I need more coffee and sunshine

Violets PhloxMonday, May 2nd, brought a rainy day in the 40’s, forecasted to last all week.  Add that to the fact that we caught some cold/sinus/bronchial infection during our recent travel, and we have reached a high ‘yuck’ level here. I wish I could find the guy across the aisle and three seats back who coughed all the way from Boston to Kansas City and remind him maybe he should have stayed home instead of infecting the rest of us.

But, while I’m lamenting an uncooperative body and spring gardening season, my mind is busy contemplating a variety of topics.

The camping season starts May 15th, but I may need to find a boat rather than that spiffy new trailer we bought if the rain keeps falling.

Do you use any gardening apps that you’d recommend? I am specifically looking for one that would identify plants.

Master Gardeners are on a roll. We have a potting party today to pot up donated plants for our upcoming annual plant sale. The local community gardens are trying to get up and going, and we have a new industrial/medicinal garden project at our local Woodman Institute Museum as it celebrates its 100th year anniversary this July. It has been pretty informational to look up plants that Native American Indians and early settlers used for healing purposes.

Did you know this Saturday, May 7, is Screenshot 2016-05-02 07.06.09the twelfth year celebrating World Naked Gardening Day? I ran across this reading blogs tagged ‘gardening.’ We have a nudist colony on the seacoast, and I’m guessing they do lots of things naked. The rest of us, however, wear clothes when we garden for a lot of reasons, including but not limited to, scaring our neighbors and inflicting pain upon ourselves from the feasting of bugs. Hey, it’s black fly season here right now, and then there are the deadly mosquitos, and the deadly ticks. I don’t say this lightly, but anyone who gardens naked has issues they need to speak to a professional about.

I know some of you maintain WordPress blogs like I do free of charge while others invest money into their websites or they are part of your business. I’ve hit 62% in my media library, and I’m thinking that I need to consider freeing up some space by purging some photos. So, do I purge the photos and the post or just the photos? If you have any feedback or suggestions, I am open to learning from your experience.

So, on this first Monday in May, do you have any cold remedies, apps to recommend, sunny weather dances, plans to celebrate Naked Gardening Day, or thoughts on reducing the media library storage on WordPress? Or do you just want me to brew a fresh pot of coffee, take a deep breath, and grab a good book?

Here’s hoping you are healthy, enjoying bright sunshine, and anticipating a great first week of May. 🙂

About Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread

Master Gardener who enjoys gardening, quilting, photography, and traveling.
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65 Responses to I need more coffee and sunshine

  1. bikerchick57 says:

    Judy, never fear, the sun is on its way! We are having sun and bright blue skies today, with an expected high of 62. Even though I am an work, I plan to utilize the walking trail nearby at lunch time. It will feel good!

    I also ran across the World Naked Gardening Day. It has no more appeal to me than naked yoga. I’d rather not think about either…

    I don’t know about the photos, but I’d be interested for feedback as well. I’ve been blogging for three years and have retained all of the photos in my media library.

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    • Hope you had a nice walk with the warm sun shining on your face. It is still raining here. 🙂 There are so few people on the planet who even look really good in a swimsuit that the naked thing just makes me laugh. There have been a couple of interesting comments about space including paying for extra and exporting files. There are talented folks with wonderful ideas that’s why I love to ask. 🙂

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  2. Photos are beautiful, but I’m still trying to get my arms around what a World Naked Gardening Day could look like!!!

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  3. And, by the way, I took the plunge and paid more for my annual WordPress subscription just so I could include the pictures I wanted to share. Biting the bullet, however, is hard!

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  4. Relax... says:

    A) It must be a wicked bug — I’m sick since Tues. for the first time in ages. I’ve found that (ex-sil’s oldish box of) Equate daytime cold tablets takes the edge off the yuck. B) I hadn’t thought about the storage here having an end.. first, go into WordPress help forums and ask there about what’s best to do — they’re great (and quick). C) It’s New England — I haven’t been naked since the ’50s (and, in my opinion, we all only need one moon). D) I’ll take a refill over here when you’re done brewing over there. 🙂

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  5. pbmgarden says:

    Hope you feel better soon. If you delete the photos, the earlier posts would be incomplete. Experiment before you get rid of them.
    One thing to try is create another wordpress site to use as an archive. In Admin under Tools, choose Export. Makes a backup of your current site. Next, under Tools, choose Import and import everything into the new archive site. Takes a while and may require some cleanup. Then you can delete as many of your posts/photos as you want from your current site to clean up space. Add a link on your current blog to the archived site.

