Thursday Door

Whenever I drive to town, I go past this house. It is fairly close to the road, the driveway goes around back, and it appears to have acreage in the back. I had to stand on a side road and grab these shots because there was no way for me to get closer unless I trespassed.

This house is somewhat unique with its purple siding and blue doors. Those aren’t exactly standard New England house colors.


The door photo I was able to capture is the side door, but there is an identical door on the front of the house facing the road. Of course on the average New England home, that means this side door is the one that it is actually used.

I tried everything my computer was able to do to enlarge that wooden plaque to see what it says, but I couldn’t get anywhere. Year it was built? Name? Address? I don’t know.

A couple of years ago, they tore down a dilapidated barn and built the new two car garage. They planed and reused a lot of the old barn wood and even roofed it with the left over barn tin so that it doesn’t look new.

I’ve been driving by this house for about nine years now and smile thinking how confident the owners must be to choose these paint colors.

I like it. It’s different but, hey, in most cases normal is overrated. 🙂

Linked to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Door, January 28, 2016.

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42 Responses to Thursday Door

  1. Normal is truly overrated! 😋

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  2. v4vikey says:

    Lovely ♥♥♥

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  3. Murphy's Law says:

    The choice of colors for the siding and doors are unique, but perfect. Not to mention gorgeous! I just love it. This house….this setting….it just works. Love how they recycled old barn for new garage.

    We live in a double-wide mobil home in a park. If we used that color scheme here, people would drive by commenting, ” Hrmmmm, look at that trailer park trash!”

    We need to all chip in and get you state-of-the-art binoculars so you can fill us in on what’s written on those plaques and distant signs you see in your travels. That being said, we’d probably have to chip in for bail money to get you out of jail on a “Peeping Tom” charge! 😂😂😂

    Great photo Judy.

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    • These colors just wouldn’t work for the average home, but for some reason this big and bold house is beautiful. They are just down the road, but I’ve never seen a human being outside where I could be bold enough to stop and talk to them. We watched for months as that old barn came down board by board and then the contractors stood in the yard working on those boards and up went the new garage. I would love to know what is on that board but I’d have to drive down the side road I was standing on and directly into the back of their property – no way could I get away with making an inconspicuous U turn. 🙂


  4. Cath says:

    Just beautiful!

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  5. Dan Antion says:

    The color and washed finish on the door really accents the house color well. Your comment about the side door being the one in use is so true. I think the only reason we have a front door is for delivering appliances. I like what they did with the garage. If you hadn’t mentioned them tearing down the barn, I would have guess that it was just well maintained.

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    • It was a historic old barn but was falling down. You would have been impressed to watch their contractor take it down one board at a time. I could only guess that they salvaged everything that wasn’t used in the construction of the new garage. It took many months and my husband and I would check it out frequently. 🙂

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  6. Norm 2.0 says:

    Great shot and a really like the colors of the siding and the door; they stand out but go well together.

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  7. Joyce says:

    I like how these people respect the heritage of that house. Maybe the color scheme is original to it? My favorite style of house has always been a darkish – like this – salt box. They look brooding, yet welcoming both at the same time. I love old New England!

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  8. marianallen says:

    Love the blue/purple combination. It sounds weird, but it looks right! I’m wondering if those are historical colors. Sometimes historical colors are surprisingly … colorful. I agree that, if you hadn’t said the garage was new, I would have thought it was old and sturdy. Great use of existing materials. I want to know those folks!

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  9. These are kind of odd colors, but I like them. And thanks for sharing this photo — I love the perspective you’ve chosen. Hope you’re enduring winter as best you can!

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    • The month of January saw us getting two storms of about 3-4″ each. Right now, I can see some green grass which I can never remember doing before. Now that I’ve put that in print, Mother Nature will probably decide to introduce me to winter in Feb and Mar. 🙂

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      • We just purchased two nights in a Stowe, VT B&B as a donation to a cause. Not sure when we’ll get there, but part of me wishes (if transportation weren’t an issue) that I could see a New England winter, snow and all, from their windows. Just once!

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  10. Laurie Graves says:

    The logo of one of my favorite radio stations is “Different is good.” It certainly applies to the lovely house and doors featured on your blog. I think the color combination is smashing!

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  11. joey says:

    I love it! I think driving past it would always make me smile 🙂 The owners must ooze with personality and taste. I love that the new garage is simpler, but coordinating. Great choice! If you ever figure out what that plaque reads, please tell us.

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  12. Relax... says:

    It’s lovely and unique. I grew up amidst the waterfront and harborfront of your and my nearby historic Portsmouth, Judy, so I am not surprised by colors on ancient buildings, but you have soooo made me want to get out of this town to at least visit our P-town soon, which I miss like other folks miss a friend.


  13. I like it, too, Judy. While here in Arizona, I was faced with a similar situation where I wanted to take photos of some doors, but feel creepy getting right up close! I settled for stopping across the street with my Nikon and telephoto and pretending to take shots of the moon. 🙂 Probably no one was watching anyway, but….


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    • Sometimes you feel pretty confident with where you can stand and how far away you are and other times you really feel like you are close to intruding. This house sits on their property with the only entrance in the back, and I just couldn’t get any closer without really pushing the limit. I never want to be rude, and I always wonder if I have to explain myself is some homeowner really going to care about my Thursday Door blog post. LOL


  14. joannesisco says:

    There is nothing *discreet* about that colour, but like you say, it really works. There is another possibility … they could be boldly confident, or colour blind 😉
    I love that weathered blue-green door. It is a perfect complement to the house.


  15. Beautiful home and photo, I can see why you like it!

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  16. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful door! Looks like an original. It is nice the owners cared enough (and had the resources) to reuse a lot of the original materials.

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  17. germac4g says:

    Lovely colours, and the everything about the house and garage looks well cared for….
    I think I would love a stroll through this area too…more and more on my travel list!

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  18. Grandma Kc says:

    I love the color and it would certainly make it easy for giving directions — the first purple house on the left! You see such neat stuff – glad you share!

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  19. treadway says:

    Oh, I do love it….


  20. jesh stg says:

    Like this door, but like the wall color even more:)

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  21. Unusual colors but they go nicely in the pretty wooded setting! 🙂

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  22. Ooh I love this one Judy, makes me think of cherry ice-cream! And a turquoise door – heaven!

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  23. pagedogs says:

    I love the house color–rather like a big gorgeous eggplant. (Can you tell I’ve been looking at seed catalogs for days?)

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  24. Karen says:

    Love the color combination. The historic stagecoach building in Danville, has a side door the same color blue. We found the same original color in one of the bedrooms of our 1730’s house and the baseboards were red. 🙂

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  25. I’m sorry I missed this last week! I love this house! The color scheme is wonderful. Rich but subdued. Historical colors are my favorite 🙂

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