’s like pulling the Get Out of Jail Free card!
    I have one of those Walking Iris, but it doesn’t usually blossom until March. I love its scent – divine!

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  13. Not sure if I would feed wild turkeys, myself. Sort of seems like feeding squirrels. Though there are people who feed squirrels.

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    • I’ve always thought there was a reason they were referred to as ‘wild’ animals and could fend for themselves. By feeding them, she draws them out of the wetlands and close to the road. Four were hit by cars last year. Bad idea, but I’ve tried to convince her they would do just fine without commercial food.

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  14. You know … we didn’t get a flake of snow last year until January 29th and then all hell broke loose. I’m just glad we’ve made it this far.

    We have wild turkeys all over the place. They attacked my CAR. They really ARE turkeys.

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  15. germac4g says:

    I really wish I could sit down and read, I always feel I have to do everything else before reading, which is crazy. As this is summer for us, it is always a time of gardening, cleaning and clearing…but I’m going to sit down with a book tomorrow!

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  16. Gosh you have a lot going on…so productive at all times of the year 🙂 Are those bear prints in the snow?

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  17. KerryCan says:

    I need to do some paper piecing soon, before I forget how! Like you, I have a million projects on the “to-do” and “wanna do” lists–I need more and longer days!

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  18. Do you grow the walking iris as a houseplant? I had some in the garden but they were rampant and had to come out. The blooms are fabulous, though.

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    • It was given to me as a houseplant about ten years ago by a friend who received it from a friend in Chile. I have to divide and toss every couple of years, but it is like a miracle when it blooms in the dead of winter, and I have an opportunity to remember my friend fondly since he has passed. Maybe the next time I’m ready to toss it I should find a place outside and see if it will survive. 🙂


  19. What a good way to start my day: a good dose of your cozy home and lovely projects and photos. I love wild turkeys!! Thanks you xo Johanna

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  20. Are you familiar with Eric Sloan’s work? Especially liked A Reverence for Wood and Age of Barns …

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  21. Mmmm…! I can just SMELL that upside down cranberry cake! I have never heard of such a treat!

    You’re an inspiration! You read fast, finish crafts fast. Heck, you FINISH them! That’s doing far better than me.

    Me? I’m off to Disney World by way of AZ tonight!

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  22. Judy these paper pieced projects are gorgeous! And how nice your sewing area is. Great that your neighbor puts out the buffet and you can enjoy watching the diners coming to and fro the restaurant! 🙂 Our now is melting now…a bit of a warmup for a day or so.

    I’ve never made a rag quilt and it’s been awhile since I’ve seen any…I recall seeing one online a few years back and thinking that would be fun to do, though I don’t know how it’s done.

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    • Thank you. I’ll be sure to post the rag quilt when I’m done. You make sandwiches and sew an X on each one. Then you piece them together with the seams on the front and cut all of the seams, wash it, and the edges kind of curl up. I’ve made one other one in a throw size. Glad your snow is melting. It was mid 40’s here today.


  23. Grandma Kc says:

    Did I tell you that I’ve determined I have drought resistant weeds? We are down to watering twice a week and my lawn is very sad and the weeds are flourishing! So this week I’ve been pulling weeds!

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  24. Can’t even believe we are at the end of January! Now, it’s time to plan for the nursery, make contact with this seasons WWOOfers, and write up a proper list of classes for the studio. Oh yes, and feed the sheep, feed the chickens, and feed the people …this too, of course. A bit of reading, knitting, and spinning….I’ll cram all of this in before we’re out the door with our hands buried in the gardens. Reading?…A book about the Baby Boom, I’ll have to go upstairs to find the title….. interesting read. Love those quilts, Judy! and how are you liking the Big House book?

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  25. Nadezda says:

    Your wall hanging is very vernal Judy!

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  26. Ingrid says:

    Sounds like a productive week. I spent the afternoon baking as it’s been chilly and windy along the TX Gulf Coast. BTW, I know I was following your blog, but it showed I wasn’t, thus I hit follow again. I just had a blogger say the same thing about my blog. Hmm, wonder if WP is doing some updates.

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  27. treadway says:

    Can you send some of your energy my way??? Love that cheerful little wall hanging…

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  28. Nancy says:

    Fabulous projects that are quite beautiful. Glad you are feeling better!

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  29. Karen says:

    We moved south after last winter’s snow and now your having a mild winter…I hope the blizzards keep missing you. 🙂

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