April arrived on the calendar. So did 20 degree temperatures and two snowstorms. I’m regretting taking those 25 bags of leaves off the perennial beds because they probably could have used the blanket of warmth this week. No photo of the snow. I can’t bring myself to take one.

Our ice cream stores opened up over the weekend and people are lined up in winter coats and earmuffs to get a scoop. Don’t ask how I know that. πŸ™‚

2016-04-01 11.44.36The UNH Macfarlane Greenhouse held an open house last week to show off their research projects, water features, vertical gardening exhibits, and plants for sale. I love the way they make the little hammocksΒ for their melons.

While at the open house, I also attended a Kale workshop conducted byΒ UNH Chef Julie Guyette who is also a Master Gardener. Interesting information on gut health, and I was able to try some delicious ‘adolescent’ Kale salad. She is in favor of eating ‘young’ Kale that is a few weeks old. (Click the link for her recipe.)

I’ve got my seeds and trays ready to go. I figure it is my only way to voice my opposition to this snow – plant seeds. I also received my Bishop of Llandaff Dahlia bulbs.

Later this month, I’m signed up to take a class on sugar and its effects on the body. For me, this is like a smoker signing up to take a cessation class. I love my sugar but know there’s nothing healthyΒ about it. Maybe there are some small changes I can make, but I can tell you right now I’m not giving up all desserts.

In two weeks we’re heading to the Midwest to see family. It’s kind of like an old movie – planes, trains, and automobiles. It takes all forms of transportation and organization to get from here to there.

Forty-one days until camping season starts. I hope by then there’s plenty of sand and no snow. Lots of organizing of supplies left to do before it starts.

My second tote bag with the Tote with veggiesvegetable print pockets, lining, and matching zippered pouch was finished and gifted. Now, I’m moving on to the sewing of the costumes thatΒ require using double stretch needles. It’s always good to learn something new or at least that’s what my granddaughter told me when I took the project on with her.

April – cold or warm, it is going to be a busy month. πŸ™‚

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  1. Out poor, poor flowers.

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  2. Laurie Graves says:

    Spring is coming ever so slowly to northern New England. I see lazy snowflakes falling outside. Sigh. But seeing that tote bag brightened up my day. What a beauty!

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  3. Joyce says:

    Lined up for ice cream in winter jackets? Yeah, I can so see that! Us “regular people” are anxious for spring, but I can only imagine the toll waiting takes on gardeners! You can probably just feel the warm soil under your fingers and picture the first leafy sprout you’ve guided to life! Sigh….well, it’s closer to “here” than “gone” now!
    I think the granddaughter has issued some very wise advice! Her costume is going to be lovely! She’ll learn about sewing and you’ll learn about stylish teenage girls!

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    • There we were eating or ice cream in the car with our coats on, and I look out and here is a family with two kids. The girl has the winter coat, earmuffs and gloves while the boy has the winter coat, hood up, gloves and bouncing on his feet to keep warm. I wanted to take a photo so bad, but I thought better of answering questions from the local police force about why I was taking photos of someone else’s kids. Yes, I am learning. I cut the material out using weights to hold the pattern on because if you use pins you make a hole, and the double stretch needle allows it to continue to stretch even after it is hemmed.


  4. susurrus says:

    I love the hammocks too! I’ve been thinking about cutting down on sugar too and recently weighed out the sugar content in a box of malteasers. It was quite shocking.

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  5. Dan Antion says:

    We had snow and ice cream here too. I wore gloves to get the ice cream πŸ™‚ The tote bag is beautiful Judy. Nice work!

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  6. Norm 2.0 says:

    The snow missed us here, but it did get nasty cold. So what flavor did you order? πŸ™‚

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  7. Eliza Waters says:

    When I looked outside the window this morning, I could barely believe my eyes. And they forecast 12F tomorrow night? It breaks my heart – so much was budded up and ready to go after those 67-degree days Thurs-Fri. I know I have to go to acceptance, but it isn’t easy today!

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  8. joey says:

    We had some snow Friday night, but it didn’t stick. We’ve been gettin into the 20’s at night, which is pretty weird, but I never complain about cold. The wind has been outrageous! I went out this morning, my eyes watered, I needed a coat! Feels like March winds to me.
    Sugar is my thing now, too. I gave up smoking and cut back/ made changes to about a dozen other habits over the last decade, I’m not ready to give up sugar. I’m too young! Maybe I’ll give up sugar when I’m 80. When I take up smoking again. LOL

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  9. wordzfrommeblog says:

    Yum regarding the ice cream described above, but boo to the cold weather and snow!!

