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Thomas Jefferson’s 13′ 6″ square Garden Pavilion built in 1807.

Since New Hampshire is besieged by politicians this week, I couldn’t help but reflect on whether or not there is a real statesman or stateswoman running for office this year.

It also reminded me of our wonderful trip to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Beautiful property and home, but it was the gardens and the Pavilion that drew me in.

I would love to be able to walk through this Garden Pavilion doorway, sit down and talk to Mr. Jefferson. I have many questions but no answers.

Like what did he and his fellow Patriots really intend for our government to look like?

When this beautiful garden was planted and growing, did he ever think we would be dealing with Monsanto and genetically modified organisms?

Or when he was gazing at the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains did he think we would be worrying about air quality or global warming issues?

When he rode his horse 28 miles/7hours to see fellow statesman and gardener, James Madison, did he ever imagine our global society?

Listen. I would love to listen to him talk. It might help me understand the challenges in the 17-1800’s versus 2016 and maybe even help when I head to the polls next week.

Who would you like to have a conversation with as we work our way toward the November election?

Linked to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors, February 4, 2016.

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  1. My husband and I lived in Charlottesville as newlyweds when he was a law student at UVA. Since finances were limited and we could visit Monticello free (with his student pass), we spent many Sunday afternoons there. TJ is next to God in Charlottesville, but if I could sit down with someone I think it would be Dolley Madison. I like strong women, value the female perspective, and believe we’re typically more intuitive than men. We’re better able to look past the rhetoric and see the person.

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    We used to visit relatives in that area of Virgina every summer as I was growing up Judy. It is such a beautiful area to visit and Monticello is a delightful place to tour. Thanks for taking me back to simpler times, when I didn’t give a hoot about politics – oh wait, I still don’t. But, I do vote and it’s not easy. Good luck next week. I hope the nice weather holds so none of these people get trapped in your state for an extra day.

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  3. Midwestern Plant Girl says:

    I can’t remember a politician I voted for that I actually liked. It was more of ‘who was the least hated one’… so sad.
    Jefferson would be a great one to have tea with. Back then, as president, you didn’t make money and had to make your own way. I think he’d be rolling in his grave to see what happened to his country.

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  4. joey says:

    Great photo, amazing backdrop. As for the politics, Judy, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

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  5. Nancy says:

    What a beautiful place. I have never been there but would love to go. Oh and would love to get his and all of our founding fathers perspectives on the political circus that is taking place.

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  6. Thomas Jefferson is my husband’s favorite President, and I may have to agree with him on that although I can’t pretend I know all there is to know about the history of our Presidents. I have never been to Monticello but my parents mention it often. It is my mother’s favorite historical place that she has visited! I can see why you would love it as he was also a well known gardener and brought many interesting varieties into his garden. My Mom bought seeds when she was there of some of the unique varieties and planted them in our garden growing up. And I have to say, no doubt TJ and the others are rolling in their grave during this current election season. There was a great cover (on the New Yorker I believe) showing all of our famous Presidents watching Trump on TV and making various faces/gestures of anguish. Look it up if you haven’t seen it – very funny!

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  7. Norm 2.0 says:

    Such beautiful countryside. It’s on the list if ever I’m in that area, for the history as well as the natural beauty. Good choice Judy 🙂

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  8. Laurie Graves says:

    A talk with the Founding Fathers about the Constitution would be illuminating. Set in stone? Or flexible to change with the times? My vote is with the latter, but you never know.

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  9. Peter S says:

    I’ll be glad when the primary is over. We’re getting a daily pile of flyers in the mail, non-stop phone calls, and even door to door volunteers. I appreciate the first in the nation primary status we have in NH, but I’m happy to have the quiet when it’s over.

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  10. Joyce says:

    What a serene setting for that man of many talents!
    Even now when I see these buffoons arguing over it on tv, I can’t help but marvel at the wisdom and foresight of our Constitution. I know it developed over a period of time, but the system of checks and balances and reliance on “the people” to govern themselves basically, is pure genius! So proud of our country despite the current political zaniness!

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  11. Judy…What an interesting structure. Visiting Monticello is on my bucket list. I really like this image and it makes me want to visit even more. So have you been out to see any of the candidates?

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    • You would need extra memory for your camera. 🙂 Everything is just manicured and your eyes don’t know where to focus. You would love it. No, I haven’t. We can’t watch local news without 60% of it being about politics. We drove by a Cruz stop this morning and the Dems are in Durham about 10 minutes from here tonight.

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  12. marianallen says:

    I’d like to sit down for a talk with Benjamen Franklin. He would be fascinating!

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  13. Here’s a guy who ripped out half or more of the pages of his N.T. Bible to make his own, figuring out what he thought was really said by Jesus and not said by Jesus but added on by the writers. He created his own Bible.

    LOL how far would he get TODAY if he were running. Wouldn’t the media have a heyday.


  14. Such a different world this global one we now all inhabit. The challenges somehow seem harder, less surmountable as they are just on such a large scale….

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  15. reocochran says:

    What a wonderful location of this elaborate garden pavilion at Thomas Jefferson’s plantation, Monticello. This is very much prettier than a gazebo, so sturdy looking, too. The intricate latticework on top of the brick against white details is beautiful, Judy. 🙂


  16. I’d love to talk with any or all of the Founding Fathers (and Dolley and other women, too.) These men were so well-educated and thoughtful. There was plenty of contention among them, just as there is today, and I think we might be surprised at how some of the politicians of the day were viewed by the people, the same as it is today. But they certainly all loved this country and wanted to do what was best for its people. I believe the same can be said for most of those who run for office today, even when I vigorously disagree with the ways they want to go about it.


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  17. Eliza Waters says:

    I’ve been thinking of you inundated with politicians and news crews. Ugh.
    When I saw your photo of that spring day overlooking the Blue Ridge, my heart leapt. Spring does that to me. 😉

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  18. Nadezda says:

    It’s an historical place and it’s pity that I’ve never been there, Judy. I’d like to sit there as well and enjoy the vista.

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  19. KerryCan says:

    My cousin lives in NH and she has complained of all the phone calls they have been getting–she can’t want for this week to be over! I agree that Jefferson would be among the most interesting to speak with. I, too, have some serious questions about the framing of the Constitution and their intent re: church and state and, especially, the right to bear arms.

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  20. Most of my remaining family live in northern Virginia or nearby, so I spent a lot of my kidhood in the area. Monticello, Mount Vernon, DC … Haven’t been there in a really long time. Nice to revive old memories 🙂

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  21. Looks like a very beautiful and inspiring place Judy. I’m sure that conversation with Mr Jefferson would be fascinating, I don’t suppose he would recognise much of our modern world but I don’t suppose people have changed much at all, the same good, the same bad.

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  22. Grandma Kc says:

    Those gardens really are beautiful Maybe some day we will be able to time travel back and ask these questions but probably not in our life time. Hope you survive this week!

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