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  6. Naked Gardening Day is definitely not my thing. Back in the 70’s, while visiting Mykonos, Greece, we accidentally ended up a nude beach, or where at least most of the other people weren’t wearing suits. Bugs, disease, etc. aside, it was NOT a pretty sight. How can you be a nudist in New England anyway? What about the winters?????

    Last year I was almost at the end of my free WP space and if I recall correctly, I simply bought a bunch more space for $20/year for 10gb of storage. I weighed that small price against trying to start another blog or go through blogs and decided it was no contest. 🙂 Of course, when I eventually run out of space again, I’m not sure what I’ll do and if I don’t keep paying that amount, what happens? But like I said, $20 is nothing for the pleasure I get from blogging and it’s much cheaper than getting a premium plan.

    It’s been chilly and rainy in Naperville as well, although my weather app shows warming up a lot and sun towards the end of this week. I’m ready. Sorry about the two of you being sick, but it sounds as if you have a lot going on. Grab a cup of coffee/tea, a good book, and hunker down for a bit of relaxation time.


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    • Good question about being a nudist in New England. 🙂 I’ve never even had any inclination to drive up the road, but we see the sign when we drive by. Okay, $20 is pretty darn cost effective. Now, you’ll have to keep us posted if you hit that limit. Do you pay attention to the ‘size’ of the photo you upload?


      • I still upload large photos. If I’m doing photography, I see no point in skimping. As for the limit, even with four years of mostly photos, I’m in the 30% area, so I think I’m good for quite some time yet. I have gone to only posting one photo for many challenges, but that’s OK. When people post twenty entries, it’s overwhelming to me anyway, so I stick with one or sometimes a couple.

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  7. Dawn says:

    Hi Judy! So sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Those germs are the souvenirs we certainly don’t want to unpack after a flight! Hope you can get extra rest and enjoy a good book! I’m also watching my Word Press photo storage. When I asked the technology expert at our library, she cautioned against deleting photos from the Media Library if they were included in posts. Once deleted, she said the photos will no longer appear in the post. She suggested storing photos in Dropbox, once I fill the free storage at WordPress. I’m curious to see what others say. So glad you asked this question! A potting party sounds like the perfect way to welcome May! ♡

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    • Yes, I certainly didn’t mean to bring those germs back as a souvenir. 🙂 Dropbox is an interesting thought. I have a Dropbox account and use it to move photos between sites and from my phone to my computer but will have to give that some thought. Thanks, Dawn, for the brain teaser. 🙂

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  8. joey says:

    Sorry the yuck got you!
    I don’t garden naked. In a perfect world, I would when it’s hot. I hate to be hot. Just, there are yellow jackets and other allergies, ticks, poison ivy and other stuff that causes me contact dermatitis. But then I’d get sunburnt all over… Were it a perfect world I’d say the temps outside would never exceed 70, and I’d never be hot, so I’d never need to be nude! 🙂
    I pay for a premium theme which allows me a ridiculous amount of photo storage, but even still, I try to reuse former photos.

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  9. Laurie Graves says:

    No naked gardeners at the little house in the big woods, and for the reasons you mentioned. Bugs, bugs, bugs. Those dratted blackflies are a real plague this year. And, we don’t want to scare neighbors or passersby. Winthrop is a very tolerant town, but if Ma & Pa started gardening in the nude, then there would definitely be talk. Anyway…your post made me laugh. But be well soon!

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    • Those black flies are treacherous this year. 🙂 I have a neighbor who takes photos and videos out her home office window and sends them to coworkers around the country. For instance, she told me she did that when I was putting up my fairy house or when we are tearing down or putting up something new. When I read that, all I could think was she’d probably fall out the window taking that video. But, she’s safe, because that’s never going to happen here. 🙂

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      • Laurie Graves says:

        Yes, a bad year for blackflies, dratted things. As for your neighbor, well, she’d certainly get something for her videos 😉

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  10. Joyce says:

    Wish i could help you out with any of your questions, but I can’t! I just enjoy seeing the fruits of your gardening skill here – the flowers at church, your spunky tomatoes and berries – the lush hosta plants….
    As for blogging – I’ve kind of made a game out of seeing if I can get away without spending any money besides the $10 annual domain fee. So far, so good. But Blogger is retiring their photo storage and moving to another, so who knows what’s up next? I wish you the best on this transition. I wish we could just blog away in peace without having to maneuver technical issues – although, in our case, we do have Kc to consult with!