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  10. wordzfrommeblog says:

    I like the idea of hammocks for the melons. Are there instructions on how to make them?

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    • They grow the melons in the greenhouse upright. So, the vines are tied to string in the ceiling. Maybe you have seen tomato plants in greenhouses that are tied like that. It keeps them growing straight. Then as the melon develops, they have these squares of landscaping fabric or row cover fabric that have strings in the four corners making the hammock to hold the melon and keep it from dragging the plant down. Does that make sense to you?

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      • wordzfrommeblog says:

        It sure does! Having the picture also helps visually. When I get around to gardening more again, that tip sounds like it would be very useful. Thank you for your quick response, Judy!

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  11. We don’t have any snow on the ground now, Judy, but the weather on Saturday was absolutely crazy, moving from sun to clouds to light snow to sun to almost-white-out conditions, then back to…well, you get the idea. The only constant was very high wind, so it was a great day to stay indoors! Yesterday it was warm, today back to chilly. I actually thought the same thing about removing leaves and other dead things from last fall when I (mostly) cleaned up a few weeks ago: they might be needed for warmth.

    i can remember days in high school and college (and even later), when I did things similar to what you describe, eating ice cream when it’s cold and other insanely fun activities. The ice cream you chose sounds amazing!! Your trip also sounds like a great time. I’m ready for a trip myself. I’ll have a very short one this weekend, then in May, we’re off to Philly for one daughter’s graduation.


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  12. pbmgarden says:

    Wow, you have a busy but interesting month lined up. I think it’s important for you to do first-hand research when it comes to blogging about ice cream! I’d like to cut out sugar completely but oh I love desserts so much. We’ve had much warmer temps than you but may have frost this week. Hope the hydrangeas don’t get ruined this year again.

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    • Everything here was budded out or growing up, and now it is buried under about 6″ of snow with the temps going as low as the teens. 😦 I just may have to concentrate on an ice cream post because there won’t be any gardening here for a while. πŸ™‚


  13. Cutting out desserts completely – that’s a tall order.

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  14. Nadezda says:

    Oh, it’s time to sow, Judy. Hope your seeds are fresh and seedlings will grow well. I like eating ice cream in early spring too, did you liked it?

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  15. germac4 says:

    I think you need a bit of sugar when it snows….

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  16. KerryCan says:

    Well, you really have a lot of hopeful reminders of spring–seeds, bulbs, recipes for baby kale–to see you through. And you’re so busy! That level of activity will keep you warm! I, too, am worried about some of the plants and trees and what this cold will do to them–I imagine the apple growers here are concerned.

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  17. This tote is adorable! It’s cold here too. A wee bit more snow overnight as well.

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  18. Nancy says:

    The tote is perfect! And learning something new is fabulous! As for the snow… sorry! Hugs to all your flowers!
    Snow and Ice Cream … winter Coats and Ice Cream… who cares… it still tastes great!

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  19. The snow doesn’t seem fair. Nor the below freezing temperatures. I’m behind on my to-do list because of the weather. Maybe I should just give up and go over to the new frozen yogurt shop – lots of add-ins.

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  20. Thanks for the smiles as I imagine people shivering in gloves, scarves and earmuffs as they queue for ice cream. πŸ˜€

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  21. Grandma Kc says:

    My name is Kc and I am a sugar addict! I wish you luck with your class and if anything works please let me know! I have really been trying to cut sugar out of my diet. They say the first few days are the most difficult, it has been a few months now and dessert is still all I can think about! I am weak. You go to so many amazing places with so many wonderful desserts — I sure couldn’t give all those up!

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  22. Denzil says:

    “People are lined up in winter coats and earmuffs to get a scoop” Ha! Our local ice cream vendor has just started selling via his van: he is very hopeful as when he started the outside temperature was colder than his ice creams.

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  23. I’ll be interested to hear about the sugar course too. I’ve been cutting down and have made some ‘sugar free’ cakes. Couldn’t give it up completely…. πŸ™‚

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