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  11. pastpeter says:

    Hi Judy, we are in North Carolina where it is 77deg and showery. We are supposed to point our RV north again tomorrow but really don’t want to! Hang in there, and let’s hope the sun will come out in NH by Memorial Day…

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  12. Norm 2.0 says:

    I will NOT be gardening naked next Saturday nor at any other time in the foreseeable future – you’re welcome world 🙂
    Regarding storage space I’d check how much the extra space costs before deleting old posts or pics. If all else fails I’d vote for deleting older posts that were not popular first, along with their corresponding photos.

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  13. Dan Antion says:

    No naked gardening around here. Especially since I have to use some power equipment, including a weed whacker. My only suggestion on the photos is to reduce their size before uploading. The web doesn’t need a full-sized photo.

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    • How do I thank you for the wonderful laugh out loud my husband and I just enjoyed. Oh my gosh, made my day. For the past year or so, I’ve been using PicMonkey in an effort to bring the size down. But, your comment also makes me aware of when i save it I could reduce the size as well. Thanks, Dan.

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  14. I started coughing last night and sometime before dawn, it started coming down in BUCKETS and SHEETS with thunder as an almost continuously rumbling backdrop. Oh YUCK indeed. And no matter where I look, the forecast is the same. Rain, rain, and more rain. I hope the well is happy.

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  15. Eliza Waters says:

    Sorry you are feeling ‘under the weather,’ Judy. 😦 I recommend chopping fresh ginger, steeping it in hot water for 10 min. then squeeze 1/2 lemon into it. I also take elderberry syrup (Sambucus) to boost the immune system at the first hint of illness.
    I’ve often thought of jettisoning old posts from the archives. Unless they were particularly informative, no one is likely to ever go back and read them. You could copy the text to a file on your desktop if you want to keep a record.
    At this time of year, rain is a welcome break from gardening, giving my body a chance to recover from muscle aches and bug bites. More time for reading and cups of tea!


  16. My old stand by remedy is hot tea with honey and lemon. Naked gardening day??? Won’t be celebrating that here. If you find a good app for identifying plants please let me know. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one you could just submit a photo of the plant and it would be identified? Our weather has been sunny and beautiful for a couple of weeks but a storm is supposed to be rolling in soon.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

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  17. Grandma Kc says:

    No Naked Gardening! As we are fond of saying — “Dude, that’s just wrong!”
    I am sorry you guys caught that bug, airplanes really are just a germ incubator. Have you tried putting Vicks on the bottom of your feet with socks over it before you go to bed. It is supposed to really work! Of course I think you just need more beer!

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  18. Oh dear. I hope you’re soon feeling better, Judy. I dread plane journeys for just this reason, and have one coming up soon. maybe I should wear a mask. 😕 I think that naked gardening could have a few hazardous moments, and might scare the plants too. 🙂

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  19. sweetk8 says:

    Hi Judy,
    I took a chance the other day and deleted a few photos from the gallery. The archived posts still contain the image, but if clicked to open, the photo reverts to “401 file not found” I really am not bothered as I can’t imagine too many people are reading my blog or looking to expand the photo image.. 🙂

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  20. Thanks for the laugh this morning, Judy. Great post. When we lived in Spain I was sorely tempted to tend our small patio garden naked in July and August but it was so hot, even at night, that I could barely water the plants. Too much effort in such heat. Dan wrestling naked with a weed whipper made me laugh. Hope you’re feeling better today. 🙂

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  21. germac4 says:

    I just love that idea of nudist gardener bloggers, that gave us a good laugh. Hope you are recovering from your infection, spring and summer are such busy times in the garden it is important to be well. We are going to Italy tomorrow, (for a holiday, and Paul is giving a paper at a conference) so I’ll still be reading blogs, but unable to reply some of the time. I’m with you all in spirit, and Paul will be on the lookout for Italian draft beer!

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    • I hope you have a marvelous time. And, I can’t wait to hear if he finds some good craft beer. When we visited Italy, we weren’t into local beer production so we didn’t look – our loss. Travel safely and have an absolutely wonderful time. I can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂


  22. KerryCan says:

    We have wet and cool weather here, too–when the sun finally shines, I expect the plant life, including weeds, to explode! In the meantime, you should be putting your feet up and reading and getting healthy again.

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  23. joannesisco says:

    A colleague of mine once said that she spent a great deal of money to clothe her body to make it look moderately presentable. Nothing was going to convince her to remove them.

    I decided those were wise words 😉

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! It’s going to be a beautiful sunny day here and I plan to go bike riding … although to be honest, I have a ton of other things I should be doing instead – including gardening 🙂

    Just to be clear – I plan to bike fully clothed 😉

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  24. Brenda says:

    I will be following the coffee and good book route myself today. Did you buy a new trailer? Details please! Rest up to get rid of the cold/bronchitis quickly. If it’s the same bug circulating up here, it’s a long lingerer. George has had it for about 5 weeks now and tried every remedy. It has put a real damper on his outside activities.

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    • Oh, I am so sorry to hear he is still fighting it. We are done with the fever, headache, and plugged ears but continue with the coughing fits. 😦 Yes, we bought a 2014 Keystone Bullet TT with a larger kitchen prep area and two chairs. The rest is kind of similar to them all except there is also a closet where we can hang some clothes and keep some linens. Only people who have camped would appreciate a chair to sit in and any type of closet space. LOL 🙂 We haven’t done the physical trade yet or the setting on the site – that is next week’s projects. We also got a call that we had an option of another site that was closer to the water, had some shade, AND has a sliver of a view of the lake. Wahoo – that took us about 60 seconds to decide. Of course, if it doesn’t get warmer pretty soon, we’ll have to look into adding a wood stove. 🙂


      • Brenda says:

        George’s cough turned into bronchitis that just keeps hanging around (it’s gone, not quite, it’s back … that kind of thing). It sounds like your trailer upgrades will be especially welcome because you’ll be parked in one place. You need that kitchen prep area and some closet space makes life so much easier. That was something we loved about our little trailer, it had lots of storage and decent closet space. Wonderful that you got a sliver-of-the-lake-view lot. I’m really looking forward to hearing how you like having a seasonal spot.

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  25. Julie says:

    Interesting thoughts on wordpress space Judy, I have to make a decision soon on either buying space or deleting, but then that problem will rear its head again before not too long, plus I like referring back sometimes to see changes in my own garden and elsewhere. I am dithering, unlike Naked Gardening I am definitely not in to that!

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  26. We just had the grayest, wettest, most rotten weekend. And then Monday morning when I had to leave town, it was beautiful and sunny! Humph.

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  27. It’s the same sort of weather here…and no sooner do we get a break and get the grass mowed than the next round of rain comes. Dandelions galore all over the neighborhood but I discovered that when I pick one and blow on it “Little” Merle the puppy goes beserk so we have a new game, lol ! 🙂

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  28. When I export my photos to add them to my WordPress media, I reduce their size to the dimensions that are the max that will fit on the screen. In my opinion, the huge file size is not necessary when you are just putting it in a blog. I know others disagree with me on this. The two things that this sizing gets me is: my blog loads pretty fast on the page, and at 4 years of blogging, I am at 19% of my space.
    I have a cold as well, so I feel for you, and hope you are better soon!

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  29. We’ve had cold days here, too, and lately rain which is actually a relief it had been so dry. I switched over to the paid WP plan, wasn’t very expensive. May have increased my storage, not sure – I don’t seem to take the time to learn new things about the WP platform very often, so I’m sure I’m not taking advantage of all that I could.

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  30. reocochran says:

    I am behind in commenting but hope you are feeling much better, Judy.
    I also am not sure about blogging on my cell phone, lately my Cloud says it is full. I have attempted to delete things but then the next day, they are “back!” I have showed a good girlfriend this, since I felt like I was having a mental breakdown.
    I would never go anywhere naked, but did skinny dip a few times up in Massachusetts in a nice, warm quarry. No boys, just a friend who thought we ought to try it. I would never strip naked, even in front of a husband at this late date in my life. I would prefer the “illusion” of candles and some nicely draped sheets over a silky nightgown. Really, did I just write this? I am online dating, which means I delete men like crazy. I am appalled at the lack of civility and asking questions about sex lives. Wow, I may never meet any of these guys for coffee. Which I do love coffee! 🙂

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  31. reocochran says:

    Our Masters Gardeners are cleaning out our town’s large pots outside shops and distributing their “magical” touch up and down our main Street here in one of many Tree Cities. I am psyched for our Wed Eve and Sat am Farmers Market, after Memorial Day. I live downtown so, it is nice to purchase a simple bouquet and fresh produce, Judy. I admire people with the knack to keep things green and colorful! 🙂 Thank you!

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